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Astrological Forecast for July 2009 & The Passing of Celebrities

by Lou Valentino

Hello everyone. July reminds us all of summer and the ocean. The sign of Cancer comes to mind for the first few weeks before the crab gives way to the Lion. We have a full Moon Lunar Eclipse and a new Moon solar Eclipse this month.

I will start off with a special analysis of three top celebrities that have passed onto the other side within days of each other. My condolences go out to the fans, families and friends of Ed McMahon, Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.

The struggle that Farrah Fawcett had with cancer is a bit closer to my heart because of my personal loss of my wife Patricia on March 17, 2009 from breast cancer.

What is causing celebrities to pass over and will this continue? It is the Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron conjunction which happens every 13 years. It is in the U.S.A chart (I use Gemini Rising) that this triple conjunction is happening in the 10th house of social status.

Neptune rules the sign of Pisces and rules the movie and television screen. Neptune is also a planet that creates an unrealistic picture of movie stars lives by exploiting them as being much different than everyone else.

Jupiter creates expansion in a big way and also rules advertisement to the public. Big celebrities that are very well known because of Jupiter merging with Neptune.

Chiron is the wounded healer and creates opportunities for healing through acceptance and renunciation.

Since the triple conjunction is happening in the U.S.A 10 house certain celebrities are taking the opportunity to heal existing karma through a higher (Jupiter) purpose that can free them from the limitations that celebrity (Neptune) life can give them.

Ed McMhon was born March 6, 1923. He has loads of the water element in his chart. Sun in Pisces, Moon in Scorpio and Cancer rising. A very sensitive man and with Mars in the 10 house in Taurus he was able to take his Pisces energy and acquire celebrity status to manifest money (Taurus) through his unique speaking voice. Taurus rules the throat and speaking voice.

The triple conjunction is in his 8th house of endings. Deaths can be noted in the 4th, 8th or 12th house.

Michael Jackson was born August 29, 1958. He has his Sun in Virgo conjunct Pluto, Moon in Pisces and Gemini rising. With the Moon in Pisces in his 10th house of vocation he captured media attention through his glamorous life style. Sun conjunct Pluto in Virgo can show health problems in life. Dan Folgelberg also had Sun conjunct Pluto and died of prostate cancer in Dec of 2007.

The triple conjunction formed in Michael’s 10 house of social status and vocation conjunct his MC or 12 Noon position emphasis his career status. With Saturn exactly square to his natal Saturn and rising sign while Saturn is transiting through the 4th house of endings it clearly shows he wanted to heal his health issues through the portal of opportunity that the triple conjunction is offering at this time.

This offers him an opportunity to heal the past issues of media frenzies (Neptune) surrounding his issues in his childhood which is represented by the 4th house where Saturn is forming the squares. The squares form a t-square of stress which became released through the triple conjunction in his career 10 the house.

Farrah Fawcett was born February 2, 1947. Her Sun sign is Aquarius, with her Moon in Cancer and Cancer rising. A very nurturing women who went through many ups and downs in her life as her Sun, Mercury and Mars conjunction in the 8th house of endings and transformation. Her Moon conjunct her rising in the sign of Cancer is what gave her public recognition and Pisces rules her vocational 10th house cusp.

The triple conjunction formed in her 9th house of higher learning and reaching for a higher purpose. Her battle with cancer is shown with Pluto moving through her 6th house of health beginning its opposition to her natal Moon and rising sign. Pluto can represent hidden health issues that manifest over a long period of time and can be life threating.

She will be an inspiration to help open up more public awareness to cancer which could lead to answers surrounding a cure.

So how long can we expect the triple conjunction to take effect? The month of July is most potent. But the full Moon Lunar eclipse in Capricorn at 15 degrees on July 7th will extend the affect of the triple conjunction for six months.

Over the next six months we could see many more very famous celebrities pass on from old age, sudden health issues or fatal diseases. Which leads me into the July forecast.

Affirmation for the first half of July is: I SEE A HIGHER PURPOSE. I AM INSPIRED BY LIFE.

July is filled with potent energies for the signs of Cancer, Capricorn and Leo.

The full Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 7th at 5:21AM EDT is at 15 degrees in the sign of Capricorn. Their is no fire element in this full Moon chart signature. Those born under the sign of Capricorn are at crossroads in their lives. This full Moon Lunar Eclipse energy starts a new six month cycle.

Those born under the sign of the goat are ending things that are not working in their lives. It could be a new vocational direction or the ending of relationships in business and their personal life that is holding them back from new plans to expand.

The Sun in Cancer opposing this full Moon is showing the need to be with family more and feel supported by family unity and support from our family roots. Capricorn’s have put so much time into work they now feel pulled towards wanting to spend time with family.

Their are strong energies focused on those born under the sign of Cancer this month as Mercury moves into Cancer on July 3rd and the new Moon Solar Eclipse is at 29 degrees on July 21st at 10:34PM EDT in the sign of Cancer.

We normally have four eclipses per year. Two Lunar and two Solar. This year we have three of each or six eclipses.

Those born under the sign of Cancer are thinking more about family and their feelings about America and what it really stands for. America is born under the sign of Cancer representing women as well as motherhood is supported by this sign. They are emotional and change like the tides of the ocean. The Moon influences fluids of the body and also represents the cycles of emotional energies.

As this new Moon trines Saturn and sextiles Uranus, those born under the sign of Cancer are ready to build new lasting foundations within the family unit that are long lasting (Saturn) and create new and innovative ways (Uranus) to achieve new life in the individual family and America as a family working together.

As the Sun moves into Leo on July 22 the spotlight begins to shine on the entertainer of the Zodiac. Those born under this sign are getting extra attention. Leo wants to play and opportunities for a fertile social life and romance are in the air till the third week of August.

As Venus moves into the sign of Cancer on July 31st those born under the sign of Cancer can attract more joy and pleasures in relationships and the material world till August 26th.

Affirmation for the second half of July is: I AM THANKFUL FOR MY FAMILY. I FORGIVE MY FAMILY. SO BE IT………………….

Next month I will talk about Mercury in Virgo, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, new Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo, Sun in Virgo, Mars in Cancer, Mercury in Libra and Venus in Leo. Until then may you see the higher purpose of your life and may the family of humanity embrace each other with ease and grace. Namaste.

Lou Valentino has been a practicing astrologer for over 20 years. He specializes in past, present and future planetary life cycles. He is working on his new book “Full Moon Messages from the Pleiadian’s” and provides FREE monthly astrological articles on his website-yogavisionaries.com. To set up an appointment for a reading call 860-664-9247.

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