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by Skye Stephenson, Ph.D.


Call me amethyst, the mystic

I am transcendence in the supreme;

I am you and me, us and we;

I am the whisper of a far off dream

On my lavender robes

I can take you so far;

I can take you to the moon,

And I can take you to the stars

I am powerful, powerful indeed

Yet I know how to wait

In that space beyond all time

To let what needs to incubate

For I know the celestial plan

I have many guides and spirit friends

And I can provide for you

A very special sort of cosmic lens

That might help you access

In ways simple and small

Just a little bit

Of the wisdom of the all

I can take you to so many domains

On flexible wings of gossamer light

Then I’ll deposit you back home again

As a new initiate in the league of the Amethyst Knights.


If amethyst has come into your life, you may be in for a mystical message of transformational potential. Take this as an offer to experience transcendence, which is experience beyond the physical plane of existence. A wisdom stone that is both regal and majestic, amethyst wants to remind you that it is not necessary to travel to other dimensions of the universe to find transcendence; you can find it just where you are right now. Reach down and pick up a stone, any stone (it doesn’t have to be amethyst), or a plant or bird or frog – hold it in your hand and there you are. The key to accessing the “other side” is to know that everywhere it does reside!

Representing the indigo ray of the quartz family, amethyst is about redemption – which is one step beyond revelation. Amethyst asks of you what it is that you would like to redeem. She can help you find the answer, for amethyst offers you the opportunity to find “re-lief”, so you can turn over a new leaf; and to find “re-lease”, so you can get a new lease on life. This is the power of this powerful crystal, one of the most angelic of stones on Earth!

But redemption is not a one-sided process. It can’t happen without you! Amethyst asks what it is that you are willing to offer for this redemption. Remember an important cosmic rule is that whenever you are offered something of value, of real value, you must offer something in return in order to maintain the balance of give and take. This is as it should be, for nothing of real value comes for free. Transcendence is nothing more than elevating this earthly balance to the cosmic realm.

Craftsmanship of all types is an excellent offering. Like the Tibetan monks who painstakingly create sand mandalas, and then give them to the river to flow into the universal flow, this card may be asking you what is the craft that you are creating with your life? It doesn’t really matter what it is, what matters is the spirit that you bring to it. The stars smile down upon anything you create – whether it is a church or a prayer, a mathematical formula, a song, or a delicious plate of food for your loved ones to eat. Whatever it may be, undertake your craftsmanship with gratitude, light and love; recognizing that it is both a spirit gift, and a gift to spirit.

Amethyst purple carries within it both the fire red of passion and the cool blue of emotional balance. It is one of the most expansive and uplifting of stones, because it harbors so much within it, that you can access. A mystical purifier, amethyst can help you to purify your own life, in whatever way you need right now. Give to the cosmic flames of amethyst all that you wish to transmute and transform, and let this wise stone burn away all that hinders to your own transcendence. Then take a bath under an amethyst waterfall, letting the spirit of amethyst refresh and revive you. See how good you feel! Amethyst is truly an angelic stone: majestic and regal. If there is any one stone to worship, amethyst might just be the one.

Skye Stephenson, Ph.D., is an author, certified crystal healer, educator and sacred journey leader. Her newly launched sacred novel - The Spirits of Jade – incorporates an enigmatic black jade heart as a main character. Find out more about the spirits and powers of jade in this riveting and timely tale of the heart that offers a way to help heal the Americas, and the world. The book can be purchased at www.skyestephenson.com; in text and kindle versions at www.amazon.com; and in e-book versions at www.smashwords.com.

Skye will be posting information and insight about sacred crystal and rock energies on www.crystaltransmissions.com throughout 2012. She is available for book readings and workshops related to The Spirits of Jade, and/or about crystal and stone healing. See www.skyestephenson.com for more information and/or contact Skye at skye@jadejourneys.org.

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