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Ask the Astrology Guy

by Jeff Pica

Address your questions to AstrologyGuy@aol.com with “Astrology Column” in the subject line. Please include the birth info (date, time, place) for all people referred to in your question.

Dear Astrology Guy,

I don’t seem to have the best luck with relationships. I’m married now, but I wonder: Am I meant to be married or single? I’m an Aries and my birthday is April 18, 1960 at 3:28 am in Bronxville, NY.


I’m sorry to hear of your relationship difficulties. Probably the hardest thing for any of us to do is to get along with others, especially a marriage partner. I think I have an explanation for your relationship challenges.

An Astrology chart is divided up into “pieces” or sections called Houses which represent various areas of life. In your First House, which represents ourselves, separate from others, is your South Node, which describes past life characteristics. The opposite, the Seventh House, represents marriage and the “other.” Your North Node, representing present life goals to aspire to is in your Seventh House. So what does all this mean?

Your North Node in the Seventh House tells us that one of your greatest opportunities for soul growth in this lifetime is to learn about yourself through your close one-on-one relationships, such as marriage. Your Vertex (a point of karma) is also in your Seventh House, close to your North Node, showing that all of your close relationships are with partners that you have known before in previous lives. In this lifetime, you have chosen the opportunity to work through, release, forgive, the karma you have with these partners and in the process learn about yourself and grow through and with your partner. In this lifetime, it’s important for you to consider your partner’s needs as much as your own, which is a life challenge for you because your South Node in the First House shows you can lean on, or revert back to, your past life tendencies of being self-sufficient, as well as being more “I” oriented in being an Aries.

Saturn, the planet that brings responsibility to whatever house it’s transiting, has been transiting your Seventh House of marriage since 2008 and will until 2012. Saturn will bring relationships issues, and karma, to the surface to be dealt with. You’ll have some relief and an easing off when beneficial Jupiter comes into transit to your natal Sun, Moon and Saturn this Spring and Summer, 2011.

It’s important to understand that if any relationship breaks up under a Saturn transit is meant to end, meaning the relationship has run its course and is no longer a valid representation of who you are. If you leave the relationship before work has been put in, then your next relationship will have similar issues, until you finally address those issues. Such is the way of Saturn.

Dear Astrology Guy,

When will I be able to find a new job with much less stress? I’m in a rut and can’t push myself out of it, it’s terribly depressing. My birthday is September 20, 1961 at 12:45 pm in Westchester, NY.

Thank you!


Hi Angela, and thanks for writing in. I see you’re a Virgo, so I know how important your career is to you (work is a god to Virgos) but additionally, your Sun is very close to the Midheaven, or the cusp of the Tenth House, which indicates that your career is going to bring you your greatest joy and growth in this lifetime.

Being stuck in a rut is awful, especially when it’s with your job, something that takes up so much space in people’s lives. Good news is on the way, Angela. Beneficial transiting Jupiter will be activating your natal Mars and Mercury, which are located in your Tenth House of career, come late Spring. Jupiter will put a fire under you and motivate you to move and will also bring in some much needed optimism, and when your thinking and mood expand, growth and change will follow.

Has money been tight? Also in late Spring, transiting Jupiter will be making an aspect to your natal Saturn, and you’ll feel a weight being lifted off your shoulders, and since Saturn rules your Second House of money, any lingering impediments to earnings should also lift away. At the same time, transiting Jupiter makes an aspect to your progressed Venus, representing money, another indication of increased income.

If you aren’t promoted within the company you’re with now, I feel you’ll find a new and better position else where, one that comes with a pay raise.

Good luck, and let me know what happens!

Dear Astrology Guy,

The economy has been a mess and losing jobs is something that’s on everyone’s mind. Will anything show up in my chart for the coming year that may signal that I’m up for a big change on the work front? Thank you so much, Susan. My birthday is December 5, 1959 at 12:28 pm in Brooklyn, NY.

What a timely question, Susan, so thank you. Before I get to your answer, I just wanted to mention one of the natural alignments your chart has.

Your Sun is in Sagittarius, close to the planet Jupiter in Sagittarius, and both your Sun and Jupiter are in the Ninth House. In short, this means one couldn’t get any more “Jupiterian” than you. (The planet Jupiter rules Sagittarius and the Ninth House.) So what does being a Jupiterian mean? I love to use “Indiana Jones” as the ultimate Jupiterian image. He’s an adventurer, a professor, archeologist, philosopher, and seeker of truth and justice. Susan, if nothing else, you must view life overall as a remarkable and exciting experience.

Your Saturn is in Capricorn in the Tenth House (another natural alignment) showing Career is very important to you, where you can handle responsibility with integrity. I’m glad to see you have Sagittarius on the Midheaven, or the cusp of the Tenth House, which, along with being a Jupiterian, adds levity to your life.

Astronomy might have downgraded Pluto to a planetoid, but in astrology Pluto is still a major force. For 2011, Pluto is transiting through your Tenth House where it’ll impact your natal Saturn. Saturn represents the ground you stand on, your roots, your structure in life. Pluto will bring in challenging energies to see which structures are still a valid representation of who you are, now. Beginning sometime around Summer, you may feel a major area of your life change or become an issue: career, position or “status” within society, also issues relating to “Father” or other “authorities.” Transiting Saturn is also making an aspect with your natal Saturn, which will really make sure that what’s supposed to leave or change will.

I don’t mean to alarm you at all. Everyone of your generation will be going through the same aspect. It just depends on the house someone’s Saturn is in to see where these changes might be happening. However, if anything serious were to happen, I feel you’ll hold your own just fine. Transiting Jupiter is in aspect to your natal Moon, Mars and Saturn this Spring bringing welcoming relief for you. This Summer transiting Jupiter will be in aspect to your Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Midheaven, and lucky and jovial Jupiter only brings what is helpful. Please understand that any change happening this year, although it might not seem it, will be ultimately growth promoting with both Saturn and Jupiter involved. That view you have of life as a remarkable and exciting experience can come in handy in now.

Dear Astrology Guy,

I’ve been married for 25 years and we recently lost our 21 year young son. Will we survive this? My birthday is April 21, 1960 at 2:30 am in Marl, Germany. My son was born October 21, 1988 at 1:37 pm in Stamford, CT.

Thank you,


The death of a child is probably the hardest loss to bear and I’m so sorry for your troubles. I’m certainly not qualified to give you any advice on how to deal with such a loss, however, I will try to offer you some solace.

Often children “inherit” planetary positions and personality traits. I see you and your son were similar in ways. You’re both Capricorn Rising and have Moon in Pisces, which means you imparted to your son the attributes of being hard working and ambitious, along with sweet sensitivities and compassion for others. These qualities helped your son achieve soul growth, even though his time on Earth was comparatively short. You also showed him the importance that service is in life.

No one can “get over” the death of a loved one, especially the tragic loss of a child. You can only learn to live with the loss, day-by-day, until the pain begins to lessen. I can see that 2011 is going to be up and down for you with emotional highs and lows. In the Summer, I see an aspect to your chart that starts a new cycle, one that I hope ushers in the strength for you to move forward. Also, at the same time, I see transiting Neptune influencing your chart, often bringing in spirituality or religion that helps to connect us to the divine.

Your natal Jupiter is in your Eleventh House of groups, community, and friends. Perhaps you may find comfort, faith, and hope for the future in these areas.

Transiting Jupiter is aspecting your Seventh House of marriage in 2011, and I feel you and your spouse will grieve and grow, together.

Hi Astrology Guy,

My family life has been in a bit of turmoil with my mother and my sisters. My birthday is February 20, 1959 at 12:20 am in Bronx, NY. Would you be able to tell me if this will resolve itself sometime soon?

Thank you,


From looking at your chart, Debbie, I can see how wonderfully sweet and sensitive you must be. Your Sun and Mercury are in sentimental and tender Pisces, both in flowing aspect to compassionate Neptune, your Venus in Pisces, your Moon in nurturing and loving Cancer in a flowing aspect to your watery Ascendant, Scorpio, adding layers to your already deep emotions.

In your immediate the past life, your South Node in Aries in the Fifth House suggests you thought mostly about yourself and/or your children. As a cosmic balance, soul growth for you in this lifetime will come from learning how to get along with not just a spouse, but also with your friends, community and within groups you may belong to (North Node in Libra in the Eleventh House.)

The major challenge in your life is evidenced by the comparatively uncommon configuration in your chart of a combination of some tension filled aspects called a Grand Cross. (To astrology followers, a Grand Cross is when two oppositions within a chart square each other. In Debbie’s chart, the opposition of her Sun, Mercury, Nadir to her Pluto and Midheaven that squares her Jupiter to Mars opposition.) This Grand Cross involves the angular houses, 1, 4, 7, and 10, representing the delicate and precarious balancing act between yourself and the other major areas of life: family, marriage, and career.

I can see your sweet and sensitive nature has a hard time with the issues of power, control, and possible passive aggressive behavior within your family, relationships, and/or career areas. Since your Sun is in the Third House, siblings are included in the term “family.” Because of the number of planets and angles involved in any Grand Cross, there is the high chance that any of the positions involved will be “activated” by a transit and create situational drama, making a Grand Cross a recurring life issue.

In predictive astrology, progressions are used as a method of interpretation. A progression reveals the unfoldment of your chart (and your life) as the chart (and you) evolve over the years. With regard to your question, good hearted Jupiter will be transiting your progressed Fourth House of family, easing off any problems and tension in late Spring, 2011.

You have a number of interesting aspects coming up in 2011. Your pace of life will greatly increase when transiting Uranus aspects your progressed Mercury and Mars. Also this year, transiting Pluto will aspect your progressed Ascendant, certainly bringing some changes into your life as you connect with your personal power. Most notably this year, transiting Jupiter will be aspecting your progressed Sun as transiting Neptune aspects your natal Sun. These two inspiring transits will bring a combination of sensitivity, compassion, idealism, even spirituality where all you’ll want to do is help others. These qualities will certainly help you through family issues, or any issues for that matter, that may arise in the future.

Rev. Jeff Pica has been a professional astrologer for over 25 years. He began his study with two years of private tutoring and then became a student of the New York Astrology Center. He is a certified psychic medium and Reiki Practitioner with the American Board of Holistic Practitioners and an ordained spiritualist minister which gives extra depth to his astrology readings. He is a founding member of the Spiritualist Church of NYC.

Address your questions to AstrologyGuy@aol.com  with “Astrology Column” in the subject line. Please include the birth info (date, time, place) for all people referred to in your question.

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