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The Man Behind the 2012 Phenomena

2012 Biography of a Time Traveler, the Journey of Jose Arguelles

by Stephanie South

Anyone can see that the world is out of order: Wars, economic upheaval, global climate change, disease, famine, overpopulation, etc. The whole earth is undergoing a planetary crisis like never before, which is ultimately a crisis of consciousness.

December 21, 2012 is a coded symbol for a shift in consciousness. It also marks the point of a major planetary synchronization preparing our planet to enter its next evolutionary stage of development.

In a state of total crisis comes the need for fresh vision. This has been and is the life mission of planetary artist and visionary, Jose Arguelles. In The Mayan Factor (1987), he introduced a new cosmic dimension of time and a new vision of history—a vision that leads to 2012. From the perspective of 2012, the present cycle Earth civilization has run its course and a new evolutionary cycle must commence.

The prophetic end date is derived from the Mayan calendar “long count”, which defines a precise cycle of 1,872,000 days beginning on August 13, 3113 BC (August 14, 3114 BC Julian count), and ending December 21, 2012. This interval of days is often referred to as “the Great Cycle.”

Though this 2012 date has its roots in ancient Mayan prophecy, it was Jose Arguelles who first brought the date into mainstream consciousness. This date first appeared in his book The Transformative Vision (1976) before it was expanded on and popularized in his best-selling book, The Mayan Factor.

But what does this date mean for us personally and planetarily?

We all know what is happening in the world on the outside: but what is actually going on on the inside?

In this intimate portrayal of the “Man Behind the 2012 Phenomena,” Stephanie South takes the reader on a journey though the life of the most extraordinary visionary and thinker in human history.

Following a vision atop the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan in 1953, Jose has remained single-minded in his mission. This biography follows him through an unbroken succession of steps and acts of creative courage as he discovers that the mission of the Maya was to leave behind a sophisticated knowledge of time science. The purpose of this knowledge, he discovered, is to correct the course of the present day world before it is too late.

We follow Jose on his eclectic journey where he meets significant figures, each with a unique message that opens a new door on his path, further universalizing his vision: From receiving the prophecy of Quetzalcoatl from Lakota poet and visionary, Tony Shearer, to studying yoga with Baba Hari Dass, to long discussions with philosopher and astrologer, Dane Rudhyar, on the planetarization of consciousness. We follow him through his studies and absorption in a great number of traditions: Western esoteric traditions, Chinese Taoist traditions, Hindu/yoga traditions as well as Tibetan Buddhist and Indigenous studies, not to mention his art historical and cultural researches.

We see through his life how every facet of his experience was actually designed for a specific purpose.

Whereas most biographies take into account primarily external experiences, Stephanie South skillfully reveals other realms that are playing out behind and parallel to the third dimension. This book offers startling insight into the spiritual journey of a man slowly awakening to his divine mission as he passes through a series of life initiations in order to retrieve his cosmic memory and convey a prophecy of time for humanity. In this regard, 2012: The Biography of a Time Traveler serves as a mirror reflected through the fascinating life of Jose Arguelles, in his tireless quest for truth and to embody and communicate to humanity the coming stage of human evolution.

For this reason he coordinated events such as the Whole Earth Festival (1970), which helped spawn Earth Day and the ecological movement, as well as the Harmonic Convergence (1987), global peace meditation. The Harmonic Convergence marked the first time human beings simultaneously coordinated their prayers, meditations, and ceremonies of world peace at sacred sites around the planet. This was merely the dress rehearsal signifying a unified moment of collective synchronization to take place in 2012.

Through his long studies and mystical encounters, Arguelles discovered that the anticipated shift of 2012 had everything to do with shifting timing frequencies, and thus, the renewing of the human mind.

But how?

First by beginning to understand time in a new way. As Einstein stated, you cannot solve a problem at the same level that created it. To change our mental state or quality of thoughts, we must change our vibrational frequency.

In 1989, Jose made a critical discovery: The discovery of the Law of Time. This “Law” makes the distinction between artificial time - the time of the irregular Gregorian calendar and mechanical clock - and natural time.  Living on this machine frequency sets the humans apart from nature and closes them off to higher dimensions.

Arguelles discovered that a return to natural time is the key to the development of cosmic consciousness and paranormal powers. The Law of Time is a set of mathematical proofs based on the Mayan calendar that defines a new domain of reality where synchronicity is the norm. He discovered that this could be practiced through use of a 13-moon, 28-day calendar.

According to Arguelles, the Maya knew that the galaxy and entire universe operate as a whole system bound by a common timing frequency, the 13:20. Within this large order of reality, are countless cycles within cycles which establish all of the different evolutionary phases of all of life throughout the galaxy. The ending of a cycle does not mean the end of the world, but it does signal a moment of great change and the beginning of a new evolutionary cycle.

2012 Biography of a Time Traveler, the Journey of Jose Arguelles is a wake up call reminding us that in face of all dire appearances, we have the opportunity as a collective species for the entire regeneration of the Planet. But we cannot just expect that we will change--we must prepare for this change. To do this, we all have to unify and agree at once to enter a new time.

2012 has everything to do with spiritual transformation and reorientation in time. Ultimately it is the inner journey that is responsible for the world that appears to us collectively. All of the planetary upheavals and social chaos is but a reflection of our collective inner psyche. This is primarily the result of placing our trust in human laws and machine technology, rather than divine order and natural law.

Many say that the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012, but this is only the beginning.

Jose’s work reveals that we are all time travelers from other stars and dimensions who have come to this planet for specific lessons and purpose. We are pivoted at the most exciting time in world history when a changeover is imminent. We are all a unique facet of the one mind. Every experience is essential. We are all part of a grand cosmic plan.

The work that Jose has contributed to planetary wholeness is vast and nothing short of a new knowledge base to assist in the evolutionary transcendence of humanity.

The main message of this book is that in order to have a happy ending we must realign ourselves with the natural cycles of the earth. Through the insightful telling of his phenomenal story, readers are sure to glean a new perspective about themselves and their place in the universe in relation to the harmonic convergent of all prophecies: the prophecy of the renewal in time.

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