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Astrological Forecast for August 2010

by Lou Valentino

What a hot summer it has been so far in New England. Everyone is tan and I just went to an outdoor concert at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro Massachusetts to see Bon Jovi. Bon Jovi’s birthday is March 2nd, 1962. A day before mine but four years later.

When the full Moon rose above the stage around the third song into the concert it just looked so beautiful on a very warm summer night with over 40,000 people.

Anyway, the month of August has Libra in a romantic mood, Leo ready to take a risk, Pisces creating new creative inventions, Virgo puts on the breaks and Pisces is starting to feel complete for a change.

Venus moves into the romantic sign of Libra on August 6th at 11:47PM till September 7th. Remember Saturn moved into Libra for a two and half year period starting on July 21st and Saturn is trying to teach the sign of Libra how to be responsible in relationships.

Libra is sociable and wants peace at all cost. Venus is the natural ruler of Libra so it feels comfortable walking in Libran shoes. Those born under the sign of Libra can attract romance and money into their lives till Venus moves into Scorpio on the 7th of September.

Relationships can be very good if each partner wants to grow or relationships could end if you have Libra Sun sign, you’re rising or a Libran Moon placement.

The new Moon is in the sign of Leo at 17 degrees. The time of its completion is 11:08pm EDT. For those of you who have your Sun, rising or Moon placement in Leo anywhere from nine degrees to 25 degrees you will be most effected by this new Moon.

This new Moon is unaspected. This means that it is not connecting very well with the rest of the other planets. Those born under the sign of Leo may find that they are starting a new project or relationship and remain uncertain for the next two weeks regarding the outcome. This requires patience as you surrender to a higher power for a final outcome. If you push and become impatient you may cause more harm than good.

We have a stellium of planets (three or more conjunct) in the sign of Libra on this new Moon. They are Saturn, Venus and Mars. This stellium is opposite a Jupiter and Uranus conjunction. Libra represents relationships and is opposing the sign of Aries which wants its own way.

This combination can create a push and pull effect in personal relationships as well as relationships with co-workers and politicians. Hillary Clinton will be very busy in August trying to balance relationships around the world with America.

We could also see new laws coming out regarding marriage from this combination. Some radical changes with the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction. New inventions regarding sexual toys and that sort of thing with Mars and Venus involved. Maybe more talk about Robotic sex because Uranus which rules technological inventions.

We also cannot dismiss UFO activity being high from the start of this new Moon till the full Moon on 24th. I had my first UFO experience walking to the Fourth of July fireworks in Madison Connecticut. Two balls of light with no sound moving at about 35 miles and hour in the sky coming from the West and moving East. Hundreds of people saw them at the fireworks gathering about 15 minutes before they started.

They were golden in color with some orange/red in them. No flashing lights and no sounds. Kind of like the bubble ball that carried the good witch in the Wizard of OZ but they were golden and luminous. Also, a UFO sighing over an airport in China shut down the airport for over an hour. Things are starting to percolate.

Uranus moves back into Pisces on August 13th. Till December 6th, 2010 when Uranus turns direct Pisces is thinking up some creative ideas that will manifest in 2011. This is a dream come true type of energy because of the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction. Jupiter used to rule Pisces before Neptune was discovered. 2011 could be the year for those born under the sign of Pisces to manifest whatever they desire.


Mercury turns retrograde on August 20th in the sign of Virgo. It will turn direct on September 12th. Mercury is the natural ruler of Virgo so the sign of Virgo is thinking about new ways to organize their lives. This is a time to slow down and almost put on the brakes of your life if you have a Mercury is ruling your chart (rising) in the natal or in the progressed.

This could be a time where a health issue arises for those born under Virgo and needed reflection as to how to proceed. Remember my research on cancer over the last seven years. Robert Barefoot has the most practical 33 day program for those who need assistance in reversing cancer in a natural way.

The Sun will move into the sign of Virgo on August 23rd at 1:27AM then on the 24th we have a full Moon in Pisces at one degree. The full Moon reaches its peak at 1:05PM.

This is the time that parents are thinking about new schedules coming up as their children head back to school soon. A reorganizing of priorities till Mercury turns direct on September 12th. Happy birthday to all of those born under the sign of Virgo.

Because the full Moon is in Pisces it creates an opposition to the Sun in Virgo which is Pisces opposite sign. A balance of priorities is noted here. What are the issues that need priority? Relationships again as the full Moon signature is Libra.

Virgo could be less critical and picky in relationships. And take it from me who is a Pisces that we need to really look at the reality of our relationships and not get lost in a dreamy idealistic picture that will never meet our expectations.

Both Neptune and Chiron conjunction are conjunct this full Moon. This is very spiritual. And with Pluto and North Node in Capricorn trine to the Sun major improvements are headed for Virgo and Pisces in regards to relationships and a spiritual awareness that they have never felt before. Very relaxed energies once they decide what they want. A great time to heal the psychological complexities that often come with relationships.

This month could bring a lot of tensions in politics internationally. The oil spill will have other issues that need attention but the worst is over in regards to leakage. It is the hurricane season that could stir up some oil that is not visible and could cause health risks.

A major UFO sighting could happen anywhere in the world as it did in China recently. Tensions grow for immigration laws in America and how to proceed with them and the Middle East will show tensions increasing in that region as well as aggressive military action in Afghanistan. I see more and more people wanting to come to America.

The affirmation for the second half of August is: I AM HEALED FROM ANY RELATIONSHIP ISSUES THAT HAPPENED IN THE PAST.

Next month I will talk about Mercury turning direct, Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Scorpio, Jupiter in Pisces, new Moon in Virgo, Pluto turns direct, Sun in Libra and a full Moon at zero degrees in Aries. Until then may we all find balance in our relationships and heal our past that holds us back from fully loving someone in the present moment. Namaste.

Lou Valentino is a professional astrologer and has read hundreds of charts over the last 20 years. For an appointment call 860-664-9247. Prices start at $45.00 which is very reasonable. He specializes in planetary cycles that are influencing you now and up through the next year. lsoma@aol.com

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