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Astrological Forecast for June 2010

by Lou Valentino

2010 has been a very active year for Mother Nature. As many of my readers know my last two months of predictions have indicated that the earth was going to react. I even said in the April column that something hidden within the earth would show itself and in my May column I said that oil would be one of the issues because of stressful planetary signatures.

So, here we are with a natural disaster in the gulf that will put fisherman out of business and force these wonderful people to look elsewhere for work. Do you think the banks will have any sympathy on their mortgage payments coming up? They didn’t with Katrina victims.

What is the blessing from this? Americans are starting to wake up to the reality that we can no longer grab mother nature and push her around and then try to strangle her around the neck. That by doing so we are only hurting ourselves and through this realization humanity understands the intimate connection that we have with a living and breathing entity called Earth.

We have to take into consideration that the new terrorist threat is not from Afghanistan or some other country in the Far East but from OIL here in America. I did give the date May 30th, 2010 in my yearly column as a significant date for a terrorist attack and the possible capture of Osama Bin Laden. As I write this column on May 29th the oil leak appears to be the new terrorist attack on America.

Oil attacks the ocean and chemicals being used to try to stop the oil from spreading killing wildlife, shrimp, oyster beds, lobsters, fish and who know what else. Men. Will they ever grow up? LOL.

The month of June has more signatures that challenge humanity and some wonderful aspects that help humanity. Gemini puts on their thinking cap, Cancer has clearer mind, Leo is very creative, Virgo feels an increase of energy, Aries has an unexpected beneficial surprise and Capricorn is about to be eclipsed.

Jupiter will enter Aries on June 6th and conjunct Uranus.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and Aries is the sign of leadership and action. Aries is also affiliated with war and aggression and Jupiter is connected to international affairs. What does all of this mean?

For those born under the sign of Aries it means good luck wherever this conjunction is placed in the natal chart. Seek out an astrologer if you need help with this. Many new technological advancements happen during the time these two planets come together. This is a triple conjunction. The first is June 6, the next one will be September 19 and the third will be at the beginning of January of 2011.

International affairs will get better and the UFO signature is here. I am predicting that UFO activity will increase with Uranus in Aries. As you all know Uranus entered Aries just after the full Moon on May 27th. It will stay in Aries until August 14th of this year where it retrogrades back into Pisces.

We need to watch what happens in the skies and in international affairs during this time from May 27th to August 14th of 2010. Whatever happens will be a clue of what will manifest on a larger scale when Uranus enters Aries again in March of 2011 and stays in Aries for 7 years.

And what are my thoughts regarding Steven Hawkins remarks about being careful when contacting UFO’s or other races? We should be carful as to who we contact here on earth. The AMA and other affiliated organizations are already killing people on earth. Thousands are dying of cancer every month even though the answer to cure all types of cancer has been around since 1931. Now where going to kill all of the fishery and wildlife in the Gulf and who knows where else. I say beware of earthlings. Gooooooooogie.

Mars moves into Virgo on June 7th and those born under this shy earth sign are feeling more outgoing till the end of July. A new increase of physical energy is apparent and the physical health of those born under Virgo are more positive or if you have a health issue and you are born under the sign of Virgo you have the ability to beat the odds.

Mercury moves into the sign of Gemini on June 10th and the new Moon is in Gemini at 21 degrees on June 12th at 7:15AM EDT. Gemini’s are in that social mood again. Dinner and dance and a lot of talk, talk and more talking. Gemini’s will have an extra sharp mind over the next couple of weeks. Use it to invent more creative ways to expand your horizons.

The Uranus/Jupiter conjunction is square to Pluto when the new Moon happens showing a continued problem with the Gulf situation and the government agencies that are getting involved. International countries are laughing it up as many other countries are investing more and more in alternative energy sources.

Uranus/Jupiter is also opposing Saturn in Virgo on this new Moon and Saturn is squaring both the Sun and Moon in Gemini.

This indicates too much going on between two separate organizations and health problems could arise as Virgo is the sign ruling health.

There is a nice trine coming from Venus to Uranus/Jupiter and this could help the personal needs of Americans as Venus is in the sign of Cancer which rules water and America. Thank God for Venus. A trine coming form Mars to Pluto is also helpful so we should see improvement by the middle of June.

The affirmation for the first half of this month is: I AM THANKFUL FOR ALL THAT MOTHER NATURE GIVES TO ME. THE EARTH IS OUR SACRED HOME.

Father’s day is June 20th. It is time to celebrate the efforts of responsible men. After all most of the roads we drive on and the buildings we work in are built by men. Many of the inventions that have happened are created by men. Take the time to think of the positive things fathers do for there families and the family of humanity.

The Sun moves into the water sign of Cancer on June 21st at 7:28AM and we have the Summer Solstice. The heat is on. Those born under this sensitive and often moody water sign are feeling confident and patriotic. Family is important to those who have astrological planets in the sign of Cancer. Family picnics and cooking outdoors. Hugs and picking out that perfect card for someone you love is all a part of the sentimental and affectionate nature of Cancer.

As Mercury enters Cancer on June 25th many of the things just mentioned in the previous paragraph are on the minds of American’s over the next few weeks.

And then we come to the full Moon Lunar eclipse in Capricorn at 4 degrees at 7:30AM on June 26th. We know that Capricorn deals with big business and big government. We also know that Lunar Eclipses are more potent because the alignment between the Sun, Moon and the Earth is closer than a normal full Moon. The influence of Eclipses can last for six months.

The grand squares involving the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn are in the cardinal signs which initiate action. Those born under the sign of Capricorn may find tension surrounding life events but the lessons of letting go can have a very positive outcome.

It is obvious that this grand square on this full Moon Lunar eclipse is centered around water (Sun and Mercury in Cancer) and the federal government regarding things hidden underneath ground (Sun in Capricorn exactly conjunct Pluto) which could cause health problems (Saturn in Virgo) and the oil could expand suddenly and unexpectedly (Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Aries).

We also have to take into consideration that the Bermuda Triangle has been known as an energy vortex area and UFO bases could be disturbed in the ocean floors where the oil is collecting. This could force UFO’s to appear out of the ocean for relocation and some of the ships do have technologies to clean up pollution in the water. It all depends on the karma of the situation as to the extent of there help.

Since we have a sixth month influence from this lunar eclipse it will take till November of 2010 before the oil spill in the gulf has gotten back to somewhat of a normal situation. And let’s not forget its hurricane season. Hurricanes if strong enough could bring some of the oil to the east coast so don’t get to cozy this summer on the beaches of New England just yet.

American politics is ruled by the sign of Cancer and President Obama will be in some very stressful situations over the summer in regards to oil, terrorism and intense weather patterns hitting both America and around the world.


Next month I will talk about Uranus turning retrograde, Mercury in Leo, Venus in Virgo, new Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer, Saturn in Libra, Sun in Leo, full Moon in Aquarius, Mercury in Virgo and Mars in Libra. Until then we all pray that Mother Nature will heal herself as she has done in the past and may man take better care of her as she tries to make the adjustments into an Age of Enlightenment.

Lou Valentino has been a practicing astrologer for over 20 years and specializes in planetary cycles which effect all areas of your life. To make an appointment for a reading call 860-664-9247 and visit yogavisionaries.com for his free monthly updates.

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