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Crystal Healing: Atlantean vs Lemurian Ways

by Skye Stephenson, PhD

Crystal therapy is a healing modality that is becoming increasingly well known and popular these days. This can be noted in the many new books written on the subject and the growing number of rocks and crystals being sold as “healing tools”. While crystal therapy probably reaches back to human’s earliest days on Earth, this ‘new wave’ of information in the last decades is notable indeed. Increasing numbers of people, myself included, are channeling information about crystal healing. For some of us, it was an unexpected revelation when this kind of transmission began. It is as if the rocks and crystals are reaching out to us, encouraging us to “listen” to them at this important juncture in planetary existence.

In reviewing some of the new books on crystal healing that have come out recently, it strikes me that there are two clear and quite distinct tendencies that are emerging in crystal therapy. I call them the “Atlantean” and “Lemurian” crystal healing perspectives. Let me explain further.

The primary intention of “Atlantean” crystal healing is using crystals and rocks to advance our specific human purposes and desires. It is about crystals and stones at the service of human needs. An example is the many “crystal healing encyclopedias”. Each crystal is designated with its special uses and healing qualities. More and more “new types” of rocks and crystals are being added to these materia medica-type listings.

This type of crystal healing I call “Atlantean” in reference to the alleged ancient land of Atlantis. Whether it actually ever existed or not is less important here than what it represents. According to the legend, Atlantis was a place and time when humans had in depth information about how to harness the powers and energies of crystals and rocks for many purposes. I know someone who claims to remember an Atlantean past life in which he held a gigantic crystal and generated much energy which he then used for power and prestige. It is said that the eventual Atlantean demise may have been due in part to human misappropriation of the tremendous powers of the stone family.

Lemuria, or Mu as some call it, is said to have pre-dated Atlantis. Some place it in the Pacific region, while other claim it was located in the Indian Ocean. It was a period when the Earth was much “lighter” than our present era; when humans just began to em-body into a human body. In early Lemuria, there was no “male” or “female”; neither was there a sharp separation between humans and other entities on planet Earth and beyond. Communication was telepathic, and we could easily commune with a tree or a bird or a stone.

Again, what is important in this discussion is not whether Lemuria ever existed, but rather what it stands for from an archetypal perspective. Lemurian lore tells us that once upon a time Earth was beyond the polarities and divisions we currently have and we did not need to exploit resources in order to survive. It was an en-lightened time, in the true sense of the term.

This connects crystal healing. The primary intention of “Lemurian” crystal healing is building and enhancing the connection between humans and crystals/rocks. It is about relationship building, in a respectful and heart-ful manner. It is about asking the crystal or rock what it wants to tell you and then opening to receiving its response. The process of establishing and maintaining these relations can be deeply transformational and healing, but in a different way than “Atlantean” crystal healing. It has a more sacred thrust. LECORA™ is one example of Lemurian crystal healing.

A few months ago I was in Tepotzlan, Mexico speaking with an elderly indigenous woman who had developed her own line of natural remedies based on local plants and herbs. I was not feeling well and she suggested a few of her products for my use. I asked her what plants were in them, and she smiled. She told me that many people do not understand that it is not only the plants that is important in making a successful remedy, but how it is made. She said Western pharmaceutical companies don’t understand this. She told me that the healing plant must be harvested in a special way, thanked for its work, and more. This is what gives it power to heal. I have to say that the products I purchased from her did the trick for me. By the next day I was feeling well again.

This example shows the difference between “Atlantean” and “Lemurian” crystal therapy.

Atlantis and Lemuria,

Crystal energies that is,

Are different in degrees

Not in the extreme

Both legacies

Both cosmic knowledges you harbor in thee

Connect to crystals and rocks

Connect to the stars

The difference resides,

Again it is of degrees,

That in Atlantis folks used the crystals

With specific purposes and plans

They harnessed them for light

They harnessed them for energy

They used the powers of the beautiful rocks

For purposes that were human indeed.

While in Lemurian times

Before the changes and the divides

You were lighter than you are now

And so were the energies and rocks.

And so you connected with them like a friend

Spirit to spirit and soul to soul

You connected in mutual empowerment

You communed to discuss the stars

Together you worked

To access energies that were cosmic and pure

Together you were friends

Along with the plants, the stars, the air.

And so it continued

Until Lemurian times were through

Until the floods took it all away

The floods of human remembrance and grief.

And now you remember

In some distant spot

That long ago time

That long ago place

And whether it did

Actually exist

Or whether

it did not

The important task right now

In these present Earth times

Is to carry that Lemurian message

Deep in your heart

And access that knowledge

That is intrinsic within

That knowledge of lightness and light

Before the divides

Work to recreate it

The best that you can

In this tired spot and time

You and your crystals divine!

Skye Stephenson Ph.D. enjoys sharing messages and information about crystal healing, and is currently developing LECORA™ as a unique type of rock and crystal healing. The next introductory workshop will be held on March 27th, 2010. Skye is also founder of Jade Journeys, LLC, which offers transformational travel to Latin America to connect with indigenous knowledge and wisdom. She is also author of a cross cultural book about Latin America and has just finished writing a short novel.

For more information, see www.jadejourneys.org    or contact her at hope@jadejourneys.org.

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