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Astrological Forecast for May 2010

by Lou Valentino

May is a month filled with flowers, birds singing and warmer temperatures in New England. This month has all of the workings of continued weather pattern dramas and financial instability as we strive for a balance.

Taurus continues to take front and center stage for most of this month, Cancer wants more personal attention, Gemini is energized, Sagittarius has profound visions, Aries feels like a lightening bolt hit them, Virgo puts the foot down, Libra gets ready for commitment and Aquarius turns to daydreaming for inspiration.

As you all know Mercury has been in retrograde motion since April 18th continuing communication problems as well as transportation issues as we saw with the volcano eruption in Iceland which grounded thousands of planes.

Mercury is in the sign of Taurus and Taurus is affiliated with planet earth. It is an earth sign and also rules the financial house (2nd) in the zodiac wheel. Those born under the sign of Taurus have been working on how to improve their financial portfolio in a way that may give them benefits over the long run. Almost everyone has been affected by the Taurus energy.

On May 11, 2010 Mercury turns direct and till the end of May those born under the sign of Taurus are putting their deep thoughts surrounding finances into action. This could mean investing money differently than what they did in the past.

Mother’s Day falls on May 9th and with Mercury in deep retrograde motion family arguments or feelings being hurt could arise. We all need to show our appreciation to our Mother’s so the Mercury retrograde energy does not take over and spoil the day.

The new Moon on May 13th is in the sign of Taurus at 9:04PM EDT. This new Moon signature has hope for financial stability as the Sun/Moon conjunction forms trines to Saturn in Virgo. Both Taurus and Virgo are practical earth signs helping us to use our resources wisely.

The opposition between Saturn and Uranus continues to create instability in the weather patterns including volcano eruptions, earthquakes and tornadoes. It is in the last week of May that things could get very unstable regarding weather patterns. Uranus is staring to enter Aries on May 27th, Saturn turning direct on the 30th and Neptune turning retrograde on the 31st. I will explain more of these energies at the end of this article.

The new Moon in Taurus also has tension between Venus in Gemini, Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces (t-square). This creates instability in personal pleasures which Venus rules. Those born under the sign of Gemini, Virgo and Pisces may be dealing with romantic pressures that can dampen the spirit of a relationship. It can also create sudden and unexpected changes in the relationship due to health issues, alcohol or drugs.

The affirmation for the first half of the month of May is: I AM ABUDANCE. IT IS IN ME AND ALL AROUND ME.

Venus moves into Cancer on May 19th and those born under the sign of the crab want more personal attention over the next few weeks. Finding time near the ocean or a body of water can help neutralize emotional instabilities. Cancer finds comfort in family life and knowing that they are secure with their loved ones. They find the most joy from May 19th to June 14th at home and near the ocean. It is also a good time to fall in love or rekindle an existing romance.

The Sun enters Gemini on May 20th and birthday celebrations start for the twins. Gemini loves to socialize and entertain others. They may find themselves talking overtime for the next four weeks. They are great at multitasking but try not to text others while driving because you could get into an accident. You don’t need anymore stress in your life at this time as the energy is high physically and emotionally.

The full Moon is in Sagittarius at six degrees at 7:07PM EDT. This full Moon starts off with international tension. I predicted in my 2010 column that this could be the time that Osama Bin Laden is captured.

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are ready to manifest their dreams and visions. The planet Uranus which takes seven years to move through one sign in the zodiac will start to move into Aries at 9:44PM just after the full Moon on the same day.

Uranus will oppose Saturn and both of these planets will square Pluto in retrograde motion. Sagittarius is involved in international affairs. Pluto creates transformations and rules anything hidden or underground such as volcano lava, oil, dictators, birth and death issues and sexuality connected to pornography.

Since the south node and Venus are conjunct and opposing Pluto a major transformation in the way America deals with the issues mentioned in the last paragraph will take center stage. Because both the south node and Venus will be in the sign of Cancer, America will need to watch out for terrorist attacks in the last week of May and the first week of June.

I am also predicting that the planet Uranus moving into the sign of Aries will manifest more UFO sightings than what we have seen over the last seven years.

Uranus is affiliated with higher technological advancements and astrology. Will astrology start to gain in credibility among the masses? I certainly hope so. Uranus will be in direct motion till the being of July in Aries and then turn retrograde on July 5th and move back into Pisces on August 14th. So between May 27th and August 14th the above mentioned things could manifest more.

Saturn turns direct on May 30th. Saturn can make things manifest. As it turns direct it will be in the last degrees of Virgo showing those born under the sign of Virgo will have and iron glove until Saturn moves back into Libra on July 22nd. Virgo’s will not tolerate anymore abuse from others and keep those who irritate them at a distance till the 22nd of July.

Neptune turns retrograde on the last day of May. The 31st. Neptune is in the sign of Aquarius and the intellectual practical Aquarius decides to do some daydreaming for a change. Those born under this sign should pay attention to their dreams all the way through November of 2010. They can find inspiration in the more heavenly realms of existence where answers too many of their questions can be found.

The affirmation for the second half of May is: THE WORLD IS ONE. WE ARE A WORLD FAMILY.

Next month I will talk about a new Moon in Gemini, Mercury in Gemini and Cancer, Venus in Leo, Mars in Virgo, full Moon Lunar eclipse in Capricorn and Jupiter in Aries. Until then may you notice abundance in your life and may the world family become one family. Namaste.

Lou Valentino has been giving astrological consultations for over 20 years. He specializes in planetary life cycles in both Western and Vedic astrology. To get an update on your life cycles call Lou for an appointment at 860-664-9247.

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