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Indigo Children: The Enlightened Generation

by Idelle Brand, DDS

Are you the parent of an overly sensitive child? A child who is hypersensitive to food, light, touch, sounds, and just about everything you can think of? A child who is hyperactive, labeled as learning disabled or perhaps autistic? Does your child talk to invisible friends? Or have intuitive insights that are characteristic of a mature adult?

If you have answered "Yes’ to any of these questions, then your child is most likely an Indigo Child – a perceptive endearing soul that cannot handle the overload of environmental, emotional and physical toxins.

Indigo Children were first described in the 1970’s by a San Diego parapsychologist, synesthete and psychic, Nancy Ann Tappe. She noticed the emergence of children with an indigo aura, a vibrational color she had never seen before. This color, she reasoned, coincided with a new consciousness. It was first written about in her 1982 book Understanding Your Life Through Color.

She has estimated that 70% of children age fifteen to twenty five and 97% of children under age ten are Indigo. They have been around for centuries but are now incarnating in massive numbers.

Indigo Children are here to usher in a new energy that is transforming the planet around us. These children are groundbreakers, creative rebels and independent thinkers; children who will take their own route and go at their own pace. Wherever they go, they will leave people and things around them changed, usually for the better.

They represent "perhaps the most exciting, albeit odd, change in basic human nature that has ever been observed and documented," Lee Carroll and Jan Tober write in The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived.

Since they are extremely sensitive, they tend to be affected deeply by everything, and easily overloaded by accumulation of toxins. Chronic exposure to any of the toxins listed below can cause imbalances of these highly sensitive children:

· EMF: from computers, cell phones, appliances

· pesticides and preservatives: from food

· heavy metals: from vaccines, silver mercury fillings, fish

· emotionally toxic environment: people with anger or depression, violence, disharmony in the home or school

· allergens: food (sugar, wheat, dairy, soy, GMOs), detergents, mold, dust mites

And this imbalance can manifest itself with either acting-out traits that are diagnosed as hyperactivity (ADD, ADHD) or learning disabled; or by turning inward from the outside overload and then manifest with autistic like characteristics.

Indigo Children are a new archetype of children that are here to revolutionize society. They need a loving non-toxic environment that allows them to be physically and mentally well, especially if they are to thrive.

Indigo Children can be easily detected. They are usually under the age of 25, and have some very specific characteristics:

· Heart centered when young

· Care about others more than they care about themselves

· Wise beyond their years

· May feel that Earth is not home

· Have insights about things they shouldn’t have a clue about; such as deceased people, future events, past lives, etc.

· Have an inner knowing that may be seen as arrogance and pompous by the general population of non-Indigos

· Have imaginary friends, see angels, deceased people

· Talk to their pets like they would talk to humans

· Tend to hang out with nature and pets more than people

· Crave nature. They will drag you to the park, beach etc.

· Have night terrors; even before they can talk

· Have food allergies, especially to dairy, sugar and processed foods

· Can sense evil or bad people

· Pick up other people’s emotions

· Get offended easily

· Can get seizures easily

· Get high fevers easily

· Use the phrase "I know" a lot

· They are more creative and right brain dominant than most people; into artsy things - music, painting, beading, cooking, photography, etc.

· Can be distracted easily

· Badger parents to change for the better, in terms of giving up bad habits; smoking, alcohol, poor foods, etc.

· Get sick easily, only because their systems are more sensitive

Not all Indigos have all of the above listed characteristics. But it is safe to say that if most of these traits are prominent, then your child is probably an Indigo.

For many, the Indigo path is not an easy one to walk. These children are usually interested in healing and spiritual traditions; saving the earth, and empowering people to heal themselves. They are sensitive, intuitive and expressive. Some have psychic abilities, while others, whose Indigo nature is suppressed, may have episodes of depression or violence.

In light of their heightened sensitivities, Indigo Children often are not able to conform to our conventional world. As a result, they are often labeled with diagnoses of autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADD, ADHD, learning disabled, depression, PDD-NOS, anxiety and allergies. Many times these symptoms can be due to exposure from the physical and energetic pollutants listed previously.

Since Indigo Children are revo-lutionaries, and are here to transform outdated systems and relationship patterns, this will require us to interact with them in new and creative ways. Parents of these powerful, spirited beings need support and insights, and need to let go of traditional ways of parenting. They need to develop more respectful, cooperative and holistic practices. Taking time to explain things to Indigos, plus really listening to why something is important to them, enhances awareness of their thinking process and deeper purpose. Flexibility, openness and honesty are other qualities that supplement the development of relationships, which will nurture the soul of the Indigo Child. And of course, with love, proper guidance and a holistic environment, Indigos can and will flourish into the beautiful adults that they are meant to be. They will take our next generation to new platforms of peace, consciousness and well-being.

We must educate ourselves about these new evolutionary children. Our future depends on it.

Dr. Idelle S. Brand is the Director of The Brand Wellness Center, an integrative holistic dental practice in midtown Manhattan. For more information on Indigo Children, please join her Blog: http://EnlightenedIndigoChild.webs.com/apps/blog/  

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