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by Skye Stephenson, Ph.D.,

Citrine is joy

And citrine is fun;

He is radiance sublime

He is the place where the Earth meets the sun.

Use him to enlighten,

To embolden and energize -

He is joy supreme

And he is a true prize.

‘Cause citrine is for the simple

And the very wise -

Those people who know that a peal of laughter

Is more powerful than a multitude of sighs.

You see citrine can help you go forward

With a light step and a smile,

Just as you did

When you were a child;

He can melt away

Your deep winter that seemed so long

Touching your heart

With his radiant song.

Citrine is a romp in the park,

Fireworks in the dark;

He is surprise and mirth

And he is the joys of this Earth.

Let citrine be a beacon

To light your way;

Helping you return to the divine

In all you do and say.

For citrine wants nothing more

Than that you feel so fine

That you share your own bright light

With all those with whom you may pass time.


If citrine has entered your life, it is a call to let your light shine forth wide and bright on everyone and everything you come into contact with. The light we are speaking about here is not the light of a light bulb, or some other type of man made contraption that emits visual light you can turn on and turn off with the flip of a switch. What citrine offers to you is spirit-light – which is so much purer and more powerful. This is the light that streams forth from the great source of the cosmos to all manifestations everywhere and in every form. Spirit light does not choose upon whom to shine: it shines on everyone and everything irrespective of who they are or even what they do. It is shining on you right now!

Remember that the greatest gift that you can give to someone is the gift of your light, which includes your shadows as well. Spirit-light becomes your own soul-light when you manifest your wholeness, which is among the most holy acts you can do. Like the lit candle that incorporates the four elements within it: earth in the wax and wick, fire in the flame, water in the steam and air is the smoke – your full light can only manifest fully when you manifest all that you are. This is what it means to truly shine!

Focus upon the bright sun above you as well as the deep earth below you and draw energy from both into the center of your heart. Feel this cosmic light strengthening within you, as you envision a bright flame in the center of your own heart. When the flame is steady and constant, then you are ready to shine this soul-light bright and wide like a beacon. Shine it upon everyone and everything that comes your way – irrespective of judgments and opinions.

Share your light with those in need of solace and support. Radiate this light through the palms of your hands for a healing touch. You can even send this light over long distances to people and places in need. You may be amazed at what this can accomplish. This is as it should be, for in the end aren’t we all just looking for a little more light – soul-light that is – from the star-light. Now you are a shining star!


Citrine is a member of the quartz family, and its color comes from iron pigmentation. In LECORA work, it is used primarily as a balancer, and is considered to have masculine energies. It may also be used as a filterer, for its clear and bright tonalities of yellow and orange. Deep orange citrine is especially good at promoting and enhancing spiritual and/or meditative connections.

Citrine resonates with the power of light and the sun and can warm up energies and feelings. Sometimes, citrine can even work to awaken and/or re-incite passion. This passion may be manifested sexually but is much broader - including passion for life and love in the widest and broadest sense. Citrine can also help to open and/or deepen connection with intuition in a visceral and grounded manner.

Citrine can also help to “bring to the light” and heal hardened memories and/or past experiences that may have been very painful and difficult through its powerful energy of clear light. Deeper colored citrine can be especially useful for issues related to emotional survival. Citrine of all tones is good for empowering and enhancing self-confidence and esteem.

Generally speaking, citrine works well around the solar plexus and abdomen area. The hands, elbows and knees are other areas where citrine is particularly indicated.

Citrine resonates strongly with the number three. You may want to store three citrines together, and leave three copper coins nearby. Citrine recharges well being placed in the sunlight as well as during a new moon period.

Skye Stephenson, Ph.D., is an author, certified crystal healer, educator and sacred journey leader. Her newly launched sacred novel - The Spirits of Jade – incorporates an enigmatic black jade heart as a main character. Find out more about the spirits and powers of jade in this riveting and timely tale of the heart that offers a way to help heal the Americas, and the world. The book can be purchased at www.skyestephenson.com (autographed); in text and kindle versions at www.amazon.com; and in e-book versions at www.smashwords.com.

Skye will be posting information and insight about sacred crystal and rock energies on www.crystaltransmissions.com on a weekly basis throughout 2012.

Skye is available for book readings and workshops related to The Spirits of Jade, and/or about crystal and stone healing. She is a certified CRT crystal healer and the developer of LECORA crystal healing. See www.skyestephenson.com for more information and/or contact Skye at skye@jadejourneys.org.

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