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Whitney's Whirl - Your Weekly Horoscope for May 4 - 10, 2009

by Whitney McClough

This week contains the Mercury station and retrograde, (May 7th, at 1:01 a.m.), along with the full moon on May 8th at 11:58 pm, at 18 Scorpio, here in Kittery, Me. So it may feel moody and somewhat muddy!
While the start of the week may seem somewhat somber, for a short while, the emotion will help us get our ideas in check, as there may be so many of them that we will need to slow them down, and analyze all of them before making a decision, or not.
Before Mercury goes retrograde it will have just entered the sign of Gemini, which is its rule.  This will enhace our abilities to use our minds to the fullest, and respond very quickly as we are full of ideas.  Take advantage of the first part of this week because once it turns retrograde, your ideas may sit on the back burner for awhile. 
When Mercury goes retrograde you may think everyone has lost thier minds, but really, the worst problem is miscommunication.  What was clear the beginning of the week, and you knew was going to just flow with ease and grace, is now fraught with delays, which means I better get cracking on this Whirl or I won't get it out on time.
There may be delays in the things that Mercury rules most closely such as:  travel, your computer, and any other electronic equipment you might own, from your alarm clock to cell phone to your flight schedule.  Be doubley sure that you check and recheck any flight plans, including the hotels at the other end, and the car rental. 
I might also suggest not signing any contracts because something will come up to transform that idea.  My suggestion is to just wait.  Don't make any major decisions, and even the smaller decisions can wait until mid June.  It's a lot easier to delve into whatever it is you are trying to put together, and play with all of those ideas, then it is to actually launch something.  Be patient until at least the first week of June to sign anything.  Please remember this as it will save you time, and frustration.  So,when in doubt, don't do anything...just sit on it awhile, and relax..
And Mercury also rules a lot of industries like publishing, writing, editing, advertising, sales, public relations & anything to do with transport, like airlines, the post office & cabs, and the car you drive. This means it can be difficult for people in those lines of work as they interact with so many others who have deadlines.
 Take care of  your vehicle during this time...any noise or suspicion on your part should be checked out.  Don't wait til the wheel falls off, this is a time to move quickly, and not wait til mid June to do repairs.
It might be really hard for your Gemini friends or Virgo friends to not complain during this time, so try to support them as best you can. Both of these signs are ruled by Mercury, so they will feel the effect of Mercury retrograde even moreso.
I find that Merucry retrograde brings me in much more business because everyone is so confused about what's going on in their lives, and in their relationships, that they come for an appointment to help broaden their view of their lives.  Having a reading under Mercury retrograde is an excellent idea because I already know the rules, and can compensate well.  So, sit and think, plan and dream, and put all of the pieces of your life puzzle out on your table to peruse, but wait until June for the certainty of your best outcome.
Mercury retrograde may also bring someone back into our lives from our past and give us a second chance to review a part of our lives that we may had left undone. You could find that you have somekind of eventful breakthrough, spiritual, emotional, possibly intellectual, but very interesting indeed.  You certainly will be processing things more deeply, and looking into the wellspring of your mind this month.  You can tie up lose ends during this Merc. retro as well, so this is a wonderful time actually to accomplish a great deal if you know the rules of Mercury Retro.
The Full Moon falls in Scorpio, just two minutes prior to midnight on May 8th.  So, the moodiness that starts early week, may be further complicated by the intensity of the full moon in Scorpio.  People can be emotionally unstable, jealous, sneaky, vindicitive, cruel and brooding, so you may see people around you playing out all of these emotions if you don't feel it yourself. 
ARIES:  Career issues might cause some confusion this week; however, no matter how many stories you hear, yours is still that of success.  Rewards from past creative endeavors will bring in new opportunities, and new cash.  Your dreams and goals are rock solid and only the Mercury retrograde stands between you and them. (May 7 through May 31).
TAURUS:  Legal issues could be confusing this week, but it's only Mercury retrograde adding fog to the peasoup of your daily life.  Someone older and wiser will assist you, while there are career issues pushing you on to something much bigger and bolder.  Love is very tempting, with a long term offer.
GEMINI:  With Mercury retrograde, and the ruler of your sign, you may feel this weeks retrogradation more then most, and in true fashion, you minght find someone visiting you from your past, only this time, it is a spirit of long ago.  Don't be surprised if a visit, or dream awakens you, and someone long ago says hello.  Someone's view point on spirituality may upset you.
CANCER:  A disruptive piece of news may pop up this week, perhaps something from the past involving a relationship or career issue, give it until month's end, for clarity.  The beauty of this week is the muse that becomes your inspired output.  These artistic endeavours flame into some serious conversations.  Someone on the other side has ideas to share with you.
LEO:  You may hear some friends as they struggle in their careers; however; yours is blessed.  There are finances to hire you, and offer you a solid financial picture this week.  A partner may inspire you tremendously setting off the one of the best months in awhile.
VIRGO:  Someone could find you quite alluring this week, and the flames of desire might surprise you.  However, you may choose to focus on your creativity and career vs love, but it's on your mind.  This someone might be exceptionally verbose and capture your imagination, or inspire you.  Either way, the benefits are excellent.
LIBRA:  Your travel plans may go haywire this week, but the view from the sky is fantastic, so just push through all that stands in your way and go.  You need to fan the flames of fun and fantasy and maybe pull up roots while you are at it.  There is a rich dreaminess in what you create this week with a brilliant aftermath. 
SCORPIO: Decisions you attempt to make this week, may fall apart; however, you negotionations will be better then you realize once your sort it out.  Shared resources, be it financial or spiritual need some revamping.  Those dreams you do share comfortably will be exactly what you need to get away and enjoy the good things in life.
SAGITTARIUS:  Meetings and negotiations will secure the position you seek; however, there may be some tense moments when you are not sure which way it will go. Love, on the other hand might be very dicey, and thoughts of togetherness push you away from the drawing board, and into something wild and wonderful.
CAPRICORN:  Changing views in work are just fine.  It may be time to focus on something more creative anyhow.  You have the power to make any transformation you desire, just be precise, and focused.  The money making ideas which can transforn your world are those of art, photography, film making, or any creative venture, and I see a fashion show around you as well.  Your fashion designs show well to the public.
AQUARIUS:  Unfinished romantic business from the past could catch you off guard this week, and it may not be all the comfortable.  Set responsible ground rules and stick by them, no trespassers allowed.  Creative financing for your home, or home venture, could be very tantalizing.  You will find that there is funding for your plans.
PISCES:  Exciting ideas tantalize you as you gather information through classes, or by sharing conversations with those who can assist you with fine tuning your dreams and goals.  Education could be the best part of this unfolding scenario.  A surplus of inspiration surrounds you this week, and keeps your mind spinning.  Slow down and wait out the Mercury Retrograde (may 7 through May 31) time frame as the answers will come to you in segments.

Whitney McClough, a highly sought after psychic and medium, offers individual psychic readings and parties, along with Astrological, Intuitive coaching sessions. In a whirl of psychic energy, your information will come from your guides and angels through Whitney to you, bringing you personal tools of success. Whitney teaches classes in Psychic Development, Astrology, Tarot 101, and offers sessions in hypnosis, or past life regression. Call to book your time with Whitney at 207-451-9731, or contact her at: VisionsByWhitney@aol.com.

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