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Whitney's Whirl - Your Horoscope for April 20-27. 2009

by Whitney McClough

This week is exciting as the Sun has just entered into the sign of Taurus, while both Mars and Venus enter into the sign of Aries under this New Moon in Taurus.  A lusty, sexually intriguing week is at hand, with hearts full of a need to express themselves both creatively and sexually.  The planets Venus and Mars both rule our sexual impulses, and being in the sign of Aries things can get very passionate, and with the Sun and Moon in Taurus, (which rules the bull), look out because it's going to be a very passionate week.  New ideas are created at the New Moon. 
Be sure you write your New Moon list, which has to do with Taurean energy, such as allowing our minds to create our dream of our future.  Taurus is involved with art, music, beauty, our values,  and this New Moon is about abundance.  An especially poignant time to write down your dreams, your intentions, perform a ritual, and give birth to your future.  It is also about responsibility, and so we must all use discretion and moderation in those dreams.  Don't forget to save a little bit, put it away, be practical too.  The New Moon is exact in Taurus, at 11:23 p.m. on Friday, April 24, 2009.
The week starts with a Pisces Moon conjunct Uranus in Pisces, so it should be a very vibrant week for those who are creative!  Take advantage of this time and tap into your subconsciousness and allow the energy of this short burst of energy to help you to create something spectacular.  It's an awesome spot of psychic energy, so if you want to do some special psychic work, or meditation, this is the morning to do it.  With Mars and Venus in Aries, we have the strength and desire to create as well.  There is fire in our souls this week.
I love the trine between the Sun and Pluto all week in Capricorn ,which allows us  to view our lives, and decide which part of it we could like to transform.  Consider what motivates you, and seek to make changes that allow your life to run more efficiently in this arena.  If you need to reform any part of your life, this is the week to do it.  You may find yourself acting in a very direct manner, and able to make impressions on someone if you need to do so.  It will allow us to get things done, so use this energy to enlarge and transform your life in someway. 
Uh oh, Pluto is square to both Venus and Mars this week.  The inherent difficulty in these aspects is that the happy, easy going relationship that you desire might be fraught with a self-assertiveness of Mars, which demands in a very precise way.  This is not the most delicate expression of Mars, but it's what we have to deal with this week.  There needs to be a very important issue of compromise, but these planets are aggressive, pushy, hot and direct, and they want an outlet.  There is tremendous sexual tension this week, so be prepared.
The Sun is Quindecile (165 degree aspect between the two planets) brings in an  unrelenting sense of obsession for our dreams and goals.  With it tied to Jupiter the planet which rules optimism, long distance travel, moral values, great wealth, horses, pets, and all forms of blessings and good luck, we may receive a lots of those blessings, but there is an obsessive quality to gaining our desires. Drive your steam roller with care! 
With Mercury square Neptune all week, we will have to deal with considerable confusion, when things may be completely misunderstood.  As this can be a very deluding transit, check your facts extremely carefully, and don't daydream.  Stick to the facts, and be extremely careful of fraud, and deception that you don't perceive; be very aware this week, and stay in touch with the real world. 
Mercury trines Saturn, and gives us a serious mind set to get organized especially those things that take considerable effort, and require lots of work on details.  The work you do this week is precise and carries a note of perfection.  Good job!
ARIES:  There is big opportunity this week having to do with your desire to expand your life, and dreams.  You may be sooo obsessive this week, that it's hard to stay focused, but focus you must.  Your financial picture is getting ready to explode, however, you have to stay very clear on precisely what you want, what dreams and goals you seek.  Pick through things carefully, and you will know by the New Moon, where you are going.  Don't forget your angels who will help you in your goals.
TAURUS:  I see a new opportunity for you financially.  Some support in the form of a loan, bonus, or a financial blessing could arrive this week, but nothing is clear about this yet.  Let the fog lift by staying right on top of this by asking specific questions and waiting until you have every answer in place.  By the New Moon, the illumination you need will shine on your bank account.  Keep in touch with your angels for guidance.
GEMINI:  A legal issue is going to help you spread your wings.  Perhaps a return to education is exactly what you will seek, but the clarity of all of it eludes you now.  Seek counsel, such as a reading with Whitney McClough, at 207-451-9731, for information connected to your personal chart and career goals.  By the New Moon you should have a much better idea where your destiny lies.  With angelic conversations, your goals are more easily reached.
CANCER:  Relationships will be very testy this week, however, your dreams are ready to sprout wings and fly.  A brilliant idea at the start of the week might surprise you, but stay on the clear side of this opportunity and wait until the New Moon illuminates the answers for you.    You should have some good news this week regarding career.  Ask your angels for guidance this week.
LEO:  A partner has some incredible ideas, and they tie into finances, work and love.  Someone you love may give you a hard time about what you want to do.  Be sure you get all of the facts so if you must explain you desires, you both will know that it is a sound idea.   A fortunate career opportunity is one of the best ideas and opportunities ahead, but wait until the New Moon for clarity.  Write your intentions down, and ask the angels for guidance this week.
VIRGO:  International travel, education and planning for your future are this weeks message to you.  Clear thinking is essential, but not easy; however, you may feel compelled to further your education, and so you shall, but fine tune the details, and wait until the New Moon for your future plans to gain a note of clarity. Don't forget to ask your angels to assist your goals.
LIBRA:  A change of residence is in order, however will you get the price you desire?  You may feel obsessed to get a loan, and you probably will, but it may not be this week.  I see news coming regarding property and money, so gather information, know your facts, and when the New Moon arrives you will be much closer to your goals then you thought you would be.  It's almost in the palm of your hand.  Ask your angels for some guidance in this transformation.
SCORPIO:  Wisdom from an older person may help you deal with this weeks issues.  You may find yourself very reserved and deep in thought, and shy away from others; however, there is a wonderful uplifting note that has to do with support from someone, having to do with family or your home.  Perhaps you need to address some issues of home repair.  It starts with you reaching out to get the help you need, so ask your angels to assist you, and reach out to government or local agencies for help.
SAGITTARIUS:  If job searching this week, don't give up as there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and soon.  A new world awaits those who are persistent, and an interview will allow you to step into a career placement that puts a smile on your face, and how!  Although your finances may have suffered some, there is a powerful regenerative force surrounding you now.  You could be rehired or find a new placement, but hired you are!  Don't forget to ask your angels to help you capture this career opportunity.
CAPRICORN:  Your job this week is to be ultra conservative in relationships and finances no matter how enticing, slow down, take some deep breaths, and relax.  You may end or begin a relationship now, but the horizon is bright with promise.  Self empowerment is yours through your decisions.  You will have strong desires to start anew in love, and/or finances, just use your best discretion, and start with a meditation, and a request to your angels for guidance and assistance.
AQUARIUS:  A note of brilliance early this week, creates something special indeed.  Tune in and focus on whatever your talents are because they are going to carry you to something new.  You may feel driven this week to find that perfect home.  There are transformative energies now for you to change the past, and move forward.  Finances should be there for the home that you want.  Communications with family may clarify things.  Meditate, ask your angels to help you with your goals.
PISCES:  What you think at the beginning of the week could be truth by the New Moon on Friday, or at least you are planting the seeds of success at that time, so choose your with wisdom.  You've been waiting a long time for things from the past to finally be realized, and now they are coming to you.  A conversation from a partner or parent, will bring you the insight that you have long awaited.  Time to find new friends, and allow discord to fade. Support from your angels is only a prayer away.
Whitney McClough, a highly sought after psychic and medium, offers individual psychic readings and parties, along with Astrological, Intuitive coaching sessions.  In a whirl of psychic energy, your information will come from your guides and angels through Whitney to you, giving you personal tools of success. Whitney teaches classes in Psychic Development, Astrology, Tarot 101, and offers sessions in hypnosis, or past life regression. Call to book your time with Whitney at 207-451-9731, or contact her at: VisionsByWhitney@aol.com.

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