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Rose Quartz

by Skye Stephenson

(Unconditional) Love

Rose Quartz

She is all about love

The love that always persists

The love that exists for forever and a day.

With her you can confide; she’ll never lead you astray.

She is the basis of all we are, and by your side she will stay.

I am not talking of a romp in the dark, or a cupid in your heart.

Rather I am talking about something as pure as a parent’s embrace;

As simple as the sweet smile on a young infant’s face; as powerful as

The fertile oceans and seas; as perennial as the green grass and pine trees

The love of rose quartz is truly the greatest treasure that you will ever find:

It is the basis of all that we are, even the sun, moon and stars in the skies.

And this cherished rose quartz, so grace-ful and heart-felt by your side

Has come to remind you that there is nothing more you need to do

To receive this expansive and bounteous gift of love sublime

Than to be who you are and open your heart up wide

To the glorious gifts of the earth and the skies,

For true love is true by you just being you.

Love includes all in its gentle embrace,

It exists in all time and every place.

And this divine truth emanates

From the faithful helpmate

Love-ly Rose Quartz

Gentle and Sweet

She is true



If rose quartz had come into your life, open up your heart wide and deep to receive the blessings of this angelic stone. Gentle and glimmering, alluring and inviting, everyone falls under the spell of rose quartz, because every one deep down, really deep down, wants nothing more than to be loved and to love. Rose quartz is a member of the quartz family and its beautiful pink color usually is attributable to the inclusion of manganese. Manganese is a mineral that helps to supports the endocrine systems, soothe nerves, and promote loving emotions and actions. This is just what a piece of rose quartz can help you do.

Rose quartz whispers into your ear that you are be-loved by so many far and near. You are loved by the rocks and you are loved by the stars. The sun loves you when it beams its rays upon you, and the moon loves you when she moves the loving liquids of water through you and in all earth. So too do the deep earth crystals and subterranean waters within planet Earth as well as the green plants that festoon her surface. Even the rose, with its sharp and prickly thorns, loves you.

Not all realms in the universe are realms of love. The Earth is. In fact, a main purpose for coming to Earth and living on this planet for a while is to experience the potential and reality of love. Don’t forget that the Earth is not just a place of “hard knocks”; it is also a place of love made manifest. This is what the image on the card is reminding you of, with two intertwined hands of different colored skin being held in front of an enormous pink heart. They each have a golden bracelet, attesting to the true treasure that love really is.

The Little Prince learned this during his voyage to planet Earth. It was while he was on this particular planet n the universe that he realized that he was loved at home, on some far away planet, by a prickly and demanding rose that said she was the only one in the universe, when actually she was nothing more than one rose among a million. And yet this is not totally true. She was different, at least for the Little Prince, because he loved her. And that made all the difference in the world (and the universe).

Yes, love makes all the difference for just about everything on planet Earth. Now the love that Rose Quartz brings doesn’t have to be sugary or romantic; and it doesn’t need to be spoken in words or poems or songs. Just as love is infinite, so are there infinite ways to manifest love. Love is about so much more than just “feeling good” emotionally for a while; in fact, it is the most powerful force on Earth.

And love can actually be a very practical tool, which helps to get things done in our realm of physical existence. This happens each time a beautiful child is born, or a parent hugs their young one with an open heart, willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to move this young thing they have been gifted with on in his or her life. This happens when lovers commit to life together, and stand by each other throughout not only the good times, but more importantly the bad times. This happens every day, in every way, with pets, with plants, with the stranger one helps through gifts or deeds, with the surgeon stitching a wound and healing, with a hug and smile from someone who cares for us.

Even our economy is all about love, in a manner of speaking. We want to own what we love, and our currency, whatever it may be, only has value because of how we feel about it and the value we give to it. While our current currency is paper bills, humans have had currency based upon tulips, salt, cacao beans, shells and rocks and minerals, including gold. Just imagine for a brief minute what a love based economy would be like….visualize in your mind’s eye what the world would be like if each and every person on Earth could really pursue what they love and share it with others in love. That is what true peace is truly all about.

Rose quartz calls upon you to strive to weave the energies of love through all your thoughts and actions. It encourages you to draw deeply upon the unconditional love that exists everywhere and in all time, and then share it with the world. Let it flow from your heart to all that cross your path – however you think they may be treating you.

While you may be thinking of the love of a partner or friend or family member, rose quartz might also be a call to action for your community or the world. When you can truly and purely manifest love – your love which is nothing more than universal love made personal – then you are truly changing the world for the better. While this cosmic truth may not always be readily evident in the physical realm, at the spirit level it is always acknowledged.

So smile with rose quartz! You are so loved, for you are love itself. Visualize a person or place or thing you would like to share this love with now. It might be someone near and dear, or perhaps something or someone that truly needs the loving and healing energies of rose quartz now. It might even be on the other side of the earth – a zone of war or conflict. Whatever it may be, envision taking beautiful rose quartz in your hands and with gossamer wings that emerge let it fly above the site. Let it beam its rosy heart light upon the focal point, infusing it with the radiant pink beams of rose quartz. Then rest and love yourself, appreciating what a loving being you truly are. What a generous gift, the gift of Rose Quartz.

About the Author: Skye Stephenson, Ph.D., is the author of The Spirits of Jade, a mystical-politico novel that transports readers on a journey of the heart as its main character, Jade trades in her hard-knock life in search of her ‘special destiny.’ With divine intervention from the ancestors, Jade embarks on an intercontinental soul search into deeper realms of African-Diaspora spirituality, crystal magic, Mayan cosmology, and indigenous traditions which reveal to her that the door to love can only be unlocked from within. The Spirits of Jade is a riveting and timely tale that is both entertaining and provides guidance about how to help usher in an era of “good living” when the collective dream of a new earth will take root and blossom. The book can be purchased at www.skyestephenson.com (autographed); in text and kindle versions at www.amazon.com; and in e-book versions at www.smashwords.com.

Skye Stephenson is available for book readings and/or workshops related to The Spirits of Jade, and/or about crystal and stone healing. She is a certified CRT crystal healer and the developer of LECORA™ crystal healing. Contact Skye at skye@jadejourneys.org.

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