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Chinese Horoscopes for 2011

by Eizabeth Joyce

Chinese New Year 4709, or 2011 in the Western calendar, is the Year of the Metal Rabbit. The Rabbit represents the fourth year in the 12 year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2011 is the year of the Golden Rabbit, as gold is a metal, which begins on February 3, 2011 and ends on January 22, 2012.

Chinese Astrology Year Chart

The Chinese zodiac signs are represented by 12 animals, each of which represent a distinctive set of characteristics and personalities. The Chinese horoscope begins with the Rat and go through a 12-year cycle ending with the Pig. The twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac signs are listed in their chronological order below, with their respective years of birth underneath each of the signs:

The Rabbit is a lucky sign. Rabbits are private individuals and a bit introverted. People born in the Year of the Rabbit are reasonably friendly individuals who enjoy the company of a group of good friends. They are good teachers, counselors and communicators, but also need their own space.

According to Chinese tradition, the Rabbit brings a year in which you can catch your breath and calm your nerves. It is a time for negotiation and possible legalities. Don’t try to force issues, because if you do you will ultimately fail. To gain the greatest benefits from this year’s cycle, focus on home, family, security, diplomacy, and your relationships with women and children. Make it a goal to create a safe, peaceful lifestyle, so you will be able to calmly deal with any problem that may arise.

Not many people know that the Rabbit is the symbol of the Moon, while the Peacock is the symbol of the Sun, and that together, these two animal signs signify the start of day and night, representing the Yin and Yang of life. It is said that anyone making supplications for wishes to be fulfilled are certain to get what they want, and in the Year of the Rabbit, the wish-granting aspect of the Sun and the Moon combined is multiplied. The Moon is YIN and this is the Yin of Heaven, signifying mystical magic. Thus on each of the Full Moon nights of this year, go out into your garden to gaze into the Full Moon and visualize plenty of Moon dust and Moon glow flowing into you, filling your whole body with bright white light and granting you fearlessness, love and courage. This will not only strengthen your inner “Chi” energy, it will also bring wisdom into your life.

2011 should be a placid year, very much welcomed and needed after the ferocious year of the Tiger. We should go off to some quiet spot to lick our wounds and get some rest after all the battles of the previous year.

Good taste and refinement will shine on everything and people will acknowledge that persuasion is better than brute force. It can be a congenial time in which diplomacy, international relations, and politics will be given a front seat again. We will act with discretion and make reasonable concessions without too much compromise or difficulty.

Also, 2011 is a time to watch out that we do not become too indulgent. The influence of the Rabbit tends to spoil those who like too much comfort, which can impair their effectiveness and sense of duty.

Law and order will be lax; rules and regulations will not be rigidly enforced. No one will be inclined to bother with these unpleasant realities. Others are busy enjoying themselves, entertaining friends or simply taking it easy. The 2011 scene is quiet and calm, even deteriorating to the point of feeling drowsy and lazy. We will all have a tendency to put off disagreeable tasks as long as possible

Money can be made without too much labor. Our life style will be languid and leisurely as we allow ourselves the luxuries we have always craved for. A temperate year with unhurried pace. For once, it may seem possible for us to be carefree and happy without too many annoyances.

The Year of The Rabbit, beginning on February 3rd 2011, is generally considered as an unfavorable year, since 2011 will usher in the Wood Rabbit in a Metal Year. Since the metal element generally works against the wood element, expect at least some uncertainties and continued troubles carried over from 2010, the roller coaster Tiger Year. Specifically however, each of the signs have different opportunities and concerns to look out for in 2011.

A person born in the year of the Rabbit possesses one of the most fortunate of the twelve animal signs. The Rabbit, or Hare as he is referred to in Chinese mythology, is the emblem of longevity and is said to derive his essence from the Moon.

When a Westerner gazes at the Moon, he may joke that it is a ball of cheese or tell a child the story of the Man in the Moon. When a Chinese looks at the Moon, he sees the Moon Hare standing near a rock under a Cassia tree (produces cinnamon), and holding the Elixir of Immortality in his hands.

During the Chinese mid-Autumn festival when the Moon is supposed to be at its loveliest, Chinese children still carry lighted paper lanterns made in the image of a Rabbit and climb the hills to observe the Moon and admire the Moon Hare.

The Rabbit symbolizes graciousness, good manners, sound counsel, kindness, and sensitivity to beauty. His soft speech and graceful and nimble ways embody all the desirable traits of a successful diplomat or seasoned politician. It is believed that a person born under this sign will lead a tranquil life, enjoying peace, quiet and a congenial environment. He is reserved and artistic and possesses good judgment. His thoroughness will also make him a good scholar. He will shine in the fields of law, politics and government. But he is also inclined to be moody; at such times he appears detached from his environment or indifferent to people.

The Rabbit is extremely lucky in business and monetary transactions. Astute at striking bargains, he can always pop up with a suitable proposal or alternative to benefit himself. His sharp business acumen, coupled with his knack for negotiation, will ensure him a fast rise in any career.

Although the Rabbit may assume an outer air of indifference to the opinions of others, he actually withers under criticism. His “rather switch than fight” technique can be deceiving and he can be diabolically cunning when he puts his mind to it. So while the Rabbit person is tender and obliging to his loved ones, he can be superficial and even ruthless in his dealings with outsiders. Suave and self-indulgent, he enjoys his creature comforts and likes to put his own wishes first. It irks him terribly to be inconvenienced for he is a considerate, modest and thoughtful person and he would like others to be the same. He sincerely believes it costs people nothing to be nice to each other and he will always make an effort to be civil, even to his worst enemy. He abhors brawling and any sort of overt animosity.

For all his quiet and misleadingly docile nature, a Rabbit person possesses a strong will and an almost narcissistic self-assurance. He pursues his objectives with methodical precision but always in an unobtrusive manner. If there is anything he isn’t going to be accused of, it is that he is a thick-skinned person. He won’t make waves. The special trait that makes the Rabbit person a formidable negotiator is his inscrutability. It is difficult ever to assess his thoughts correctly.

The Rabbit usually has impeccable manners. He seldom uses harsh words and will never resort to foul language or vulgarisms to bring home a point. There is little need to anyway, as he has his own techniques. The Rabbit could hide under this cloak of decency to undermine his opponents. His credentials are usually flawless or at least in good order. He will wine and dine you in the best places and cater to your every whim when he is after something. Then, when you have eaten your fill and are puffing away contentedly at that expensive cigar, he will pull out the contract for you to sign. Before you know it, he has cut you off at the knees. He was so deft, you didn’t even feel any pain. It was all over with the stroke of a pen. My sympathies are with you, friend. You are just another victim of the incomparable Hare. Now do you understand why Bugs Bunny always gets his carrots in all those cartoon strips?

The Rabbit may appear a bit slow or overly deliberate at times, but this is due to his inborn sense of caution and discretion. One can be sure he is going to read the fine print before signing any document. Because of his ability to assess people and situations, the Rabbit can afford to be conceited–which, by the way, he is.

The demure Ms. Rabbit is very considerate and understanding with her friends: a great gal to work with, shop with, or just tell stories with. She is delightfully warm and witty and her company is always relaxing. She has a lot of energy for the things she likes to do and can tirelessly track down antique shops or plan a friend’s wedding to the last detail. But when she feels she has had enough of all that rigmarole, well, you can expect her to drop whatever she is doing, prop up her dainty feet and go as limp as a stuffed bunny. That is the philosophical part of the Rabbit. Do you know why she can keep so serene with all that frantic action going on? The secret is to know when your batteries need recharging, and no one has better knowledge or timing on this than Ms. Rabbit. While everyone is killing himself in a mad rush to get somewhere, the Rabbit knows that the world will still be here tomorrow. So, what’s the big hurry? Why don’t you sit down, too? She will probably make you a nice cup of tea and help you forget all about that crazy rat race outside.

In any situation, you can always rely on the Rabbit to be in control of herself. She will notice the license number of the getaway car or remember that the driver was wearing camel-colored trousers or elevator shoes. And while you are at the police station filing that report, she will calmly recall all the details and help you answer all those irritating questions.

All in all, the Rabbit is one who really knows how to live. What’s more, he or she is more than willing to let live. Not a spoilsport or disciplinarian with an ever-watchful eye, the Rabbit knows when to refrain from criticism. He never likes to embarrass anyone in public. He is adept at the art of saving face, both yours and his, and if there is any way he can spare your feelings, he will.

Have no doubt–he makes mental notes of your mistakes or progress. But if things are not serious or beyond redemption, he will good-heartedly let you pass. For this trait, he is well-liked and popular. An advantage of this philosophy is that the Rabbit makes few enemies and thus rarely gets into trouble. People respond by being generous to him and letting him pass, too.

No one has a more sympathetic ear to lend you than the Rabbit (except the Sheep) should you need one. But while he is an excellent soother and compassionate listener, he will only take the role of a passive adviser. He is, above all, an intellectual, a realist and a pacifist. Do not expect him to go out with all colors flying and do battle for you. That would be asking too much of him. Let’s face it, the Rabbit will never elect to trudge up Mount Calvary with you, no matter what great buddies you two claim to be. He’ll lend you the money for the lawyer or bail you out of jail if he can afford it, but that’s about all. And if you are getting to be too much of a nuisance, you can count on his making a quick but graceful exit from your life.

The comely and refined Miss Rabbit will not be adverse to marrying a good old-fashioned millionaire instead of a handsome but penniless swain. The former will be able to provide her with the advantages and luxuries she demands as necessities. Her man must be powerful enough to protect and support her in style, and sensitive enough to politely disappear when she is in a sullen mood and wishes to remain undisturbed.

When given the choice, the Rabbit will vote for the easy and good life every time. He or she will wear loose comfortable clothing of superb cut and fabric; cashmere sweaters, pure silk blouses and durable linens and tweeds. A mink or chinchilla carelessly thrown over the shoulder in a calculated air of nonchalance could also identify the elegant Rabbit native. Flashy, geometric or shocking designs offend the Rabbit’s sense of conformity and balance.

While gracious to friends and coworkers, the Rabbit person may be somewhat distant from his own family or simply bored by domestic routine and duties. He or she hates too close associations; he will shake off an encroachment on his privacy or clinging parasitic friends with no regret. He can be bureaucratic and hedgy over difficult issues. As he is one who hates binding commitments or over-involvement, he can also be an expert at passing the buck.

Mr. Rabbit is singularly debonair. He moves with grace, charm and gentlemanliness, in spite of the fact that while he was singing your praises, he was also drinking all your best wine. Yes, the Rabbit gravitates toward the cream of society and gentlemanly leisure. On second thought, the cream of high society could well be made up of poised and genial Hares.

At his best, the Rabbit is admired for his suaveness and intelligence and sought after for his sensible advice. At his worst, he is too imaginative, oversensitive, or just acidly indifferent. He avoids coming into contact with human suffering or misery, as though it were some highly contagious disease.

The Rabbit is not at all easy to trap. He can also become very repressive in his predilection for secrecy or privacy. When the Rabbit person feels threatened, his subtle brooding or concealed antagonism could be expressed by the use of subversive tactics. Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, and South Africa’s Johannes Vorster are Rabbits. It is also worth noting that Thailand’s King Bhumibol, admired and well-loved by his subjects for his exemplary life and devotion to music, art and domestic harmony, was born in the year of the Rabbit. So were King Olav V of Norway, Queen Victoria, Albert Einstein, David Rockefeller and David Frost.

For all his positive qualities, a native of this sign will still value himself above all else. When pushed too far, he will discard anything or anyone who dares upset the calm of his existence. His beliefs are known to be flexible and he has the knack of playing both sides for insurance. Security could be an obsession to the weaker types of this specimen; you rarely find a Rabbit in areas of high risk.

This love of ease coupled with his distaste for conflict may give the Rabbit a reputation for being weak, opportunistic, and self-indulgent. Unlike the Dragon, Dog, Tiger, or Rooster, who all enjoy a hearty fight now and then, and may even thrive on it, the Rabbit has no relish for combat. He was not born to be a warrior. He is more effective working behind the scenes. Do not be concerned about the Rabbit’s wellbeing. He is agile, discerning, and armed with the good sense to keep out of harm’s way. Unlike other signs, who may pursue lofty ideals, the Rabbit’s main objective in life is simply self-preservation.

The Rabbit year is said to bring peace or at least a respite from conflict or war. Likewise, its native will do everything in his power to restore harmony or he will leave the scene.

The Rabbit person makes a good entertainer and is a wonderful host. Pleasant and warm company, he has a good word to say of everyone. But don’t let that fool you. He knows more than he will say and you can easily recognize him by his finesse. He will be the best of friends so long as you take care not to ask too much of him.

The well-groomed Rabbit is most compatible with those born in the Sheep year. They will share the same good taste and love of material comforts. Equally well suited will be a relationship with the Dog person or the honest, unimposing Roar native. The Rat, Dragon, Monkey, Ox, Snake and Rabbit will make good secondary matches for him. But he will not be able to tolerate the vanity or criticism of the Rooster, is unimpressed by the dramatics of the Tiger and unappreciative of the quick-tempered and mercurial ways of the Horse.

To sum it up, the Hare simply leaps over obstacles in his path and recovers from calamities with remarkable resilience. No matter how he is tossed, he lands on his feet. He may not be close to his family but will make every effort to provide them with the best of everything. His soft, vulnerable-looking exterior is protected by an armor of cautiousness and sagacity. In life, the Rabbit will avoid being drawn into conflict at any cost, unless, of course, it affects him directly, at which time he will take the appropriate measures to protect his interests.

There is no great inner struggle in the Rabbit’s heart between the forces of good and evil. He believes in his own ability to survive, relies on his own judgment and is at peace with himself. His is the sign most apt to find happiness and contentment.

Horoscope for the 2011 — Year of the Golden Rabbit

Compatible Animal Signs this year:-2011

  • Excellent – Sheep, Dog, Dragon
  • Avoid – Rooster, Tiger, Horse

The Oriental Horoscope Animal Signs and Predictions for 2011

In the Orient the Rat is not despised or feared, it is revered. Being born a Rat indicates respect and honor, but you are also a great go-getter. You appear cool, calm and collected, but inside you are often a bundle of nerves. Warm-hearted and loyal, you can lose your temper quickly when hurt or challenged, with a quick sarcastic remark you put others painfully in their place.

Rats are clever, charming and truly generous to the ones they love. They are also sociable and can converse on many levels. Rats are usually very successful business people but can become manipulative and power hungry. They will cut you out cold if you have nothing for them, and will not partake in a conversation with others if bored. They also tend to be somewhat of an opportunist.

People born in the Year of the Rat are noted for their charm and attraction for the opposite sex. They work hard to achieve their goals, acquire possessions, and are likely to be perfectionists. They are basically thrifty, almost stingy with money. Rat people are easily angered and love to gossip. Their ambitions are big, and they are usually very successful. They are most compatible with people born in the years of the Dragon, Monkey, and Ox.


It a Tai Sui year for rat, surfacing all the good luck, you will also face several problems which may cause you to be in many mix situations. Due to many obstacles and issues that go wrong, you may tend to feel stressful. In the Year of the Rabbit’s, you must learn stay calm and be extra careful at all cause to avoid any accident. You may meet the opportunity to go abroad for business, you can hold on to the opportunity to fully develop their potential. You may also realize that the opposite sex seem to act as a good assistance in your career

This year, though there might be good of progress from last year. But there seem to have many difficult obstacles that affect your work efficiency. When at work, you may get into argument with colleagues, and create villains. You know that it is difficult to avoid gossip, but you need to keep a low profile. Use more action than words to minimize any damage. You should be more pro-active than before to bring in more opportunities. You may be dragged in to court matter this year therefore you should be careful when dealing with important documents or transactions.

This year you may feel very busy and many tasks to accomplish. Wealth is weak and certainly not smooth that may cause money loss. Therefore it is suggested that you maintain low profile and avoid any form of investment or business commitment. Be extra careful when dealing with important document or any contract. Do not be a guarantor this year to avoid lawsuits or even bankruptcy. Pay attention to who you put in your trust as you may be easily taken

This year love luck is good, and romance is the air. With love luck on your side, it is a good chance for those who yet to find someone desirable. You may also consider to take initiative. There may be more emotional instability for the rat therefore it is advisable for you to practice tolerance as for your first move. Make chance for communication with your partner and show more trust towards each other. Singles should keep a clear head, and avoid being taken

Health is weak due to emotional instability, it is easy that you generate disputes, and misunderstanding, you may encounter insomnia, therefore you should keep calm and maintain a positive frame of mind. This year, you must guard against energy loss, and be mindful to regulate your mood. Pay close attention to your diet, especially in relatively hot weather season. Avoid cold food

People born in the Year of the Rat must be patient and be happy with steady progress in 2011. Work will be important again this year, with the Rat’s experience and knowledge being sought after, enabling career advancement.

Famous people born in the Year of the Rat:

Charlotte Bronte, Truman Capote, Catherine I, Prince Charles, Sasha Cohen, Eminem, Peter the Great, Mata Hari, Scarlett Johansson, Wolfgang Mozart, Plato, William Shakespeare, Leo Tolstoy, George Washington.

Year of the Rat

2/18/122/5/132/5/241/23/25, 1/24/362/10/37, 2/10/481/28/49, 1/28/60 – 2/14/61. 2/15/722/2/73. 2/2/842/19/85. 2/19/962/6/97

Oxen are cautious, hardworking and highly dependable. Oxen are also patient, calm, sensuous and loyal. This combination makes you a great partner, a wonderful parent and a dear friend. You’re not impressed with all the hoopla going on this year and wonder what all the fuss is about. You prefer to carry on with your life in a sure and steady fashion.

Ox born people are leaders, patient and hardworking. They inspire confidence in others with their precision and strength. Ox people can be quite demanding and inflexible. They tend to brood and sulk if plans do not go their way. Oxen are very determined. Once an Ox has it’s mind made up, (like the Star sign Taurus) there is no turning back.

People born in the Year of the Ox are patient, speak little, and inspire confidence in others. They tend, however, to be eccentric, and bigoted, and they anger easily. They have fierce tempers and although they speak little, when they do they are quite eloquent. Ox people are mentally and physically alert. Generally easy-going, they can be remarkably stubborn, and they hate to fail or be opposed. They are most compatible with Snake, Rooster, and Rat people.


For Ox buddies, this year there is no lucky star shining in your region, so fortune is very low. Work pressure is heavy; there will be a lot of interference that obstruct the task. A lot of duplication of efforts cannot be easily done. You may not be able to obtained earning through opportunistic (gambling etc.) this year, work hard on accordingly, which is the correct way of making money. Work and wealth do not increase, if faced a problem should be resolved quickly by calming your mood, to avoid further complications. Fortune may not be pleasant, do not go to the hospital visiting or participating any form of funerary

This year for your career there is plenty of uncertainty and heavy workloads that seem difficult to resolve. You may tend to fall in the situation which is easy to provoke resentment or being marginalized people. Poor interpersonal relationships, from the boss down to the colleagues who are likely to bring some problems, so this year to avoid a dispute with the people around and watch their behaviors, not to offend others because of small details, to their own buzz. Even you know people are finding fault, you should be patient for the moment, believe there is always truth one day. Corporate matters should conservative and handle with special attention calmly.

For your wealth and fortunes relatively poor this year, because of certain incidents which may led to loss of wealth, so the use of money this year must be careful, suggest that you may develop the habit of saving, conscious on spending money. Do not squander, minimize unnecessary expenses to avoid the phenomenon of problem. When visiting crowded places, take care of your belongings. There may be Investment risk, the probability of loss is seem higher than of income. When you consider that your wealth isn’t doing well, gambling is not the best way to relax, and strongly suggest to avoid making the approach.

Love luck is weak, difficult to have the opportunity for single to find one desire. May consider to make some changes in your dress sense to change your luck in the aspect. There seem to have many obstacles and unresolved issues between couple, feeling are difficult to express and relationship is very fragile. For married couple, because of busy work and you may have the tendency to neglect one another, prone to quarrel. If do not know how to resolve conflicts, separation may be the end result. In short, in the Year of the Rabbit for the ox must pay special attention to control their emotions, this is to avoid bringing harm to both parties.

Speculating into the whole year calculation, the fortunes for the ox this year have several obstructions, it is difficult to feel smooth, you may prone to insomnia or accidental mass annihilation, especially those driving to be extra careful to avoid bad consequences. In addition to take more rest and pay attention to mental fatigue and physical health. This year health may be more prone to heart, kidney and joint problems, gynecological problems for women need attention, it is best to have regular medical check-ups, just in case. Find sometime for traveling with family, outing to feel good and harmonious, and may promote better relationship with family.

People born in the Year of the Ox will find 2011 an encouraging year, with good opportunities for career progression in 2012, and with a strong emphasis on developing a new romance for both single Oxen, and those in relationships.

Famous people born in the Year of the Ox :

Johann Sebastian Bach, Napoleon Bonaparte, Charlie Chaplin, George Clooney, Walt Disney, Anton Dvorak, Clark Gable, George Frideric Handel, Oscar De La Hoya, Richard Nixon, Aishwarya Rai, Wayne Rooney, Vincent Van Gogh.

Years of the Ox

2/6/131/25/14, 1/24/252/12/26, 2/11/371/30/38, 1/29/492/16/50, 2/15/612/4/62, 2/3/73 – 1/22/74. 2/20/852/8/86, 2/7/97 – 1/27/98

The Tiger is considered lucky in the Orient. Those born under this sign are colorful, enthusiastic and sociable. You are a risk-taker and a natural born leader. You are unafraid of challenges and have quite an impulsive steak. You become fearless and confident when challenged, and often succeed where other people fail. All you ask, is that people be honest with you. Once lied to, any friendship or association is over, and you tend to become a bit revengeful.

Tigers are magnetic and self assured. They are also sensitive, emotional and capable of great love. However, Tigers have a tendency to get carried away and become stubborn about what they think is right. They have little respect for authority, rules and regulations. They are very lucky and usually manage to escape any trouble or problems unscathed.

Tiger people are sensitive, given to deep thinking, capable of great sympathy. They can be extremely short-tempered, however. Other people have great respect for them, but sometimes tiger people come into conflict with older people or those in authority. sometimes Tiger people cannot make up their minds, which can result in a poor, hasty decision or a sound decision arrived at too late. They are suspicious of others, but they are courageous and powerful. Tigers are most compatible with Horses, Dragons, and Dogs.


Tiger’s friends are just gone through the Zodiacal Year’s fortune, fortune in the Year of the Rabbit fortune will pick up, but it’s still in the average region. There may be some obstacles in the work aspect, there is a will, but not the strength but you do not need to worry too much because there seem to have a honored person in the star palace, to lend a hand. That will help solve may problems. This year to make a point to improve relationships, you will have to keep low profile, this will prevent any villains any chance to find fault. Poor physical health, which may affect the conduct of your work, pay attention to traffic safety, prevent accident Xueguang. Luck may not be good with the opposite sex, you may feel emotional instability which may leads to disagreement with your partner.

After a downturn in your work from last year, you will now get some retreat and luck seem rising, issue that you have yet to complete from last year will be able to resolve this year. In your career run this year, you will get honored person that will give you the correct direction at the appropriate time. Business development this year can said to be smooth, grand plans to be carry out, but in between of all the plans you made you will somehow still get obstruction from the villains that may cause you to be slightly under perform than the expected result. So this year for the tiger, while you enjoy the good luck, you will also need to carefully deal with some unexpected changes.

Luck is good, you will get help whenever you need it and many opportunities will come your way by the honored nobility person. You will get appreciation from the bosses, your effort will be notice and naturally the effort will be paid off. Especially for people dealing with business, you can get inspiration to make money easily simply by what others said, do not miss the opportunity. But this year is also prone to the gaining and losing easily, so do not pay money to do meaningless. In term of speculation or stock trading you will need to careful and deal with a reasonable amount in the sense of proportion, do not exert full input. Be careful of your valuable, in order to avoid loss.

Luck love is good for unmarried men and women. In the Year of the Rabbit, luck with the opposite sex is relatively strong, popularity rise for the individual, good opportunity for the single pal to find a partner. For the attached, you may encounter disputes, but in the end it can solved peacefully and increase mutual understanding that leads to more sweet and warm emotional life. However, for the the married couple, you may tend to be more vulnerable to argument, and also do not seem to quickly resolve conflicts that may lead to create friction, suggest that the pair to show more understanding and make necessary effort to help improve their relationship

This year for the tiger there seem to have some evil luck in the health aspect. Pay extra attention to the traffic and when dealing with sharp tools. Should pay attention to physical aspects of cold, and gastrointestinal diseases, which may leads to surgery for serious circumstances. For the female, you will have to know how to relieve stress, prevent kidney and gynecological diseases. To conclude the health status for the Tiger, pay lot of attention to your health, any discomfort should consult a doctor immediately, give yourself some rest time and attention to maintenance, drink plenty of water and eat more vegetables.

People born in the Year of the Tiger will have a positive year in 2011, with many Tigers deciding to get married or make their relationship stronger. Tigers will also have a good year financially in 2011, with either a pay rise or a surprise windfall.

Famous people born in the Year of the Tiger:

Emily Bronte, Sheryl Crow, Tom Cruise, Emily Dickinson, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Jay Leno, Karl Marx, Marilyn Monroe, Marco Polo, Beatrix Potter, Queen Elizabeth II, Jon Stewart.

Years of the Tiger

1/26/14 – 2/13/15, 2/13/26 – 2/1/27, 1/31/38 – 2/18/39, 2/17/50 – 2/5/51, 2/5/62 – 1/24/63, 1/23/74 – 2/10/75, 2/9/86 – 1/28/87, 1/28/98 – 2/15/99.

Rabbits are sensitive, private and shy. People born under this sign prefer working in the background rather than basking in the limelight. However, this does not mean that Rabbits are not sociable creatures. Their wisdom and thoughtfulness surrounds them with friends, family and strangers, all of whom immediately recognize their caring personality.

Rabbits are obliging and sociable. They are affectionate, giving and always pleasant. Although they tend to be aloof and secretive, they are the kind of person others like to be around. Rabbits are also sentimental and can seem superficial at times. Their conservative nature and calm approach can prove to be an advantage when it comes to business contracts. They are excellent negotiators.

Oh it’s true, it’s so very true, Rabbit. You’re picky and always turn up your nose at unpleasant people or situations, but that’s what others like about you. You bring out the best in others because everyone tries to be as gentle, refined and well-mannered as you are.

People born in the Year of the Rabbit are articulate, talented, and ambitious. They are virtuous, reserved, and have excellent taste. Rabbit people are admired, trusted, and are often financially lucky. They are fond of gossip but are tactful and generally kind. Rabbit people seldom lose their temper. They are clever at business and being conscientious, never back out of a contract. They would make good gamblers for they have the uncanny gift of choosing the right thing. However, they seldom gamble, as they are conservative and wise. They are most compatible with those born in the years of the Sheep, Pig, and Dog.


This is the Tai sui year for the rabbit, there is plenty of evil star and less lucky ones. You may encounter many obstacles this year in the things you do. You may have nobility that can lend a hand in your career but you will still be prone to possible pressure. You have to stay positive and strive to forge ahead, try as much as you can to improve your social skills to make future career. You will be very much prone to emotional problems, you will encounter many mood swings, hot temper and it is sometimes difficult to control. You may encounter many argument with others. This year, you should pay attention to your health, stay alert to prevent accidents. Wealth is bad, not suitable for high-risk investments in order to avoid money disputes

This year at work, there is a lot of pressure for the rabbit, social relationships may not be too good when dealing with bosses and fellow colleagues, disputes may occur. You may need to put in extra effort to improve relations between people around you as well as keeping low profile on everything you got to do. Be mindful of your behavior and on others to avoid offending anyone. You may meet some nobility, but possible obstacles is surrounding. Therefore you are to be vigilant and alert, do not take thing too lightly. You should also carry out tasks step by step to avoid unnecessary problem that may affect the progress of the task. Rabbit people should be extra careful In everything you do this year, making new friends to be specific, especially a partner

This is a very bad fortune year for the rabbit. Not only it is difficult for you to earn bucks, you may encounter money loss that may cause you to result in financial crisis. You should be more aware of your spending as well as being extra careful when dealing with money. Do not rely on others, and avoid doing any business. You should be careful on any investment or being a guarantor is not advisable. As for those that are doing business, you may consider to stay low profile and avoid any big investment. Strong advise to avoid stock investment or any form of gambling.

Love luck is weak, regardless whether you are single or married. Singles do not expect too much, even if there is chances of meeting people, most of it will not meet a good result. As the mood for the rabbit is poor, stormy moods and hot temper, you may find that there is a lot of arguments and disputes between the attached. Try to take the initiative and accommodating each other, make effort for more communication. If there is any breakup due to unnecessary fight, you will regret. There will also be many villains that intrudes into your relationship.

This year health is not pleasant as there is an evil star in it. Health for the rabbit will be relatively poor, pay extra attention on the gastrointestinal problems, you are also prone to Xueguang. You should develop good eating habits, have healthy meal and eat on time. You will also be prone to limbs injury, be careful when handling metal tool, stay as far away as you can. When you are not in a good mood, you should avoid going out, such as the inevitable need to drive or travel. Pay attention to safety this year, avoid situation that may triggers your emotion and provoke unnecessary trouble.

Famous people born in the Year of the Rabbit:

Albert Einstein, Leon Trotsky, Frank Sinatra, Pope Benedict XVI, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, David Beckham, Tiger Woods, Whitney Houston.

Years of the Rabbit

2/14/15 – 2/2/16, 2/2/27 – 1/22/28, 2/19/39 – 2/7/40, 2/6/51 – 1/26/52, 1/25/63 – 1/12/64, 2/11/75 – 1/30/76, 1/29/87 – 2/16/88, 2/16/99 – 2/4/00

This mythical, magical creature is a symbol of great prosperity and luck. The Dragon is a radiant, dazzling animal. Dragons love to do everything on a grand scale. They are creative, generous, adventurous and up on all of the latest fashion trends, new ideas and entertainment as well as the best places to travel. Dragons adore praise, flattery and the limelight. They feel as if they are always on stage.

Dragons are full of vitality and enthusiasm and are popular among many. They tend to speak before they think and can be judgmental towards others. They have a reputation for being demanding and obnoxious but their positive qualities outweigh their negative traits. Their success comes from being intuitive, intelligent and gifted. Dragon can bring luck to those around them, and are very showy. They like to give a party or special event in a big way! Their generosity to their friends know no bounds. If you have a falling out with a dragon, do not be expected to be invited back into his lair.

Puff the Magic Dragon lives by the sea…The Dragon may be an imaginary animal, but that doesn’t make Dragon less colorful or interesting. Luck follows you where ever you go, Dragon, and everyone knows it! You are a born leader, so, naturally everyone follows you around.

People born in the Year of the Dragon are healthy, energetic, excitable, short-tempered, and stubborn. They are also honest, sensitive, brave, and they inspire confidence and trust. Dragon people are the most eccentric of any in the eastern zodiac. They neither borrow money nor make flowery speeches, but they tend to be soft-hearted which sometimes gives others an advantage over them. They are compatible with Rats, Snakes, Monkeys, and Roosters.


This year for the dragon, you seem to gain many lucky star plus the evil star is minimize. Therefore this is a good year ahead for you. There will be many nobility that will come to you, advance performance at work but there will be damage cause by some people around. You should make more communication with others and improve interpersonal relationship, career development will be more favorable. For the business people, you will get the chance to meet honored person’s support, wealth is very smooth, you can see a return on your investment. Love life is smooth, sweet and warm. Health need to prone to insomnia, gastrointestinal discomfort or breathing problems. Take care of your health, to avoid illness this year.

This year work get easier and more efficient for the dragon. Together from your efforts and supports from others, you will be able to receive fame and fortune in the Year of the Rabbit, things get extremely well. But sometimes when you get extremely well and smooth, you may seem to inevitably provoke jealousy and destruction, so when dealing with colleagues you should be more humble to avoid people from thinking that you are over the top and bring down your good deeds. For those that are into investment, you will be able to gain some good progress but do not take it too lightly from your own success, you will still need to listen and take advise from people around you.

In the Year of the Rabbit’s, fortunes steadily goes upward, good income, but because the health status of this year is not ideal, resulting in health issues that may cause you to spending too much, missed a lot of money making opportunity. This year you must learn financial management, at the wealth of good times, you also do not spend too much money. You should be cautious and save for a rainy day. For people in the financial sector, you may encounter some issue with monetary upon meeting the villains in the field. You have to always study clearly before making a decision. In addition, you should not be a guarantor this year in order to avoid loss of money.

Love luck is good this year, especially the single men and women you will very likely meet someone desirable, you can take part in more social activities, give yourself more opportunities. But marriage matter, you may not deal with it too easily, have clear discussion with each other and make sure that you have good understanding and patience for each others character and personality, not by the first impression to impulsive decisions, otherwise there would be more trouble. For the attached, relationship is smooth and warm. If you can make more effort to add more sparks for the couple will be good

In the Year of the Rabbit, the dragon will be in need of attention in the health situation, because this resistance is weak, prone to problems, therefore there is a need for you to be cautious on your diet and exercise more, with special attention to gastrointestinal problems, you should be careful with what you eat. Do not take the uncooked food to avoid stomach upset. For those that drive, you should pay attention to traffic safety, in order to avoid disaster which may spill some blood. Female dragon individual health is not ideal, with particular attention to gynecological diseases, go for examination on a regular basis, early detection, early treatment by the doctor.

People born in the Year of the Dragon should see 2011 as an opportunity to consolidate after a hectic 2010, particularly those who changed jobs. Dragon’s should spend some time and effort preparing for 2012, the Chinese Year of the Dragon.

Famous people born in the Year of the Dragon:

Susan B. Anthony, Joan of Arc, Orlando Bloom, Sigmund Freud, John Lennon, Florence Nightingale, Keanu Reeves, Ronaldo, Mae West.

Years of the Dragon

2/3/16 -1/22/17, 1/23/28 -2/9/29, 2/8/40 -1/26/41, 1/27/52 -2/13/53, 2/13/64 -2/1/65, 1/31/76 – 2/17/77, 2/17/88 – 2/5/89, 2/5/00 – 1/23/01

According to Oriental philosophy, the beautiful and sexy Snake is associated with compassion, humor and deep insight to those around them. Snakes are charming and a great deal of fun to be around. There is nothing superficial about anyone born under this sign. You are a very private person who will not engage in gossip, and you can be trusted not to repeat a conversation. This endears you to all.

Snakes are charming, intelligent, and elegant. Guided by intuition, Snakes are deep thinkers who are articulate and persuasive. Snakes have philosophical natures and appear to be wise beyond their years. However, Snakes can turn around and bite you when least expected. They can become possessive when their territory is threatened.

People born in the Year of the Snake are deep. They say little and possess great wisdom. They never have to worry about money; they are financially fortunate. Snake people are often quite vain, selfish, and a bit stingy. Yet they have tremendous sympathy for others and try to help those less fortunate. Snake people tend to overdo, since they have doubts about other people’s judgment and prefer to rely on themselves. They are determined in whatever they do and hate to fail. Although calm on the surface, they are intense and passionate. Snake people are usually good-looking and sometimes have marital problems because they are fickle. They are most compatible with the Ox and Rooster.


In the Year of the Rabbit for the snake there will some obstacles, especially with evil star showing up this year, you may have unlucky fate that will brings you monetary problem. This year you have to control yourselves in term of investing and do not go into business easily with anyone. You should be paying good attention to your health, you may find it difficult to focus or feeling lethargic easily which may lead to emotional instability and may fall into easily dispute easily. You should rest more, to prevent from getting distracted at work or in love. It is best that you do not engage in any gossip to avoid from getting into trouble. For the snake individual this year, it is suggested that you avoid attending any funeral ceremony to avoid from affecting your fortune.

For the snake, work is at your disadvantage this year. You should keep conservative, if you have any plan to go work overseas or change a job; it is not a good time to implement this year. Despite having issue at work, it is still not too difficult to resolve them, as long as you stay positive and continue working towards your goal, you will definitely be able to overcome them. Since this year, you are bound to encounter problem at work and no nobility for assistant. You should keep low profile and be patient. You should make effort in your social skill and communication with your superior and colleague this year, you may therefore be able to get some help from it.

This year, the snake may be an easy prey that can led to financial problem. You notice that not only there is no nobility assistant, there can be some villains out there that may affect your judgment, which may cause you monetary loss. Therefore you should be careful when doing business with anyone or even avoid making any business deal to avoid property disputes. Be careful and keep a good lookout on your valuable whenever you go out to avoid theft. You should also be aware on your earning and avoid splurging
unnecessarily. Wealth is average, avoid gambling or making any risk investment.

In the Year of the Rabbit, the snake individual will experience numerous mood swings. Sometime too emotional that may cause it difficult your partner to endure. There will be frequent argument that may affect the loving couple. Couples should get along with each other with more patient and understanding to help resolve any crisis. the time when an argument from first to find the reasons, early crisis will not resolve the feelings of the more depression worse. Unmarried person seem to be vulnerable towards other interference. Therefore if you have someone you like, do not get too affected by what other says or do.

There is an instability flow in your fortune, work, wealth and love that may cause you to feel lethargic and stressful. You should maintain relax mentally and find time to rest or you may consider making travel plan with your family. Despite traveling is a good form to relax and enhance your emotion. You should be careful with food hygiene, avoid cold food, so as not to cause gastrointestinal infections. Avoid going to any funeral ceremony.

People born in the Year of the Snake will find 2011 less hectic and disorderly than 2010, though by no means quiet. Snakes should find opportunities in 2011 to do things they enjoy, particularly in creative fields.

Famous people born in the Year of the Snake:

Dick Cheney, Bob Dylan, John F. Kennedy, James Joyce, Pablo Picasso, Martha Stewart, Kanye West, Oprah Winfrey.

Years of the Snake

1/23/17 – 2/10/18, 2/10/29 – 1/29/30, 1/27/41 – 2/14/42, 2/14/53 – 2/2/54, 2/2/65 – 1/20/66, 2/18/77 – 2/6/78, 2/6/89 – 1/26/90, 1/29/06 – 2/17/07

The Horse is sociable, friendly, cheerful, a team player and are never short of friends and admirers. Bursting with life and enthusiasm, you amuse and entertain people wherever you go. This year – 2010 – there are even more places to go, more people to see and more adventures to have than usual. Horse people, you love it!

The Horse is a free and independent spirit. People born under the sign of the Horse are direct and can be quite entertaining in social circles. On the other hand, Horses can be selfish and rebellious. They tend to rush into situations without thinking and are impulsive shoppers. They need to perfect good money management, as, at times, they do not think of the consequences before acting. Also, they do not hunt for bargains, because of their free attitude, and always believe more will be there tomorrow. However, the Horse may give no regard as to how money is earned, and may slack with their education, depending on others for survival. Their adventurous nature can provide the constant stimulation they need to experience all facets of life. They will travel far and wide throughout life, if the money and means are available.

The free spirited Horse signifies some of the finer qualities of the Aquarian Age. You believe that everyone should aim toward the greater good, working, playing and living together in harmony.

People born in the Year of the Horse are popular. They are cheerful, skillful with money, and perceptive, although they sometimes talk too much. The are wise, talented, good with their hands, and sometimes have a weakness for members of the opposite sex. They are impatient and hot-blooded about everything except their daily work. They like entertainment and large crowds. They are very independent and rarely listen to advice. They are most compatible with Tigers, Dogs, and Sheep.


The horse will experience good fortune in the Year of the Rabbit, especially for female. You will encounter a nobility in your work this year who will assist you in your work. There is a good opportunity for promotion and pay rise as well, but you should be careful of disputes with each another. In this year of good fortune, business will be booming but you must know how to hold on to the money. Do not be misled into a money scam by believing the words of villains . You must also take precautions against theft, lock your windows and doors. This year is a good year to meet the opposite sex and it is time to consider about your future happiness. Health is not good this year so pay more attention to exercise and get ample of rest.

For the horse this year, they must have a ‘more work less talk’ mentality during work. In the case where they encounter a problem, they should remain low profile while trying to resolve it. Try not to make unnecessary comments as it will only lead to trouble. Career fortune for female is excellent. Due to the outstanding work performance, expect a pay rise or promotion. However, they must be wary of people who may make false charges against them. All factors must be carefully considered before being a guarantor for other people, so as to not get involved in official or non-official lawsuit.

With the assistance of the lucky star, you will have good income. However, there are signs that you may experience financial issues so avoid borrowing money or lending to others, as it will be difficult to retrieve them back. There are opportunities for pay rise in work, income will be steady and for businessmen, with the help of a nobility, you are able to make various kind of investment which will lead to profits. As your wealth come and go this year, it is more difficult to amass your wealth. You must learn some tips in financial management and save money when possible be it in life or investments. You should also take good care of your valuables.

The love sign is blooming for the horse this year. Be it single or married, there is a good chance to meet the opposite sex. This is a good opportunity for the singles to get a partner if they take initiative to display their charm. This is also a good year for couples plan for their marriage. Married couples will enjoy a sweet relationship this year but must still be wary of third parties that may appear. Communicate any discontent you may have and do not let small conflicts affect your relationship

Health is the main concern for the horse this year. With a weak body and immune system, they will be prone to cold and bacteria infections. The elderly should pay more attention to joint problems and must maintain a certain activity everyday for healthier bones. This year, you will also be prone to digestive problems. So, regular eating habits must be developed and pay more attention to food hygiene. Visit the doctor when required without delay to avoid deterioration of the illness

People born in the Year of the Horse should concentrate on career matters in 2011, keeping watch for opportunities that will need to be acted on quickly.

Famous people born in the Year of the Horse:

Clay Aiken, Davy Crockett, James Dean, Clint Eastwood, Ella Fitzgerald, Harrison Ford, Aretha Franklin, Janet Jackson, Sandra Day O’Connor, Teddy Roosevelt, Mike Tyson, Boris Yeltsin.

Years of the Horse

1/25/06 – 2/12/07, 2/11/18 – 1/31/19, 1/30/30 – 2/16/31, 2/15/42 – 2/4/43, 2/3/54 – 1/23/55, 1/21/66 – 2/8/67, 2/7/78 – 1/27/79, 1/27/90 – 1/14/91

Goats are kind, affectionate and easy to get along with. As a born nurturer, your family is the most important part of your life. You do whatever it takes to make sure they feel loved and cared for. While Goats do enjoy the finer things in life, material things are not Goat’s number one priority. What is important to the Goat is making the world a better place for all.

The Goat is an artistic and creative sign. People born in the year of the Goat are well mannered and charming. However, the Goats need to put away their pessimism and try to be less dependable on material comforts. They are often dissatisfied and can sometimes lack respect for others by always being late, invasive and dependent. They tend to gossip a bit. Goat people have a pretty face, and their lovable character compensates for their flaws. Give them a canvas and they will paint a picture worthy of Sergent. Give them a pen and they will write, worthy of Dickens. Others soon forget why they were angry at the Goat in the first place.

A lot of people see you as a natural leader, but strictly speaking, this just isn’t true. In reality, you’re likely to have the part of being the “power behind the throne,” lending inspiration and encouragement to everyone around you.

People born in the Year of the Goat or Ram are elegant and highly accomplished in the arts. They seem to be, at first glance, better off than those born in the zodiac’s other years. But ram year people are often shy, pessimistic, and puzzled about life. They are usually deeply religious, yet timid by nature. Sometimes clumsy in speech, they are always passionate about what they do and what they believe in. Ram people never have to worry about having the best in life for their abilities make money for them, and they are able to enjoy the creature comforts that they like. Ram people are wise, gentle, and compassionate. They are compatible with Rabbits, Pigs, and Horses.


This year for the sheep is a mixture of good and bad luck. There will be pay and promotion opportunities at work but there will be dispute or misunderstandings cause by some people around who are out to damage you. There will be a lot of business barriers and someone might make false charge against you which will lead to lawsuit problems. Expect average wealth, you will also find it hard to amass your wealth, although there are profitable investments, it is better to be conservative and not be greedy. Married couples should protect their relationship and be careful of extra marital affairs. Pay more attention to safety while driving and be sure to obey traffic rules of speeding and drink driving.

This year for the Sheep is a good year to expand your career. Work wise, you will gain support from your fellow colleagues, you will be able to display your leadership capabilities, your superiors will be pleased with your performance, there will be a lot of pay and promotion opportunities, you will be able to attain both fame and fortune. However, everything is fine except one small problem, this year the sheep may meet villains intrusion. Other than a war of words, you may even provoke lawsuits. You should lay low while dealing with affairs outside work, do not stick your nose into other people’s business.

Wealth for the sheep this year is average. The main problem will be the appearance of an unlucky star causing a loss of wealth. So, for the sheep, it is best to practice self control over spending and start saving. There will be more favorable opportunities for a large profit for real estate and business investment this year. It is easy for you to be involved in a dispute over money so you should carefully read the contents of each clause before signing any important documents. In the case whereby you are involved in a lawsuit due to negligence, keep your cool and handle it with haste to avoid incurring a heavier loss

Be it for male or female, opportunities with the opposite sex will be plenty this year. Single men and women in search of a relationship in the year of the rabbit should take the initiative early to find a partner to end their single status. Married couples are prone to a third party who may threaten to strain their relationship so both parties must be able to conquer the temptation and to understand that family harmony is the most important. Mutual understanding will be essential in order to avoid any problems with marriage. Couples should communicate more, happy and unhappy stuffs should be brought up in order for both party to understand each other more and for the relationship to last

There is a presence of an unlucky star in health. Physical condition of the body is not satisfactory and is susceptible to xue guang so it is not advisable to participate in any hazardous activities this year. Families with the elderly should pay more attention to their health and diet as well as guarding them against injuries. Pay more attention to safety while driving and be sure to obey traffic rules of speeding and drink driving.

People born in the Year of the Goat will find 2011 much more positive and happy than 2010. The start of the year will be very good for Goat’s that are seeking a career change. 2011 will be a good year for single Goats, and those in relationships may consider becoming more serious.

Famous people born in the Year of the Sheep:

Jane Austin, Boris Becker, Jamie Foxx, Mel Gibson, King George VI, Franz Liszt, Michelangelo, Michael Owen, Mark Twain, Rudolph Valentino, Barbara Walters, Bruce Willis, Orville Wright.

Years of the Goat

2/13/07 – 2/1/08, 2/1/19 – 2/19/20, 2/17/31 – 2/5/32, 2/5/43 – 1/24/44, 1/24/55 – 2/11/56, 2/9/67 – 1/29/68, 1/28/79 – 2/15/80, 2/15/91 – 2/3/92

Monkey people are smart, charming, talkative, playful and perhaps even a bit mischievous. There is never a dull moment when the Monkey people are around. Monkeys are creatures of contradictions. While no one doubts Monkey’s intelligence, they cannot figure out how Monkey’s can be so disorganized. However, as quick witted as you are, you will always have the correct answer, at least for yourself.

Monkeys are intelligent and have a very clever wit. They are the comedians of the Oriental Horoscope. Due to their youthful nature and magnetic personalities, Monkeys are always well liked by others. However, they have a destructive side and can become unscrupulous when making decisions. When Monkeys do not get their own way, they will react in an immature fashion and become quite a pest, until they have achieved the desired outcome. They tend to be curious, like sharing and they like to make people laugh.

Like the Monkey in the woods, you are crafty and full of fun, mischief and laughter. People never know what you are going to do or say next, so you can really keep them on their toes.


You have good star this year for the monkey, but you are advised to still take precautions at all your action. You may encounter more issues at work, stay positive and have faith to work against obstacles. Due to the lack of communication you may find that it is easy to have argument with colleagues therefore you should stay away with that. There may be good job performance with nobility by your side. You must learn to do financial management this year and also be careful with your valuable to avoid getting cheated or theft. Love luck is good for the singles, there will be chance for romance blossom. For the married, there may be third party intrusion therefore avoid getting into any unnecessary dates. Health this year, you should pay attention to take more rest, to prevent over-fatigue.

There will be good career development this year, you notice outstanding performance brings you an increase in the revenue, but also access to opportunities for promotion, can be described as both fame and fortune strive. However, upon all the achievement, you will have to be attentive to your surrounding and people around you to live in harmony and minimize any possible disagreement. For the business people, Investment deal will be good with nobility advice for you, therefore grasp the good opportunity.

Work is good this year for the monkey and can bring in good increase in monetary, good time for the people doing business. You may encounter a lot of surprise windfall from good people around you. But also be careful as there may be theft disaster that may happen. Do not expose your valuable to other. Do not get into any momentary impulse to make some illegal things, it may led to lawsuits, not only you will cause monetary loss, but also harm to you and your family

This is a good year for the monkey in term of fortune and love, you get many opportunity to meet with the opposite sex. It is a good opportunity to participate in social activities, you should get to meet someone of your interest. You may take the first move, strive for good match. Stable relationship for the attached, you may consider making marriage plan. As for the married couple, there may be some problem between the two of you, stay calm and patience as accident may happen in an argument.

Health is poor this year for the monkey, you get agitated easily, feel ill at ease. You should learn to go with the flow, take thing easily and everything will come naturally. You get irritated easily and bad temper that may cause you some injuries therefore you should avoid high-altitude activities, to prevent from falling. This year the monkey will encounter problem from the kidneys, spleen and stomach, digestive system is not good. You should go for a regular physical examination, it will put you at ease.

People born in the Year of the Monkey will enjoy 2011 with plans moving forward smoothly. Creative Monkeys will have an inspirational year. Monkeys will need to be proactive to take advantage of career opportunities that will be available this year.

Famous people born in the Year of the Monkey:

Julius Caesar, Daniel Craig, Bette Davis, Jake Gyllenhaal, Eleanor Roosevelt, Betsy Ross, Diana Ross, Will Smith, Elizabeth Taylor, Harry S. Truman, Leonardo da Vinci, Alice Walker, Naomi Watts.

Years of the Monkey

2/2/08 – 1/21/09, 2/20/20 – 2/7/21, 2/6/32 – 1/25/33, 1/25/44 – 2/12/45. 2/12/56 – 1/30/57, 1/30/68 – 2/16/69. 2/16/80 – 2/4/81, 2/4/92 – 1/22/93

Like their animal counterparts, Roosters are colorful, flamboyant and downright theatrical. Roosters can be brutally honest and rarely hesitate to say what is on their mind or in their heart. There is a lot more to the Rooster than meets the eye. They are hard working, detail oriented people and quite traditional when it comes to family life.

Roosters are hard workers, shrewd and definite in decision making, often speaking their mind without mincing words. At times Roosters may appear to be boastful, and name droppers. Also, their taste for style and extravagance can sometimes come across as brazen and pompous. Roosters talent and generosity make them popular with people at all levels of life. Good at bank management, producing, or fund raising. They also like to be in politics.

You are a bit of a show off, Rooster, but this is more than likely a cover up for deep feelings of insecurity. Underneath all of your bragging and boasting, you are really quite conventional.

People born in the Year of the Rooster are deep thinkers, capable, and talented. They like to be busy and are devoted beyond their capabilities and are deeply disappointed if they fail. People born in the Rooster Year are often a bit eccentric, and often have rather difficult relationship with others. They always think they are right and usually are! They frequently are loners and though they give the outward impression of being adventurous, they are timid. Rooster people’s emotions like their fortunes, swing very high to very low. They can be selfish and too outspoken, but are always interesting and can be extremely brave. They are most compatible with Ox, Snake, and Dragon.


The rooster will encounter a lot of obstacles in work. Due to low popularity, you will be involved in verbal spats and will also be framed by others this year. Your work will not go well, money will be a major worry as well. It is recommended that you get to know more about financial management, be thrifty and do not break the law to earn quick money. Also, do not be a guarantor or lend money to others this year or you might get yourself involved in lawsuits. There will be a lot of ups and downs for your love life, expect some problems with your marriage. You will feel moody at times due to the pressure from work and you should seek medical advice if you are feeling unwell. Any delays will be bad for your health.

The overall fortune for the career of the rooster is bad. There will be a lot of right and wrong questions that will appear and you will suffer from a loss of mood due to poor human relations. As such, you should look towards having more group discussions and interactions during work to enhance interpersonal relationships. You should remain low key this year and do not be involved in disputes even if you do not agree with the others. Remain patient and calm when resolving any issues. Communicate more with your family and friends or take some time off to bring them out. Listening to their opinions and views is a great way to reduce stress and to calm yourself down.

There are signs that the rooster will suffer from financial loss this year. More often than not, you will spend excessively and your income and expenditure will be unbalanced. You must learn to manage your money well, try to cut costs and think twice before making any purchases. Self-control is essential. Make an effort to save up on emergency funds. Also, you might be involved in a lawsuit due to money disputes so do not be a guarantor or lend money to others this year. It is also not recommended to make any investments or take part in any gambling activities this year.

As Rooster suffer from poor interpersonal relationships and frequent mood swings this year, it is easy for disputes to happy with your partner. Both parties must learn to be patient with each other, understand and care for each other to maintain the relationship. For those who are married, the marriage is prone to the intrusion of a third party, conflicts will happen and disputes will cause a breakdown of relationship. It is also recommended for the couple to understand and forgive each other, treasure the happy life that both of you are leading right now. For singles, it is better to think twice when choosing a partner, get to know the each other well to determine if he/she is your ideal partner. When in dilemma, seek opinions and views from the elders.

Health is not ideal this year, the poor fortune will result in major stress when facing life. It is important to maintain cheerful and calm during this testing time to solve the problem. You will be easily nervous this year and suffer from insomnia. If you are feeling unwell, seek medical treatment promptly and get plenty of rest.

People born in the Year of the Rooster will find 2011 a much quieter year than 2010. Roosters may need to curb their enthusiasm in 2011, apply some common sense, and be patient. Efforts on the career front in 2011 will be paid back in 2012.

Famous people born in the Year of the Rooster:

Jessica Alba , Catherine the Great, Amelia Earhart, Paris Hilton, Rudyard Kipling, Groucho Marx, Britney Spears, Peter Ustinov.

Years of the Rooster

1/22/09 – 2/9/10, 2/8/21 – 1/27/22, 1/26/33 – 2/13/34, 2/13/45 – 2/1/46, 1/31/57 – 2/17/58, 2/17/69 – 2/5/70, 2/5/81 – 1/24/82, 1/23/93 – 2/9/9

Fiercely loyal, you would go to the ends of the earth to protect your family and home. A champion for the poor, mistreated and needy, you will fight hard for any cause you believe in. You always have a kind word to say and take time to listen to someone who needs you. You constantly worry in Horse years, though most of the time most of your fears are unfounded.

People born in the year of the Dog are loving, devoted and will never let you down. They are honest and trustworthy to those they love. They can be plagued with constant worry and tend to be possessive and find fault. They tend to snip if they think you are lying or hiding something from them. They have a temper and bark loud when betrayed. The Dog sign people have courage and are able to accomplish even the most daunting tasks.

Like our beloved house pet, you Dog’s are loyal to your family and friends as well as casual acquaintances. People born in the Year of the Dog possess the best traits of human nature. They have a deep sense of loyalty, are honest, and inspire other people’s confidence because they know how to keep secrets. But Dog People are somewhat selfish, terribly stubborn, and eccentric. They care little for wealth, yet somehow always seem to have money. They can be cold emotionally and sometimes distant at parties. They can find fault with many things and are noted for their sharp tongues. Dog people make good leaders. They are compatible with those born in the Years of the Horse, Tiger, and Rabbit.


The Dog will benefit from good fortune this year due to the presence of a lucky star. Academically, they will achieve good results, in work, they receive the help and support from a nobility which in turn will lead to excellent work performance and opportunities for a pay rise. It can be said that the Dog will be successful at work due to their popularity and fortune. For businessmen, it is a good year for investments and you may wish to expand your business overseas. However, be wary of cheats who are out to cheat your money, take good care of your valuables to prevent theft. You will have good luck with the opposite sex this year, for couples with a matured relationship can start planning for marriage. Health is good but extra attention must be paid to food hygiene.

The Dog will have outstanding work performance this year, especially in management and leadership skills. This will impress your boss and subsequent promotion opportunities will follow. Therefore, you should ride on the good fortune during this period of time and strive forward. Interact more with your colleagues, communicate ideas and opinions to achieve a breakthrough in your work performance. For businessmen, this is a good opportunity to expand your market overseas.

The Dog will benefit from good fortune this year due to the presence of a lucky star. For work, they will receive assistance from a nobility and there will be lots of pay raise opportunities. Businessmen will also reap good profits. However, during this period of good fortune, they may encounter a loss of wealth. A large part of the wealth will be spent on their family or their property. There will be a high number of theft occurring this year as well. Pay extra attention to valuables when going out to prevent theft

In the year of the Rabbit, the dog will have a fruitful love life. Couples with a matured relationship may wish to discuss about marriage to enter another stage of life. Singles have a good chance of meeting someone who they will develop good feelings for. Make sure to grab the opportunity and make a decision. Married couples will have a good relationship, but avoid going out alone with someone of the opposite sex to avoid troubles. Show more concern to the family to maintain the good relationship.

The overall health for the dog is good and there are no major health issues. However, pay more attention to the health status of the older family members, show them more care and concern. Due to the good fortune in your career, you will be engaged in more entertainment, fun and gatherings with friend and colleagues so you should pay more attention to your diet. Control the frequency of smoking and alcohol consumption to prevent any illness that may come with them. Additionally, other than allocating time for rest and social activities, make time to do some exercise, it will benefit you physically and mentally.

People born in the Year of the Dog have a year of great potential in 2011. Dogs in relationships will have them grow more meaningful, and single Dogs should meet someone very special. In career matters, Dogs will see unexpected opportunities arising.

Famous people born in the Year of the Dog:

Mariah Carey, Cher, Winston Churchill, Bill Clinton, Dorothea Dix, Benjamin Franklin, George Gershwin, Jane Goodall, Herbert Hoover, Madonna, Shirley McLaine.

Years of the Dog

2/10/10 – 1/29/11, 1/28/22 – 2/15/23, 2/14/34 – 2/3/35, 2/2/46 – 1/21/47, 2/18/58 – 2/7/59, 2/6/70- 1/26/71, 1/25/82 – 2/12/83, 2/10/94 – 1/30/95

Pig people are always considerate and generous, and are willing to drop what they are doing to help anyone in need. Pigs are trusting, easy-going and sincere. Sometimes people take advantage of Pig’s good nature, but Pig never holds a grudge. As a down-to-earth person, Pig can not be bothered with the extravagance and waste they see around them.

People born under the sign of the Pig are wonderful nurses and companions. They are intellectuals with a strong need to set difficult goals and carry them out. They are tolerant, sincere and honest, but tend to expect too much from others. Pigs tend to be naive and too sensitive. Their quest for material possessions can become their downfall, along with their insecurities regarding their personal accomplishments.

Jolly and handy around the house are the words most people use to describe the Pig. Once they get to know you better, they realize that you also have a good head on your shoulders; in fact you are probably a financial wizard. People born in the Year of the Pig are chivalrous and gallant. Whatever they do, they do with all their strength. For Boar Year people, there is no left or right and there is no retreat. They have tremendous fortitude and great honesty. They don’t make many friends but they make them for life, and anyone having a Boar Year friend is fortunate for they are extremely loyal. They don’t talk much but have a great thirst for knowledge. They study a great deal and are generally well informed. Boar people are quick tempered, yet they hate arguments and quarreling. They are kind to their loved ones. No matter how bad problems seem to be, Boar people try to work them out, honestly if sometimes impulsively. They are most compatible with Rabbits and Sheep.


The Pig will have more unlucky star than lucky ones this year. You will be surrounded by people who may harm you causing disputes and spreading rumors about you. This will lead to losing your passion for your work and moody at times. Due to the unlucky star, you will be courted by controversies wherever you go, you will also suffer financial loss this year so learn to manage your wealth well. Other than being thrifty, do not work with others for business or be a guarantor. Married couples may quarrel more this year, so couples should communicate more. You will suffer from poor health this year so pay attention to any symptoms of illness that may arise.

The Pig will encounter many problems at work, rumors will be spread about you from time to time which lead to an misunderstanding from your boss or working partners. So the Pig should be more pleasant towards the surrounding people and keep a low profile. Learn to listen more and talk less to improve interpersonal relationship and do not let it be a stumbling block to your career. Do not be hasty when doing stuffs this year, execute it only after it is carefully planned and thought off to prevent any problems that may arise due to poor planning

Poor wealth fortune this year. The Pig must learn to be proactive, have good financial management and organize their financial expenditure carefully. Control your desire to purchase anything and do not squander your money. In fortune where your wealth fortune is strong, save some money for any difficult times you might go through in the future. It is not advisable start a business with a partner this year as it will most likely lead to no profits. Do not be a guarantor this year as you will be involved in lawsuits and financial disputes or even bankruptcy

Pigs do not have much luck with the opposite sex this year. Married couples will experience some ups and downs and arguments as well as some misunderstandings. It is important to be patient to understand each other more so as to not affect the relationship. As long as you approach the situation calmly, and communicate more, unpleasant incidents can be prevented. Singles in search of a partner will encounter some difficulties. Try to take part in more gatherings and activities to enhance the opportunities for making friends.

Pay more attention to eating habits this year. Avoid fried food and pay attention to any gastrointestinal discomfort you may have. Because you will be busy with your work, you will be physically and mentally tired. Watch out for traffic accidents when outdoors and you may wish to make blood donation to reduce the disasters coming your way. For the females this year, pay attention to your physiological problem, is it advised to do periodic gynecological examinations and seek timely treatment should any problem arise

People born in the Year of the Pig will find that 2011 will let them have the fun socializing with family and friends that they enjoy so much. Pigs should work hard as well as party hard in 2011, to be able to take advantage of the career opportunities that may be available.

Famous people born in the Year Of The Pig:

Lucille Ball, Humphrey Bogart, Thomas Jefferson, Ernest Hemingway, Alfred Hitchcock, Mahalia Jackson, David Letterman, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Years of the Pig

1/30/11 – 2/17/12, 2/16/23 – 2/4/24, 2/4/35 – 1/23/36, 1/22/47 – 2/9/48, 2/8/59 – 1/27/60, 1/27/71 – 2/14/72, 2/13/83 – 2/1/84, 1/31/95 – 2/18/96

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