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by Skye Stephenson, Ph.D.

Emotional Self-Sufficiency

Rhodochrosite I am

Love I do affirm

Love of self and the divine

This I can help you confirm

I will take your hand

In ways gentle yet strong

I will take your hand

All the day and night long

To accompany you

Wherever you may want to go

I will accompany you

Wherever the winds doth blow

Because I want your heart

Well, I want it to feel at ease

I want you to go on

And do whatever you please

I like to see you happy

As happy as you can be

Living your own life fully

Not looking to “she” or to “he”

Knowing that you are always accompanied,

That you are never alone,

Because you always have your own best friend (you)

Who is someone that you have always known


If rhodochrosite enters your life, it is a call to service – service to yourself. Take a moment to stop whatever it is you may be doing and thinking and focus upon you for a minute or two. Focus not with a critical or judgmental eye. Focus with love and appreciation for just who you are and how amazing you are. Give yourself a hug!

We spend so much time in our lives worshipping other things – whether it be churches or trees, lakes or objects, beauty or pain. Whatever it is that you choose to worship, I ask you do you ever worship yourself? For you are your own cathedral and you can worship at your own altar every moment of your life.

So think about how one cares and treats a sacred place or object. Isn’t it with reverence and respect, gratitude and appreciation? You make sure to take care of it physically, sweeping out the dust that may accumulate so the objects it contains continue to shine. Now do you do this with yourself – sweep out and clean up whatever may be dulling your senses and life? It’s not that hard to do, if you do so routinely and consistently. For humans, this can be as simple as taking time to connect with yourself by checking with how you are feeling and doing. Consider what’s working, and what might not be working so well in your life right now. You might even want to make a list.

Like any sacred object (which is what you are), consider who it is that you are permitting to enter your sacred realm. Is it someone or something that treats you with the reverence and respect? Do they take care of you in the way you deserve to be taken care of? Do they ever de-value you and your real worth? If that is the case, how are you going to deal with it?

Honor yourself. Light a candle and celebrate “you”. Let your body – from your littlest toe with its funny toe nail (that connects you to the ground you walk upon) all the way up to the top of your head (where so much divine energy is processed and transmitted) know how much you love it. Honor it for all it does for you, acknowledging how beautiful your body is. Leave aside any critiques you may have of your physical appearance. After all, it serves you admirably well.

Now thank your lips for the sensuous feeling they bring to your realm, and your belly button for connecting you to your parents and (if you are a woman) to your potential (or real) children in this lifetime. Thank your genitals for their fire and passion, for they joy they bring to you and the powerful connections and creations they can help you to co-create.

Look inside your heart now – dwell in its inner recesses and imagine your own photograph placed right in the center. There is your sacred cathedral. It is always available to you – with every beat of your heart!


Rhodochrosite is used as one of the primer heart healers and soothers in LECORA work. A type of manganese carbonate, rhodochrosite like all stones that contain manganese can be a great support when working with deep seated emotions and feelings, especially those that have been repressed or denied. It can help to encourage emotional healing and greater feelings of self-worth. Sometimes just holding rhodochrosite in your hand or using it as a piece of jewelry can make one feel good!

Rhodochrosite is oftentimes used in layouts on or near the heart chakra. It can also be used effectively on the first, second and/or third chakras to promote emotional healing and soothing related to concern connected to the energetic manifestations of that particular chakra. For instance, when placed on the second chakra it can help one to move beyond feelings of victimization or “bad luck” in areas related to partnership and sexuality, while on the third chakra it can help one to feel better about ones identity and give greater self confidence.

Rhodochrosite combines well with several other types of rocks and crystals, including clear quartz, rose quartz, aventurine, amethyst, jade, malachite, emerald, fluorite, selenite and sugilite. Periodically placing pink flowers and/or rose water near by rhodochrosite can help to refresh her energies. She is considered to have feminine energies.

Skye Stephenson, Ph.D., is an author, certified crystal healer, educator and sacred journey leader. Her newly launched sacred novel - The Spirits of Jade – incorporates an enigmatic black jade heart as a main character. Find out more about the spirits and powers of jade in this riveting and timely tale of the heart that offers a way to help heal the Americas and the world. The book can be purchased at www.skyestephenson.com; in text and kindle versions at www.amazon.com; and in e-book versions at www.smashwords.com.

Skye is available for book readings and workshops related to The Spirits of Jade, and/or about crystal and stone healing. See www.skyestephenson.com for more information and/or contact Skye at skye@jadejourneys.org.

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