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The Dark Knight

by Master Chrism

Kundalini is an evolutionary energy that is designed for humanity’s next step toward a luminous physical and spiritual expression. The Kundalini is in everyone. It is an untapped resource of divinity within us all that is waiting to be awakened and experienced. Never has the time been so right and crucial for a change of this magnitude to be explored and initiated

Kundalini is a very powerful and transformative energy located at the base of the spine within the last three vertebrae of the tailbone or coccyx, extending to the perineum. Kundalini is a natural birthright to all people but must be sought and nurtured with a physical and spiritual practice.

Where is love when the world becomes shattered? How does life survive when its
reality is no more? From the dark depths of our expectations come the
reverberations of dread for the end of the familiar and the graves of our most
cherished principles. Impending doom dawns on us too late as we begin to run.
Doom behind us and doom in front of us and doom on either side as the sky closes
up and we struggle to avoid the unflinching truth from the knife wound given
from Kali's hand. We hear her scream of laughter as she cuts us and our reality
to pieces!

The guts and feces of our sweetest expectations spurt out of our familiar
reality wriggling and steaming in vain attempts to avoid the loss of the lie. We
stand in stunned silence as our ego importance and facts and experience drain
out of the gaping wounds to be stripped of any recognized vitality becoming
seared and dried in the silent gusts of an ash wind.

No sounds. No touch. No familiar retreat. We are as withered stalks of wheat
entering into the brilliance of the flame. Our seeds of life long ago spent and
flourishing inside the mighty Maya that we can no longer see and feel and taste
and touch and hear. No more do we have any thing. We are now exposed to the
truth of what there is when Maya isnt. Of what we are when there is only that
which is not.

And yet here we are.

Inside the fold of the overlapped regions of truth and lie. We struggle and
struggle losing our way as we slowly come into the realization that we are
indeed lost! All is lost! Nothing is real! Nothing is false! Nothing is what has
always been and therefore we cannot find our way and we begin to know that what
we have known as fact isn’t. What we have known as knowledge isnt. What we have
known as experience isn’t! Whether we come or go now has no meaning as we are
adrift in the emptiness of a void that has no beginning and no end and we have
lost our Maya!

"Oh sweet lies whither has thou gone???!!!"

We are shriveling into a particle of nothingness and from this place of the
absolute no thing can exit or exist. We shrink and expand into that which is.

And yet here we are here.

And here we are and there we are not and everywhere is the us that we are! How
can this be inside the depth of nothingness? How can there be something within
nothing? Perhaps Maya has not left? Merely changes its form?

"Oh thou despicable beast of lies art thou Maya! Thou hast tricked me yet
again!.....AND YET....and yet....do I not hear the bellows of laughter from the
belly of the beast? Do I not feel the chafing scorch of dry hot wind against my
exposed consciousness? Do I not eat of the ashes of my soul? Perchance there is
a school of learning to be had as even though (i) am here (i) am also not here?

I am still I am.

My daughter cries and I hear her and feel her plaintive wail and yet not in the
ways of before because that is a way no more. No more am I that which was. I am
now that which IS.

I am nothing AND everything! I am the ash and the flame. I am the drought AND
the flood. And in this knew understanding do (i) have new information. Not those
of my then but those of the now that I AM!

From the ashes of disaster come the fertile lands of great abundance. I am that
abundance as I choose to be. I have been stripped of the lies and false
understandings to arrive into the "new" understanding. Whether it be lies of
another magnitude I care not as I have no more concerns about the petty issues
of that which is or isn’t.

(i) am now changed. My new language is thus: (.)

Or this:

morF Ereh od Ai ekaM yht noiSserpXe tSefinAm!

Eht kard TghinK si ylErEm rehtona tNemEniFer!!!

hturT si ym eciOhc!!!

iamiamiamiamiamiamiamiamiamiamiami.....as empty space filled with charged
particles of nothing.

In the ground on this scorched plane of emptiness do ai leave this sign of
nothing for those who may come into this place of gnihton.

OuY era no ruoy yaw!!!!!!!!!

Which is which and what is what? - blessings - chrismmsirhc

© chrism 2009

Chrism awakens the Kundalini in groups of people safely. Kundalini as it expresses through Chrism is the teacher. Seminar in Ireland in June/Minneapolis MN in September www.KundaliniAwakeningSystems1.com www.KundaliniAwakeningSeminars.com

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