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Ask the Astrology Guy

by Rev. Jeff Pica

Dear Astrology Guy,

My name is Kelli. As with others, 2011 was a very difficult and emotional year for me. I ended a 10 year relationship with a guy who was born on March 16, 1965 and started dating an old acquaintance, born on March 4, 1967 which doesn’t seem to be working out either. I am surrounded by people who were born under the sign of Pisces, can you please tell me why? Should I go back with my former boyfriend or will it work out with the new guy?

Also, can you tell me if my financial status will get better?

I am an emotional wreck and would love some guidance as to where my life is going.

I was born on April 18, 1966 at approximately 11:00 a.m. in Philadelphia, Penn.

Thank you so much for your time.


Hi Kelli,

Life can be crazy, and you’re right, many of us feel the same way. For 2011, your chart shows upsets and changes around your career area
(transiting Uranus conjunct natal Moon close to the Midheaven.) Did you move residence within the past year too? If you didn’t, then imagine how unsettling it is was when you’ve moved in the past. I feel you’ve been living in that unsure sort of erratic energy. Any troubles at work or within the home can be compounded by the stress in your emotional life, as you’ve told us with some relationship issues you have. On a side note, I’m wondering if during this time period you felt excitement in addition to any craziness going on? Sometimes those with transiting aspects like yours also feel a sense of adventure.

This same uncertain energy came with you into 2012 and will come to a head in March 2012
(progressed Moon square progressed Uranus ). I’m sorry to say that 2012 in general for you will still have its share of uncertainty and confusion, especially surrounding the relationships in your life(transiting Neptune opposed progressed Ascendant,) but there will be great high points as well. In 2012, there may be demands made upon you at work (transiting Saturn opposed the Sun in the 10th House, square the Ascendant/Descendant axis) which in effect will create or add to the burdens in your relationships. Look for passive-regressive behavior, coming from you and/or at you, along with ego issues of power and control (Solar Arc of Pluto opposed Mars.) Understand major things in your life that no longer work for you may pass away at this time too.

The sign one’s Venus is in describes the qualities one looks for in friendships, relationships and romantic partners. The reason you have so many Pisces people in your life is because your Venus is in Pisces, telling us you need sweet, caring and sensitive people in your life.

Throwing a wrench into the idealistic visions you have of relationships, your natal Venus makes an opposing or separating aspect to both planets Uranus and Pluto, causing friction in your love life. What this tells us is that you spent many past lifetimes full of intense and passionate love relationships. In response, you spent many subsequent lifetimes avoiding commitment, choosing to live a life free and independent, without any relationship intensity or drama. Now in this lifetime, you have chosen to confront both dynamics together in one lifetime in the pursuit of
balance. You struggle with the idea of feeling yourself and free when in a relationship while still experiencing a “oneness” with your romantic partner. If you aren’t psychologically aware of these opposing dynamics within your own makeup, then they will present themselves as being “imposed” upon you, where you will become involved with those who exhibit this push/pull, or on again/off again energy.

In reply to your question of which relationship to choose among between the two Piscean men, astrologically I can say it doesn’t make a difference. Each man is putting you in touch with the balance you seek, as described above.

Your ex-boyfriend (March 16,1965) seems like a nice guy, very passionate, discriminating, maybe a little too picky, and a bit of a temper (
Sun conjunct Venus opposed Moon, Moon, Mars, Uranus, Pluto in Virgo.) His natal Venus makes a similar opposing aspect to both Uranus and Pluto as yours does, so he too shares the same relationship dynamic within him as you. Therefore your relationship with him embodies the very dynamic itself. Your relationship with him has many karmic undertones as well, having spent prior lifetimes together switching off as perhaps one being a domineering parent to the other, without much soul growth for either. There’s a “heaviness” to your relationship karma, carried over into this lifetime (composite Venus conjunct Saturn opposed Uranus and Pluto.)

Your current boyfriend (March 4, 1967) seems like a creative man to me (Sun conjunct Mercury and Neptune,) but more importantly also has a natal aspect involving his Venus, Uranus, and Pluto. Therefore he too will affect you the same way as your ex. I feel that the two of you were married in a prior lifetime, however again in a relationship without much soul growth for either.

It seems there's a relationship pattern present. I feel that the dynamic of freedom vs. passion needs to be addressed within you. What kind of relationship do you want, really? Are you able to “act” yourself when in love? Hard questions for anyone to answer. This year is the time to find out. With the Saturn aspect you’re under (transiting Saturn opposed the Sun, square the Ascendant/Descendant axis,) you can shake off old patterns that no longer serve you, making room for the true you.

Not all is gloom though, you may have some issues for 2012, like we all will, but say hello to career success this late Spring! (transiting Jupiter conjunct Midheaven)This period marks a 12 year career high for you. Also in late Spring, towards Summer and beyond, look for new opportunities in business, or anywhere for that matter, that will increase not only your knowledge and self-worth, but also your awareness level (transiting Jupiter through the 10th House, conjunct progressed Sun.) This is a consciousness raising year for you. My advice is to embrace it and go with it. There will be a real boost to your energy level. Any career pressures are alleviated at this time too.

In fact, your natal chart in general shows that in this lifetime, your career is going to bring you the most reward and satisfaction
(natal Sun in the 10th House.) You have a lot of drive and ambition in this area. Your chart also shows you have a huge heart and a usually sunny, optimistic outlook on things (natal Mercury conjunct Moon square Jupiter.) It’s good to know that if you’re experiencing troubles in your love life, you can always redirect energy towards your career.

Things can get a bit erratic come summer
(Solar Arc of Uranus opposed natal Mars in the 10th House,) probably career related. Expect the unexpected with the Uranus aspect you’ll be under. I can see your social interactions will increase, along with new contacts and opportunities (transiting Jupiter square progressed Ascendant, square Venus.) A new love connection might not be too far away, early to late Summer 2012, with a good chance to be coupled by early Fall (Solar Arc of Ascendant opposed natal Venus.) If you do become involved in a relationship at this time, look for a hurdle of some kind in November to be passed. There is a “parting” in November (transiting Saturn opposed Venus, progressed Moon square Moon.) If your relationship survives the hurdle, there’s a better chance it will go on, stronger. If you are not in a relationship at this time, the “loss” or “saying goodbye” at this period may occur in some other area.

It’ll be a bit of a roller-coaster year with ups and downs in 2012 for you Kelli, and you have the opportunity to attain much growth. Major things in your life may pass in 2012, but realize that what is left or gained will be a true reflection of you.

I hope this has helped.


Reverend Jeff Pica has been a professional Astrologer for over 25 years. He began his study of Astrology with two years of private tutoring and then became a student of the New York Astrology Center. He gives private Astrology readings, teaches Astrology and lectures on Metaphysical topics. He’s a certified Psychic Medium and Reiki Practitioner with the American Board of Holistic Practitioners and an Ordained Spiritualist Minister, which gives extra depth to his Astrology readings. He’s also a founding member of the Spiritualist Church of NYC.

Please address questions to AstrologyGuy@aol.com with Astrology Question as the subject.

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