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Excerpt from "Medical to Mystical: Bring Light Into Your Life"

by Susan Jamieson, MD

The Light of the Earth —


A magnetic field is the energy field between the north and south poles of a magnet. In its most basic energetic form, the Earth is a huge round magnet, radiating an electromagnetic field.

The rotating outer core of the Earth is incredibly hot (about 5,000 degrees centigrade) molten iron, creating the magnetic field all around.

‘The Earth’s magnetic field is what protects us from harmful radiation from outer space, and has been found to be essential in, for example, the health of astronauts.’

The field is weaker at the North and South poles, which is why solar winds can access our atmosphere to cause the colorful Aurora Borealis — the Northern Lights.

The Earth’s magnetic protective effect can be shown in the experiments of Dr. Valerie Hunt, who in the 1990s at UCLA studied the effect of eliminating our environmental magnetic field. On removing the EM field from the human volunteers, she found that they became very ill. Their entire neurological system was disturbed, leading to an extreme lack of coordination.

The Light of the Sun —

Solar Flares and Winds

It’s disguised under the heading ‘weather’, but the Sun influences our lives much more than we usually imagine. Enormous magnetic lines, 40 times the diameter of the Earth, crash into each other in the Sun’s atmosphere causing phenomena such as Sun spots and the solar wind.

These affect us in different ways — the huge spurts of energy regularly cause havoc with our satellite communication and are dangerous for pilots. Quebec City lost all electricity for nine hours in 1982 when millions of amps overwhelmed the grid, causing huge financial loss and damage.

Since the middle ages, astronomers have noted the relation of sunspots to climate change, such as the ‘mini ice age’ of the 17th century, when the River Thames in London would regularly freeze over (something not seen in the past few decades). Also, at times of low solar activity, more cosmic rays from outer space will reach the Earth.

The Sun’s solar winds travel up to 3 million km per hour, and we can see the effect of their electrically charged particles interacting with Earth’s atmosphere in the form of sheets of color in the sky — the Northern Lights. Usually more visible at the poles, if the solar winds are strong enough they can be seen all over the globe.

Our Interaction with

These Light Sources

‘We, and all living things, radiate electromagnetic energy.

From the smallest DNA, to cells, to organs, each radiates their own field.

This is our aura, or biofield, as energy psychologists call it.’

In our bodies, contrary to popular belief, more energy is radiated by the heart than the brain. In the shape of a ‘torus’, or doughnut, the electromagnetic energy arcs out from the heart, reaching 12-15 feet around us. Scientists at the Institute of HeartMath (www.heartmath.org) tell us that the heart’s light is much more significant than the brain’s.

‘According to the same studies, the heart’s electromagnetic field is 5,000 times larger than that of the brain.’

Along the same lines, studies have shown that a fetus, whose heart develops early in life, starts emitting its own EM energy whilst in the womb. It’s easy to visualize the fetus’s EM field being enveloped by the mother’s more powerful one, so by the time it’s born, the baby’s heart field will be stabilized as it harmonizes with its mother’s. So, both our hearts and the Earth radiate out arcs of electromagnetic energy. On the larger scale, so does the Sun, radiating out to the whole of our solar system.

‘Imagine that when the electromagnetic energy of our own hearts meets with that of the Earth and Sun, lots of interference patterns are created, each unique.’

"Look deep into Nature, and then you will understand everything better." —Albert Einstein

To understand these interference patterns, imagine two pebbles dropped in a pond so that a ripple pattern radiates from each one in a circle; the pattern formed where the two sets of waves interact creates a new entity, like an interference pattern. These interference patterns form the world in which we live, and which we manifest. If you think of these overlapping wave patterns as different musical notes, you could say that as humans, sometimes we’re harmonizing, and sometimes we’re out of tune.

It is interesting to note that the human genome (genetic code) has been found to have 3 billion parts; however, as scientists we only understand the function of about 3% of these. So what do the rest do?

A clue can be found in the journal Science, which reported in 2001 that DNA had been found to be a superconductor of electricity. Also, we now know that our DNA forms a loop structure. Any electrical engineer knows that electrical current flowing through a loop will produce a magnetic field.

‘Knowing that our DNA can both store and radiate EM energy perhaps our genes, made up of multiple DNA, are hard at work interacting with the EM energies of our environment.’

Our DNA are truly mini-lighthouses! So, on a tiny scale there is a magnetic field around our DNA, on a medium scale one round our hearts, and a large one round the Earth and Sun. ‘Inductance’ is a term used by electrical engineers for the interaction of EM energies. As we know that these magnetic fields interact with each other, it’s not too much of a leap to imagine our bodies’ EM field reacting, through the process of inductance, with the EM fields of the Earth and Sun.

Entrepreneur and British MD Susan Jamieson has worked in Hong Kong for twenty years, running the only practice that combines Western medical doctors with complementary therapies. She lectures at and attends international conferences and workshops in the fields of healing and consciousness, meeting and studying with renowned figures and authors and keeping ahead of new developments in medical and healing sciences.

Published by Findhorn Press www.findhornpress.com

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