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Getting to Know Labradorite

by Skye Stephenson, PhD

In my last e-article, I discussed ways of “getting to know a rock or crystal”. Yes, it is possible to feel/hear/sense the spirit or energy of a particular rock or crystal, especially if it is one with which you have developed a sacred relationship. Of course, some rocks and crystals are more accessible and open than others (as with people), but in all cases if you know how to reach out to the stone family you will be amazed and surprised at the wisdom they can teach you. The most important secret is knowing that you already know. All you need to do is re-remember.

These days there are more and more books out about what different rocks and crystals mean and how to use them. All of these people have been able to connect with stones and minerals…and so can you! Some say that our current cycle of human evolution and shifting conciousness is all realizing that spirit is accessible to each and every one of us and is at every moment of our existence and that we don’t need any authority to tell us. Yes, you do not even need me to tell you what a particular rock or crystal means. Only you know what it means for you.

That said, I do want to share with you one of my favorite rocks. It is labradorite. I find it one of the most powerful journey rocks. Labradorite always teaches me incredible lessons. I have one chunk that has literally taken me on initiation ceremonies to Australia.

This Sunday during my meditation I grabbed it on the spur of the moment and placed it above my head. It had been more than a year since we had connected. Soon I was being shown severe hemorrhaging out of one of my chakras and instructed how to stop it through the placement of a red poppy flower (a spirit red poppy flower). Then I was reacquainted with a white spirit horse I had not seen for quite some time and taught her name. I am still shivering from the encounter.

So in homage to my be-loved labradorite, I want to share with you a poem and some information I have written about her/him for my ‘Stone Spirit Cards” that are in the process of creation.

Labradorite: Ancient Wisdom

I am labradorite, a wise one

And I have an old soul indeed -

I welcome all who want to know me,

Whatever may be your creed!

Yes, I can be so very powerful

But in a very special way -

I speak to you of the Dreamtime

Of memories from those ancient days

That still resonate within you and I,

That manifest in all cultures and times –

And serve as the basis of all

That springs forth in Spirit rhyme.

I know how to take you on journeys

beyond logical belief

To sacred realms of

Mystical motifs

Where voiceless voices

And sightless sights

Can en-lighten

Even your darkest nights

And reveal what lies at the core

Of who you truly are -

Shedding light upon your deepest dreams

That may have even been sent from a far away star

For I come to remind you

That you are as en-lightened as they come:

Your soul can become as complete as the full moon

And as bright as the fiery sun

If you willing puruse your own dreamtime journey

With me – labradorite – as your guide -

Learning to access the ancient wisdom

That within you doth reside


If Labradorite has chosen to enter your life, you are being called to mastery and offered the opportunity to gain soul learning and wisdom. Labradorite speaks of the potential of en-lightenment inherent in all of us, which is why some call it a stone of magic. But labradorite is truly so much more powerful then what some consider magic to be, for it is a journeying stone that can take you as deep and/or as far as your body, mind and soul are willing – and then perhaps even a bit beyond that. Labradorite urges you to connect with the soul of the universe, which is the realm from which all wisdom emanates.

Labradorite is a type of feldspar that has luminescent qualities. Dark at first glance, it harbors a rainbow of iridescent light if held at the right angle. Thus, labradorite physically replicates what wisdom in all about – for wisdom is at all about accessing the universal light that exists in all places and times. And of course, it exists within you! In fact, our life is all about gaining wisdom – that is why we come to Earth. Our life experiences are designed to offer us the opportunity to learn lessons that deepen our understanding and connection with universal Truth – with a capital “T”.

But wisdom is not something that “happens” automatically. While we grow physically during childhood without much apparent attention or effort – growing in wisdom (which is soul growth) demands discipline, dedication and direction. Wisdom leaning will not happen, unless you will it to.

If you do wish to will wisdom into your life, the first stage involves undertaking your own personal initiation. This is necessary to prepare yourself to become a clearer receptacle for en-lightenment. Ask labroadite for assistance in the process. Consider what no longer serves you – be it habits, memories, reptetive behaviours that are not productive, relationships that are not supportive, self defeating behaviour, lack of self confidence, fear of failure, or whatever. Breathe them into labradorite, or a different stone and /or envision releasing them into a gigantic bonfire. Whether by stone or fire, allow them to be transmuted. They are no longer part of you!

Now take a walkabout, looking for a water source – be it river, ocean, lake or waterfall. When you find it, wash yourself in its flows, cleaning away any spirit debris from your body and soul. Then look deeply into the water – perhaps you will see scenes of your life flowing by. Perhaps they can shed some light on your life purpose and mission.

Now you are ready to become a wisdom warrior, remembering that your life is a journey, and what is most important is the journey itself, rather than the final destination. Open up to cosmic en-lightenment, being willing to share your own wisdom with those in need. That is what the labradorite creed asks of you – mastery of the light of ancient wisdom so you may be a master of light in times of darkness on Earth. Go out and do just this – as the sacred wisdom warrior that you can be!

Affinities: Labradorite it a stone that works well in partnership with other stones and crystals. It works especially well with turquoise, sugilite, jade, obsidian, and rose quartz.

Since Labradorite is a stone that reaffirms the sacredness of place, it is nice if it can be periodically placed upon dirt that comes from a place that is special for you. Labradorite also enjoys the new moon period, as well as music of all types, especially aborigine music with a digeroo and/or rattles. Since it resonates with the ancient warrior motif, anything like meat, blood and/or a consecrated knife (all done for ceremonial purposes only) can be used in ceremonies for labradorite. Medicinal plants such as sage or others are also appreciated, as is beer.

Labradorite is connected with the energies of the black panther. It brings you in touch with the memories of the deep earth, and ancient times.

So go forth and if you have not already, considering getting to know labradorite. You may just be amazed at what she/he can teach you!

Skye Stephenson Ph.D. is currently developing LECORA™ crystal healing and completing the ‘Stone Spirit Card’ deck mentioned in this article. She recently wrote a spiritual novel of self-discovery and travel called The Circle of Wisdom and is looking for a publisher. Skye is also the founder of Jade Journeys, LLC, which offers transformational travel to connect with indigenous knowledge and wisdom, especially in Latin America. If you have any stories about your own learning and connection with stones and crystals, she would be very happy to hear them. She can be contacted at skye@jadejourneys.org.

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