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The Coming Year 2012 Astrologically for USA

by Kushal Kumar

The year 2011 is closing shortly, while the year 2012 is peeping into. The year 2011 may have been disappointing to the world on some counts, especially economy, the popular advice in the saying is still relevant :- “Hope springs eternal in human breast”. In the present article, astrological attempt is being made to foretell likelihood of salient features of events for USA during the year 2012.

When some analysis or prediction is made, there is a basis for the same. Let that basis relating to the present topic be made clear here. Nations have their natal horoscope for the movement they come into being or gain independence. About the US, there are mainly two natal horoscopes in use by astrologers. One is for 4 July, 1776, at 5 – 10 pm LMT, Philadelphia, PA, with 12 degrees and 21 minutes of sign Sagittarius of tropical zodiac rising in the ascendant. When this ascendant is converted into the sidereal zodiac followed mostly in the Vedic astrology by deducting about 21 degrees applicable for the year 1776, sign Scorpio with 21 degrees and 20 minutes rises in the ascendant.

The other natal horoscope about USA in practice is for 4 July, 1776 at 2-13 am LMT, Philadelphia, PA with 7 degrees and 23 minutes of sign Gemini of the tropical zodiac rising in the ascendant. When this ascendant is converted into sidereal zodiac followed in Vedic astrology, sign Taurus with 16 degrees and 23 minutes rises in the ascendant. Here, the horoscope with sign Taurus appears to this writer to be more relevant because the astrological significance of the sign Taurus in the ascendant is apparently in tune with the history, size and stature of the US.

The natal ruling sign covers indefinite period in national affairs. In Vedic astrology, every year has a separate ruling sign requiring to be read with the natal sign. Such a year commences when the Sun and the Moon conjoin in sign Pisces of sidereal zodiac and extends to conjunction next year. Unless otherwise mentioned hereafter, calculations are made for sidereal zodiac followed in Vedic astrology. Therefore, tropical zodiac may not be read.

In the year 2012, the Moon and the Sun conjoin in the sign Pisces on 22 March at 20 hours 15 minutes (=8.15 P.M.) Indian Standard Time. Horoscope for these astrological details for Washington D.C. gives sign Taurus in the ascendant with 20 degrees and 15 minutes, which may be perused at Annexure ‘A’ to this article.

It will be noted from the above analysis that both natal ruling sign and the ruling sign for the year 2012, happen to be Taurus. It can, therefore, be said that the influences generated, whether positive or negative, on the sign Taurus have strong probabilities of taking place. The first influence that meets the eye is due to the placement of the nodes of the Moon in the ascendant and the seventh house from the ascendant. Ketu, the South node of the Moon, would be already camping the sign Taurus in the ascendant since the opening of the year 2012. Rahu, the North node of the Moon would correspondingly be in the sign Scorpio as the distance between the nodes always remains at 180 degrees. The nodes will move to signs from these positions by retrograde motion on 25 December, 2012. It is a principle of Vedic astrology that the nodes begin to give effect of the next sign of their movement three months in advance. In view of this principle, the nodes would continue to influence the ruling sign of the US effectively till about September, 2012. Jupiter is already travelling through the sign Aries which falls in the 12th from the ascendant. It would remain in this position till about May, 2012. Mars, the depositor of Jupiter happens to be in the 4th house in retrograde motion in fiery sign Leo. Saturn, the planet of worry in general, is aspecting both the Jupiter and Venus in the sign Aries. These astrological phenomena suggest heavy expenses or outflow of money, particularly an energy resources, undiagnosed ailments or problems, wars and tactical purposes during the first half of the year 2012. Partners in trade or in joint strategy seem to be in the focus. Care needs to be exercised to avoid liabilities. This could perhaps be a period of stress. But one must not forget the well known saying :- “If winter comes, can spring be far behind”. Winds of a bit of change blow during the second half of the year 2012, particularly around September onwards. This is because Jupiter would shift to the ruling sign Taurus in the ascendant in May, 2012 influencing a bit the nation and its affairs a bit favourably by the year end. The nodes would also be receding their not so happy influence on national affairs by the year end. These planetary phenomenon could influence the economy a bit favourably, simultaneously reducing involvements in other nations or it could mean their cooperation could improve somewhat.


Annexure ‘A’ to Article,

“The Coming Year 2012 Astrologically for USA

House Number

Occupation by Planets

Sign of occupation

1. (Ascendant)

Ketu, The South node of the Moon







Mars (in retrograde motion)





Saturn (in retrograde motion)



Rahu, the North node of the Moon









Sun, Moon and Mercury



Jupiter and Venus


Note :- The author is proficient in individual natal astrology also. He can be reached at :- kushal1948@gmail.com

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