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Whitney's Whirl - Your Horoscope for June 22-28, 2009

by Whitney McClough

The week starts off with a New Moon, so get out your pad of paper and start writing down what you want to see manifest in your life.  The New Moon is at 1 degree of Cancer, at 3:35 p.m.  As the New Moon is in the sign of Cancer, issues dealing with home, family, children, and nurturing arise. 
The sign Cancer, ruled by the moon, are connected with the Great Mother, or the embodiment of home and family.  Both the Moon, and the sign Cancer are connected with primitive, and maybe precognitive needs in all of us.  And, if you really think deeply, what is it that really rings your bell?
The New Moon, June 22nd, signifies new beginnings, and Cancer is the natural ruler of the fourth house of home, and our foundations around which we have built out lives.  As it also opposes the 10th house (Capricorn) of career, and business, and our fathers, these will be the areas that the New Moon will highlight as well.
The sign of Cancer, is Cardinal, Water energy, and very maternal.  This sign is dependable, perceptive, nurturing, intuitive, sentimental, supportive, and caring.  The energy of Cancer describes family and home perfectly.  Cancer is active, reactive, defending turf one minute, and then just as quickly overcome with tender emotions the next.  Cancerians can really make things happen in life, as the energy is easily able to initiate things.

So, make up your wish list of issues that speak to your heart.  Do you wish for a home, children, a puppy, a close knit community?  Get your vision board going this week, and add anything new that speaks to your heart in a Cancerian way.  Don't forget your wish box either.  You can add things to it that you want to see manifest in your life. Those of you who actually do this, will be surprised at just how easy things start to manifest.  Those of you who carry the ideas in your mind, rather then create the vision board, might be frustrated with no results, so take the time to do this for your own benefit.
The Sun makes an applying Quintile to Saturn.  This brings a note of originality in our lives in respect to art, music or literature that brings mastery, and true originality. This aspect gives us the ability to be a leader or teacher in some remarkable way; to be seen as something valuable, and intriguing. 

You can find some very good creative answers to this weeks challenges if you do your vision board, and ask for insight and wisdom. You will feel an ease in accepting responsibility, and find that you actually enjoy your work this week. Set some long range goals this week, and you will see them become reality.

The Sun makes a Semi-square to both Mars and Venus this week, so we will be full of ourselves.  As Mars and Venus rule love and relationships, we may press too hard to impress someone. We can become aggressive, and impulsive so we must have to think about creating words of peace.
Try not to come across as over confident this week, nor impulsive.  It's easy to be argumentative, self centered and just a plain pain in the you know what towards others.  You may demand too much in a relationship due to this aspect.  A good way to use this intense energy is jog, exercise, walk, just keep the energy moving in a positive sense, and don't overwhelm anyone with it.
 Mercury, the planet of communication, is Biseptile Jupiter this week.  The Biseptile is 102.51 degrees, and shows a spot of wisdom or mysticism, and may involve learning, teaching, and reflects talent as well.  Watch that in your world this week, and see how it plays out for you.

The Sun is still in tight opposition to Pluto this week, so tread lightly as it will be easy to get into power plays that could easily be connected to close relationships.  Any kind of power struggle of this magnitude is not much fun, so be aware, and don't aggravate, nor condemn.  Sincerely try to understand a situation, and don't scream, "Off with their heads"!

Venus Binoviles Neptune this week, and this pretty aspect gives Venus, the planet of love, money, and joy the ability to express it in a tremendous creative wave of energy.  This will bring in a strong artistic inclination so take advantage of it.  Venus also Binoviles, Jupiter so your faith in your work will show, and you will have more faith in the work that you do, creative or not.  We will feel more romantic and sensitive this week, and we might feel the need for something magical with some fantasy, and romance in our lives.   It's an "awwww" aspect.
 Mercury will Quindecile both Venus and Mars this week.  A Quindecile is "a 165 degree aspect, and will shower us with unrelenting motivation, so we are surely going to be obsessed with relationships.  There will be upheavals, disruptions, and separations.  This is a Noel Tyl aspect, and tells us to truly monitor our emotions, and relationships this week.
If you love the person you are presently with, then my suggestion is honor each other this week if you can, and leave decisions to next week.  There is no wisdom in facing an unnecessary firing squad now. This is a week to wave the white flag of peace, and allow the waves of dissent to roll over us.  In a couple of weeks when this aspect has passed, we will wonder why we ever felt this way anyhow, or this energy will wipe the slate clean, and you can look ahead to blue skies.
ARIES:  You could certainly add a new life to your home this week, or something new alights as the New Moon falls into your 4th house!  You could walk away from a career, and focus on a home based business now, or simply create a warm environment to just relax and play.  With Pluto in your 10th house of career, there are issues of self empowerment in your career, perhaps moving out/forward.   The Semi square from the Sun to Venus and Mars in your 2nd house of income, may see that you need to be appreciated, and others admire you. You might have issues of power plays too this week, but think sensitive, and don't push a good thing.
TAURUS:  Your need to express yourself will be very strong this week, especially creatively.  It needs to be about you this week, as your needs are going to override others.  With Mercury in your 2nd house of personal values, square Saturn in your 5th house, you and your significant other will probably not see eye to eye.  There are new goals brewing for you, as the New Moon falls in your 3rd house of classes, communicating, and a busy daily agenda. All of this energy will inspire you to move forward.  A good week overall! 
GEMINI:  With Mercury in your first house, your need to express yourself is paramount!  With it Square to Saturn in your 4th house, you may have some fears  revealing your ideas to those at home.  With the New Moon in your 2nd house of personal values, income,and  finances, your personal views will be paramount this week.  More ideas will spring forth next week, so just don't push this week, as it will be touchy.  If your ideas, are solid, which they are, next week will be a better time to move forward with them. 
CANCER:  With the New Moon in your 1st house of self, you are overflowing with ideas of something exciting and new for yourself!  Nurture and pamper yourself this week, with things that fill your heart with joy!  If you part with someone or something, even in your mind, you will find that you can hold your own now, and maybe it won't matter in the long run.  Your hidden ideas may not gel with everyone, but financially you are still doing well.
 LEO:  There are things developing behind the scenes, (12 house), and this is where the New Moon hatches those lovely ideas of yours.  It may take some time to launch this, but it's building, and you are aware of it.  Finances seem to find you this week, as conversations open doors, and you will find that others support your ideas.  So, if you are ready to say good bye to one work environment, have faith that the next step is already formulating.  Your love life will bring someone will a healing heart, and good will.  Yes, for you!

 VIRGO: The New Moon falls in your 11th house, of hopes and wishes, and brings in a new social group as well.  A new group of friends is just what you need, and it's here.  Issues are work may not be all that comfortable, you could butt heads with others, but it may be that you have a lot of good ideas, not quite ready to be released, but still valid.  Relationships could put some ideas of higher education in your mind, and if you are single you could find a kindred soul, and enjoy the summer.
 LIBRA:  You may clear up some past debt this week, and it may be related to the new career move, as the New Moon falls in your 10th house of career.  You have the drive, and product to make your business fly, and I see others already in tune with your ideas stepping in and purchasing.  Love is supportive, and those at home will be involved in the launching of your business.  Choose advertising, in a big way to support this dream, as it is building in strength this week, and will open more as the year progresses.  To those who seek employment, send out resumes, as they will pave the way for something sweet, rich, and big!
 SCORPIO:  An educational opportunity should present it self this week, but don't expect everyone to agree with your choices.  The New Moon falls in your 9th house of legal issues, education and planning for the future, so take the steps that will help you reach your goals. Someone more established will step in and support you this week, and meetings geared towards financial aid generate some apprehension, but at least you have things moving.  Relationships should be bubbling with opportunities, and yet, all you can do is present your ideas in work or love.  Give people time to say yes.
SAGITTARIUS:  The New Moon highlights your 8th house of shared finances this week.  This may bring a financial blessing your way, if you seek a loan.  You have the ability now to pull together an opportunity to help others at work, and bring hope and spiritual growth as well.  An educational system or program that you help to install will get others buzzing.  It's exciting and uplifting, and even though you may find some resistance, it will still benefit you and those around you.
CAPRICORN:  Responsibilities may seem heavy, however, there are creative ways through this.  With the New Moon in your 7th house brings a new relationship to your way, you will need to balance the work load, and the part of your heart that just wants to play.  For a Capricorn, that's no easy task!  But classes, and mingling with like minded individuals will fill your social needs, your heart needs are something else.  Keep communication flowing with your special interest, and don't say "I can't, I have to work".  Open your heart this week, and no matter what else is going on, tune in to new love.
AQUARIUS:  The New Moon highlights your 6th house of work and service so think about how you can best offer your services, and support to others this week.  There is money to be made this way, so don't hesitate to offer.  With Mars and Venus transiting your 4th house of home trine Saturn in your 8th house of financing, you could find a home that fills your heart with joy, or find that you are busy in your home environment creating new foundations. Advertising or communications having something to do with teaching or art will put money in your pocket.
PISCES:  The New Moon highlights your 5th house of love, creativity, and fun so something new is on the horizon.  Paint that picture, take that photo, do something that reflects your inner spiritual world, and your creative link to Mother Nature too.  Those ideas that you have been hatching for awhile now are ready to carry you into a new status in life. Think advertising, communications and bringing your ideas together with others whom you can assist.  They in turn, bring your ideas to the world this week, and that my friend, pays the bills!

Whitney McClough, a highly sought after psychic and medium, offers individual psychic readings and parties, along with Astrological, Intuitive coaching sessions.  Whitney teaches classes in Psychic Development, Astrology, Tarot 101, and offers private or group sessions in hypnosis, or past life regression. Call to book your time with Whitney at 207-451-9731, or contact her at: VisionsByWhitney@aol.com.

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