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Interview with Candy Danzis, The Mainstream Mystic

by Edie Weinstein

Earlier in 2009, my intention had been to meet and interview this multi-talented woman, who is the catalyst and dynamo behind the annual Claim Your Power conference that was to be held last May, but needed to be canceled. A health challenge came upon her and with what I imagine is her steadfast belief in the power of healing and love, Candy Danzis (www.candydanzis.com) is now rarin’ to go with this year’s event.

As a powerful teacher and motivator, Candy’s work involves intuitive counseling, communicating with Angels and deceased loved ones, and offering guidance and encouragement from the Spiritual Support Team she knows we all have. She is the creator of several CD packages, including "Angel Alignment™ Meditations", "Cord Cutting and Release" and the "One Minute Meditation™" (OMM). Her private practice is by telephone and in-person and she has clients around the globe. Candy’s voice can easily lull the listener into a state of bliss. Her intuitive abilities were on cue when we spoke, since she would frequently answer my questions before I could even ask them. At the end of the interview, although she was quite clear about her intention that this was not meant to be a reading, Candy shared messages that insistently came through from my deceased grandmother and my own angelic guides that were pinpoint on target.

Wisdom: You are referred to as "The Mainstream Mystic". I really love that title. How did you come by it?

Candy: Actually, it came through a friend. We were taking a psychic development class taught by Sonia Choquette. My friend was talking about what she wanted to do in life and I spontaneously began receiving guidance from her Angels regarding her new business plan. I shared this information with her and she said: "You know, you really are a mainstream mystic." I realized she was right because my mission is to communicate with my client’s Angels and deceased loved ones and to teach them how to use that information in a mainstream day-to-day manner. Just to entertain people with my abilities to communicate with Spirit is not important to me.

Wisdom: Do you find that when you work with people who are mainstream, they are able to more comfortably dip their toes into the spiritual waters because you are so grounded?

Candy: Absolutely. As a matter of fact, what I find interesting is that when I open the door after someone has knocked to come in for a session, I have had so many people say, "Wow, you look so normal!" What they expected to see, I don’t know. What they don’t get is fairy dust and flowing robes. What they do get is practical, metaphysical advice to balance their busy lives and keep them grounded and productive. One of the 2-day workshops I teach is entitled "Successful Intuitive Living™".

Wisdom: So you provide a safe space for them to be true to their own beliefs that they have kept under cover.

Candy: It allows for a whole new dialog. Many people say they appreciate speaking about these things with me because they discover ways to bring spirituality into their workplace. One of those people is my personal physician. His quest over the last several years has been to bring spirituality into his practice and our conversations have helped to facilitate that. He is one of most respected internal medicine professionals in our region.

Wisdom: How did you transition from your work as a vice president of a bank to one of helping people experience spiritual abundance?

Candy: That, to me, was a beautiful set up, because I have always used the angelic realm and beings-of-light when I am working with other people. So, in the business world, I naturally used the angelic realm. I could tell when I was analyzing a loan what their level of sincerity was. When I worked with debt ratios and payback procedures for loans, I could feel the integrity and honesty level of the borrower and would often get messages from their beings-of-light. I would never tell them how I was receiving it. I would say things like "I have a feeling that..." or "Something is telling me we need to speak a little further on this subject." When I stopped 18 years ago to have my son, I thought I’d take a little time off from my banking profession, not realizing I was never going back. I started studying spirituality from a new, broader perspective. I studied energy work; things like Reiki and Healing Touch and so many other modalities. Luckily, the same physician I mentioned earlier found out I was doing this work. He asked if he could send patients to me who had stress related disorders see if it would be beneficial for them. As I was doing that work and as my client relaxed and nodded off - I began to become more aware of their angelic beings, their Guardian Angels who help them through life, and their deceased loved ones who made their presence known. As I offered to these people what I was seeing, hearing or knowing to them, great healing was happening. These beings-of-light were there and cared about them. It comes easily to me and it was time that I offer it to other people fulltime.

Wisdom: The image that most people have of Angels is light and fluffy winged beings. What is your experience of them? How do they show up for you?

Candy: If with my human eyes I am tuned into them, I see them as beings-of-light and energy. They have a vibration to them and an overwhelming sense of adoring love. The energy that is around them is a kind of complete acceptance and love. When I am working with a client who is coming to me to ask me about their Angels or issues in their life, often these beings will form for me so that I can make a description for the client. Generally, they are not in human form with fluffy wings, but they will present themselves in any form that helps us recognize them. Many clients already have an image of what their Angels look like. For example, maybe they have a purple gown and are female with blue eyes and red hair. If the Angel forms that way, it makes the Angel feel familiar and comfortable. It is not necessarily that the Angels look that way; we need a humanistic view of them. They are perfectly happy to appear to us in any way that makes us feel comfortable and connected.

Wisdom: How do they communicate with you?

Candy: With me and with all of us, they communicate through the Four Gifts of feeling, seeing, hearing and knowing. These gifts are also called clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience and claircognisence. I see and receive information from the Angels with all four gifts. We usually are born with one of those gifts stronger than the others. For many, it is clear feeling. There are many popular psychics out there who see things. We have the ability to hone these gifts equally. Because I do this all day, all the time… the gifts are all comfortable for me and when I am working with a client, I receive in all four ways.

Wisdom: Are you ever off duty, or do they come through at all hours?

Candy: We have the ability to turn on and turn off our connection to the spiritual realm. Unfortunately, many of us choose to walk around in a state of ‘off’. It’s the turning-it-on part that I teach others. The best analogy is the radio dial...you can tune into that frequency or you can tune it off. I’m clear about the fact that all of these things can be learned. This is why I teach Angel Alignment™ Certification Courses (www.angelalignment.com). I have taught thousands of people to communicate with their Angels and the Angels of others….here in the United States and in Europe.

Wisdom: How do you face life challenges? How do you keep the faith?

Candy: It’s funny how it takes us awhile to realize things. Connection to the angelic realm has always been with me and I believe it is with all children, and yet we are conditioned as we grow older, oftentimes through fear, to turn the switch off. I have never really fully turned off my connection to these beings-of-light and love. They are the most joyful beings you could possibly imagine. I find most times that I am in that joyful state. That’s not to say that I am not human and that those fears don’t come up. In the last 18 months, I have been dealing with what most people would consider a huge fear – cancer - both breast and ovarian, and yet it has been the most joyous time in my life. I have been able to put into action for myself, those things that I know and believe. I talk to these beings-of-light and when the fear comes up; they console me and bring me the comfort that I need to move past these earthly fears. I believe we are here on this earth to experience Freedom, Growth and Joy. Earthly fears are really opportunities to grow…and once we move through them successfully, we grow by leaps and bounds.

Wisdom: You practice what you preach and walk the talk.

Candy: The five things most clients come to me to work on are: Life Purpose, Abundance, Personal Relationships, Health and Spiritual Connection. We are always in balance in some and out of balance in others. As I mentioned, I have been able to work on the health area firsthand. The Angels tell me that it is vitally important that we learn to understand our conscious and subconscious mind. We must learn that our subconscious mind can create anything we want; positive or negative. It comes back to that eternal Law of Attraction. What we think and believe - we get. The Angels worked through my health issue and helped me understand that I need to keep my mind on the most positive thought process possible which allows the Universal Law to come forth and bring me what I desire: Perfect Health. It works with health issues, just as it works with abundance issues and relationships. By the way – it appears that my cancers are gone! All tests are negative. My oncologists and surgeons are delighted…as am I.

Wisdom: Does it seem like you are on track most of the time?

Candy: We are always course correcting. It is so easy to get a little off track through mass consciousness thinking. What I have found clearly is that my emotions (intuition) will tell me exactly where I am. If I am in fear, worry or doubt… the ‘yuck’ emotions… then I am not heading toward my goal. My goal is peace, joy, love and well being. Fear, worry and doubt don’t fall into that category. I simply do the ‘yum/yuck test." I say, is this thought process taking me more to the ‘yum’ side or the ‘yuck’ side? If they are leading me to yuck, I need to go back, change my course and head toward yum. It makes it a lot easier than trying to label everything.

Wisdom: I’m sure you’re really excited about the Claim Your Power conference coming up in May.

Candy: Claim Your Power started about 5 years ago, and it came to me a year earlier than that during dream time, as I woke up at about 4:00 in the morning. (For some reason, my Angels and light beings love to wake me and talk to me at 4:00 in the morning). I sat straight up and had a vision of the words "Claim Your Power". The Angels told me that "this is part of your consciousness", because I had been asking how to expand bringing light, energy and well being to people on a broader scale. They told me it would be a wonderful thing if we could start an annual conference here in Central Pennsylvania. People had to fly to California or Florida to see these nationally known speakers and to hear what they had to say. This year, our keynote speaker is NY Times Best Selling author, Gregg Braden, who I am thrilled about, who will speak to us about our changing energy and 2012. Gregg has appeared on "Oprah" several times. Other presenters include Nigel Taylor, author of four books, teacher, counselor and divine heart energy worker plus a longtime friend of mine – national recording artist, Karen Drucker. The empowerment energy through her music has been so healing for me and for so many of my clients. My message will be the one I am living: "The Power To Heal".

Claim Your Power will be held May 14-15, 2010 at the Sheraton Harrisburg-Hershey Hotel in Harrisburg, PA. Information and online tickets are available at www.claimyourpower.net

and by telephone at (717) 697-8699.

Edie Weinstein is a Bliss Mistress who teaches people to live rich, full, juicy lives. She is a journalist, author, speaker, interfaith minister and social worker. Her website is www.liveinjoy.org

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