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"The Upgrade:" An Interview with Doug De Vito

by Edie Weinstein

According to Doug De Vito, author of the book ‘The Upgrade: How To Improve Your Life By Healing Others" which will be released in early 2012 by Hay House, he would be one of the least likely people on the planet to be engaging in the healing work of The Reconnection. Taught by Dr. Eric Pearl, a chiropractor based in California, Reconnective Healing "reconnects us to the fullness of the universe as it reconnects us to the fullness of our beings and of who we are. It is considered to be able to reconnect us to the universe and to our very essence not just through a new set of healing frequencies, but through possibly an entirely new bandwidth. The reality of its existence has demonstrated itself clearly in practice as well as in science laboratories." (from the website www. thereconnection.com) Reconnective Healing seminars are offered world wide. I took the training in Philadelphia in 2009 and found it to be profoundly life changing in ways that Doug describes in the interview.

Although the book won’t be in readers’ hands until next year, Doug expressed that "The message of the Upgrade is here now and it is that people are having these evolutionary shifts as a result of healing others. That message is here. I have lectures on that. I have done programs on that. It is a fundamental reason why people should could consider going to the seminars." His book made it into Round 3 of the Next Top Spiritual Author contest held last year.

Wisdom: What is The Upgrade?

Doug: It is a human evolutionary shift that happens ironically in the life of a Reconnection practitioner as they engage in the frequency to heal others. We talk about this all the time, and it is the essence of what Dr. Pearl talks about in his book "The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself". We know that these healings are real, we know that they are powerful and can have tremendous benefits, physically, mentally and emotionally for others. There is a surprising side effect and specifically, when the practitioner engages in sessions with others, they themselves hook up into the "Field" and as a result of hooking up into the Field, they transform physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is a two sided picture. It is not just about healing others. What the Upgrade is, is really about healing yourself and evolving your life as a result of healing others. To simplify it: it is the new update on the Golden Rule, whereas in the past, we have had "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," we now have a new dimension of that: "Heal unto others, so you can heal unto yourself."

Wisdom: Are you finding that this is true any time we do healing work, or are you finding it specifically with The Reconnection?

Doug: I am finding it specifically with The Reconnection. There is this profound physical transformation. What is different about Reconnective Healing is that you don’t need protections, you don’t need to ground yourself and you don’t need to make sure you are working with techniques that protect you as a practitioner from getting any of the ‘negative energy’ on you. The absolute opposite happens with The Reconnection. Instead of having things to worry about getting on you, you actually get strengthened by each and every session. The session gives you energy and vitality and often gives you much stronger physical transformation. People are having really profound healings, but from the standpoint of doing the sessions for others. They are having really profound life path accelerations. This happens every time you engage with The Reconnection and there are beautiful trend lines over time.

Wisdom: Please talk about the idea of energy, light and information that is at the heart of The Reconnection.

Doug: Sure. What’s different about Reconnective Healing is that it is not just energy. Of course, there is an energetic component to this. When people experience Reconnective Healing, they feel hot or cold, or tingling or pulsing or vibration; things that might generally be described as energetic characteristics. But there’s more. With Reconnective Healing, we know that the person’s consciousness also shifts. They start to receive information in the form of visuals or auditory information or sensory stimulus in the form of aroma or touch or full on communication, that comes on in the session. We know from the experience of the sessions and what people are reporting, that it shifts their conscious. And, probably most profoundly, we know that this is also working on the level of the DNA and the molecular level. We know that the DNA responds specifically to the application of Reconnective Healing frequencies and when that happens, the DNA changes its molecular structure. It literally re-winds as a result of the interaction with the frequencies. Quite likely, what we are doing here, is not just healing disease, but perhaps what we are also doing is helping to enhance or accelerate evolution. It’s not just energy. It’s more. It is energy, light and information that helps to contribute healing, a shift in consciousness and quite possibly, an evolutionary shift in the human race.

Wisdom: I’ve got goosebumps, since I was going to ask you that exact question. I think we are going to be predicting what the other is going to say. Are you noticing that when people tap into this work, they also tap into Universal Mind?

Doug: I think that is what is happening, but I want to break this down on a really practical level. When people say: "I feel like my life path is moving forward," what is happening? We started to document these things. For example, we have done some testing at The University of Arizona and we have seen that the immune functioning of the practitioner’s body seems to operate a little bit differently. It is as if the frequencies have become a support mechanism for the basic immune function for the body. As a result, people are getting sick less often and having more days with vitality and energy. They are having basic strength improvement. We have looked at the physical body and people are appearing younger, feeling stronger and having enhanced range of motion. It seems as if there is a regenerative effect in the practitioner’s lives. It is all accelerating by their accessing and facilitating sessions for others. There is also more. We have tested the IQ of practitioners and one of two things is happening. Either very smart people come to The Reconnective Healing seminars or somehow the interaction with frequencies enhances the IQ of the practitioners. It’s really remarkable. There is a concept called neuroplasticity that may explain this. The frequencies might be changing the life cycle of our brain cells and enhancing them and expanding them. As such, it may be that those brain cells then support the kinds of things that are tested in IQ studies; such as analytical skills, or communication skills or associative skills or relationship. People are reporting really amazing things like enhanced awareness or knowingness or intuition and connection with Spirit. These things are tangible, real and profound. It just may be starting to paint a picture of what evolution looks like. I don’t think we have all the pieces for certain, but we are starting to see a nice trend line of pieces that are showing up in this evolutionary shift.

Wisdom: I can vouch for it specifically. When I did the training with Eric a few years ago, I had a painful left knee. I had been hobbling around for weeks, had used all methods I could think of: mainstream medical and integrative, including acupuncture, yoga, Reiki (I’m also a Reiki Master). I was sitting there in the classroom and said, "Ok, God, this is between you and me. If this stuff really works, by the end of the weekend, can we make my knee better?" Eric talks about "steeping in the energy" in the room, in my mind, like being a tea bag. By the end of the weekend, my knee was healed. No pain, increased flexibility and to this day, no recurrence. I can also say that I have been healthier, with fewer cold symptoms. I have the energy to do a myriad of things that I was not able to do prior. My intuitive abilities have been enhanced. I don’t do formal Reconnective Healing sessions, but on a casual basis, when I use the modality, people have shared that they have seen positive results. This stuff works.

Doug: It works on so many different levels. The range of the benefits is significant and the amplitude is significant. Those things are starting to paint a picture and perhaps what we are doing is evolving to the next level of ourselves.

Wisdom: I like that too. It’s not just that there is an evolution in humanity, but that we are becoming better versions; upgraded versions of ourselves.

Doug: Exactly the point. What does evolution look like? Am I supposed to get a third strand of DNA, a seventh strand of DNA? Am I supposed to sprout wings and fly? I think it might start far simpler than that. We are going to be healthier, stronger, get sick less often, have improved functions of our mental capacity. Suddenly our children are going to become healers. I think we are going to have an upgrade in our access to all the Universal Laws, not just healing, but the laws of attraction, healing, love, prosperity and abundance. That’s what we’re getting at here, with the frequencies being the catalyst for all this change.

Wisdom: What can you say that would have people who would think that this is ‘cosmic foo foo’, that it is indeed grounded in scientific fact?

Doug: We have been doing so many scientific studies over the past nine years that I have been involved in and, of course, Dr. Pearl has been doing studies since it came onto the planet. He went to The University of Arizona in, I think, 1998 and they have done tons of studies in terms of measuring, documenting and imaging this. We have proof, we know it is real. We also know it is not just one frequency. For example, we know that there have been shifts in brain waves, in shifts in heart waves, in shifts of bio-photons and gamma ray detection and all kinds of different aspects of the electromagnetic frequency spectrum. We know it is very broad and can be measured by many different devices. The other big thing is that people can feel it. You can feel it for yourself. They can get the sense of it by reading Eric’s book or coming to one of our workshops and seeing it in the free lectures and demonstrations how this works. Scientists are doing their very best to figure out what this is, but really it is bigger than we have the equipment to measure. We don’t fully have the theories to explain what this is, but we are doing all this testing to try and catch up. I don’t know that we ever will catch up to the reality of it.

Wisdom: What led you to this work? Were you already pre-disposed to accept these concepts, or was it revelationary/revolutionary for you?

Doug: No, I was actually the exact opposite. I was a skeptic. I am a chemical engineer and MBA by education and training. For 13 years, I worked for Fortune 100 companies like Proctor and Gamble and AT&T and Deloitte & Touche and even Walt Disney. One day in 2001, at the last economic down turn when the Internet went bust, I had been working for an internet start up at the time, my CEO walked in and said: "Doug, we are shutting down your division. You may or may not have a job on Monday and have a nice weekend." Ironically, that was my introduction to healing. The very next day, I met Dr. Pearl at a social function, coincidentally and he had just, also coincidentally, placed a Help Wanted ad for someone to assist at his seminars. I said: " I am willing to come to the seminars, but I don’t believe you. I think this is not real. I don’t think you are a healer and I certainly don’t think you can teach people how to heal. The thing I am most certain of, is that a chemical engineer guy who likes spread sheets could never become a healer." He said, "Come to the seminar anyway." So I did and that’s how I got involved nine years ago. I went to the seminar completely as a skeptic and thought: "Gosh, I’m wasting my time. I can’t believe I am here at a healing seminar." I lay down on the table, had a very profound experience and over the course of the weekend had a series of profound experiences learning how to do the work and walked out of there transformed, like everyone can learn how to do. Everyone can learn how to do this work after just one weekend. It’s amazing to see how someone with no background, no philosophical bent toward healing, no spiritual focus whatsoever can suddenly pick this up as well.

Wisdom: So because you are a left brain, linear, logically trained engineer, you are able to translate for people who may be skeptical?

Doug: I think that is exactly what the Universe had intended with me. If I were to look back at all of the pieces, it makes great sense that I have a chemical engineering degree and can speak with scientists and translate their complex ideas into simple language. It makes sense in hindsight that this is part of what I am supposed to share. Going into the process, I certainly would not have picked this for myself. I would have been the last person that anyone would have picked to be a healer, much less a teacher of healing.

Wisdom: Does it seem like a cosmic joke?

Doug: Cosmic joke, synchronicity, perfectly planned, universally intended...pick the words that makes sense for the context. Because I have such a left brain, linear focus and because I had been such a skeptic and who learned at the seminar itself, I can stand up in front of a crowd and say "Hey, this is real. If a chemical engineer can do it, you can do it."

Wisdom: How has your life transformed personally as a result?

Doug: I would say absolutely every aspect of my life has shifted. What makes my heart sing, the kind of people I spend my time with, when I have free time on the weekends, the books I read. Here is probably the biggest profound shift; the joy of a session itself is something I just absolutely love. There is something that happens when you are a practitioner. You’re in the flow and are feeling sensations around other people’s bodies and you, yourself are feeling connection with The Field. You go into this place that is timeless. It is almost as if you and the Universe and this person connect in this other dimension and state of consciousness. While you are there, it makes you feel like you are more of you and that you just become who you are supposed to be. It is just the biggest joy that I have had in my life in the past nine years.

Wisdom: How do your ideas help people move beyond ‘The Law of Attraction’?

Doug: One of the things that is so great about this is that it takes the ideas of working with the Law of Attraction to another level. You can feel the Field in the sensations in your hands. You are taking the idea of thought and hope and belief and you are adding in and going beyond that by making the Field tangible, by making the essence of your interaction palpable, you can feel more and as a result of feeling more, you can accelerate the manifestation. It involves more of your senses, is probably the best way to understand this. You immerse yourself in a deeper way into the Field and your consciousness of it and as a result, you can interact more and that’s what creates the acceleration.

Wisdom: Do you see this as assisting with the Earth changes that are occurring?

Doug: I do believe that to be true. We have some really interesting research that indicates that Reconnective Healing not only works with human beings, but also works on water molecules. We have done some research with Konstantin Korotkov who is a brilliant physicist in Russia that shows we have the capacity to restructure the energetics in space. With Dr. Korotkov and Dr. Tiller, we know that when we are interacting with the frequencies, we can lift the energy levels in the room and as Dr. Korotkov would say, literally "Increase the electromagnetic coherence that’s in the room by engaging and changing the laws of physics." When you are working with the frequencies, you are not just working on living things, per se, but you are potentially effecting the environment, space around you, potentially the water on the planet. We are being empowered at a dramatically new level, not just to heal ourselves and others, but to help shift and heal the planet, exactly now when we have such a great opportunity to do so.

Wisdom: If you could have your dream of what you could see this book do in the world, what would it be?

Doug: I would like real human beings, people who don’t necessarily think of themselves as healers or want to be healers, I want them to wake up and say, "Hey, there’s something about these frequencies that I want to explore. There is something about these frequencies that I want to use to improve and upgrade my own life." While not everyone thinks of themselves as wanting a healing, I think everyone wants to have an improved and upgraded life. This frequency catalyst is something that can help. I want the book to bring mainstream awareness to the frequencies as an access point for personal evolution, personal life improvement and personal upgrade.


Edie Weinstein. MSW, LSW is a Renaissance Woman and Bliss Mistress who invites people to live rich, full, juicy lives. Her first best seller The Bliss Mistress Guide To Transforming The Ordinary Into The Extraordinary is due out by Autumn 2011. She writes a monthly column for Wisdom on line called The Bliss Mistress Guide www.wisdom-magazine.com  and a daily blog for Beliefnet called The Bliss Blog http://blog.beliefnet.com/blissblog  


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