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Crystals Communication and Mining

by Skye Stephenson, PhD

Due to the gravity of the oil spill situation in the Gulf of Mexico, I decided this month to share with you a channeled communication I received four years ago. At the time, I did not understand the significance of this information. Now it seems, as they say, “crystal clear”.

Cyclically you humans

Begin to assess the power of crystals;

Cyclically you do this

Using tools that seem superior in your time and place.

Now unfortunately these tools are predominately technical

Any personal connections to the rocks and crystals are forgotten

As you rip them from the Earth

As you rip up Mother Earth as well -

Never thanking her

For her great gifts;

Never thanking the rocks and crystals

For their great service to humanity.

Because of this your civilization

Could soon fall and collapse

Because the crystals and the Earth are crying

From the abuse you’ve heaped upon them.

It is not so hard to thank them

And treat them gently and kindly,

Recognizing the kind of treasures that they are

One of God’s greatest gifts to humanity.

How do you do this specifically?

You asked me this, my friend;

It is quite simple,

It is not hard.

A few simple rules suffice.

Here they are all written down

Though they are known by many already

On this place you call the Earth.

First and foremost you must recognize

The respect and dignity with which they must be treated

By doing that they will have more power

And so will you my friend.

Secondly, and more specifically, they need a bit of ceremony and pomp;

Before you open up a mine,

Before you dig into their sacred ground,

Pray and dance for the Earth spirits

Thank and ask the sky gods for their love and support

Tell the rain and storm clouds why you are digging deep

Ask the sun and moon and stars to understand

Why you need some of these celestial treasures that now reside

On this place you humans you call Earth.

Now after the ritual opening

After the sacrifices and the feast

Make sure that every morning

Before the mineral work begins

A simple prayer is said

In a moment of silence before the work begins

This simple prayer could be the following

In any language that you feel at ease:

Dear Mother Earth and Mother stars

Dear river and trees

Dear life below and above

We ask your permission to take

Our dear brothers and sisters,

These beloved minerals and crystals

From their home in the Earth

To be of service to humankind.

We will treat them with respect and dignity

To the best of our abilities

We thank them for their sacrifice

We offer three copper coins

As a symbolic payment to them

To let us enter their sacred domains

Thank you forces of nature

Thank you spirits that be

We will enter with reverence and love

A song in our hearts and gratitude on our lips.

(Any ending that might please you)

And every day put three coins down

Before the work begins

With thirteen drum beats

As sun rises in the morning

Do this rain and shine,

Winter and summer,

Where ever you are mining,

Whatever you are doing

Then at the equinoxes,

When the Earth is most at balance and at ease

Offer a feast to all who work there –

To Mother Earth and its crystal kings.

This feast can be whatever you wish it to be

But on those sacred days

Don’t do any work

Instead pray for balance and harmony on all the Earth.

When the Earth’s treasures are relentlessly hauled to surface

A few drops of blessed water upon the piles every evening

When the sun goes down

Are indicated and ideal.

These simple precepts followed

By all who practice mining and their kind,

Will go so far in helping relieve negative energies that can be released

When miners dig into the bowels of Mother Earth.

For now to conclude a crucial key

Is that when any mining work is done

It must be left better

Than it was before

And I’m not talking only about the surface

I’m talking about the deep guts as well;

Those empty gaping spaces left within

Need to be balanced to restore some semblance of harmony in that sector of the Earth.

I’m not taking of bulldozing lots of Earth within

I’m telling you that there is a secret

Known by many sacred teachings and traditions

Of achieving this balance in the quiet empty spaces within the Earth.

For the Earth is generous and kind,

And likes to share of its treasures and its wealth

To favored humans and other life beings

And bring happiness and progress to Earth.

But progress is not more and more

It is about realizing we are all connected

In a fragile web of life that can be cut and broken

When any part gets out of line.

Diffuse this information widely if you must

Let them know there should be a code of mining that upholds the sacred trust

That humans respect the Earth

So that Earth can then respect you humans

Because if you can’t recognize simple life,

If you can’t recognize that spark of being in a shiny pebble or the green leafy tree

Then how my dear friend, I ask you with all honesty

Will you ever recognize the sanctity of your dear human brother who you are fighting out there?

I hope that by next month, when my next column is submitted, the oil mine in the Gulf of Mexico is no longer hemorrhaging its black blood into the ocean blue. Whatever your own beliefs and ways of shifting energy may be, please use them to focus with clear and deep intent upon healing the ocean bed around the oil spill at this critical time.

Skye Stephenson Ph.D. is currently developing LECORA™ crystal healing and completing a ‘Stone Spirit Card’ deck. She recently wrote a novel called Jade: The Circle of Wisdom in which a black jade heart helps the main character solve a family mystery and uncover a secret movement. She is looking for a publisher. Skye is also the founder of Jade Journeys, LLC, which offers transformational travel to connect with indigenous knowledge and wisdom, especially in Latin America. If you have any stories about your own learning and connection with stones and crystals, she would be very happy to hear them. She can be contacted at skye@jadejourneys.org.

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