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Water Rabbit Month in Chinese Astrology and Fengshui

by Raphael

The beginning of Water Rabbit month, starting at new moon of February 21st at 10:36 PM GMT, or 5:36 PM EST shows the following signs in Chinese astrology. The the year is Water Dragon; the month is Water Rabbit; the day is Water Rat; and the hour is Earth Rooster. The total balance of elements in this combination is 6 Yin and 4 Yang. More Yin than Yang shows that this month favors completing over starting.

The elements in the chart are 3 Wood, 0 Fire, 2 Earth, 1 Metal and 5 Water. 5 Water and 0 Fire shows a strong emphasis of Yin energy, and a strong overbalance of Water element. This favors concentration of attention. If you concentrate on matters at hand you will be able to bring them to completion. Do not give in to fear, panic, cunning, or self-centeredness; all of these are the negative qualities of Water. The virtue of Water is calm reflection.

The vital element this month is Earth. This favors being practical and down to earth, and advises us to be trustworthy, and forthright while persevering and being courageous.

The signs for the month especially favor people working in creative, talent related professions such as artists, entertainers, musicians, inventors, sales persons, people in foreign relations, and law.

The chart contains the star called Tien Yi, or Sky Medicine Star, Knife Blade, and the Flower of Romance. Tien Yi is the luckiest of the stars. It is looked upon as a deity who repels all bad luck. She encourages people to help one another along in life. Knife Blade warns against becoming intolerant and angry. Hostility in relationships can cause illnesses under this sign. The Flower of Romance, on the other hand, lends a romantic atmosphere to this month, and encourages love to blossom. If you combine the Flower of Romance with the Knife Blade, you have a great danger. Be careful when dealing with strangers or with people you don’t quite trust. There is something about betrayal in this.

There is also a star in the chart called Peach Blossom. Peach Blossom encourages you to look you best and cultivate beauty and charm. It encourages love and brings good social status.

The lunar month comes mid-way between two solar periods, the first starting on February 4th, and the second on March 5th. This adds meaning to our reading. Reduced to I Ching hexagrams, using traditional methods, the two solar periods give us hexagrams 47 and 21. Hexagram 47 is called Oppression, and Hexagram 21 is called Biting Through. The combination of the two hexagrams suggests a possible breakthrough, and advises you to be careful not to place your trust in the wrong people, and to take corrective actions where needed.

The signs of this month interact with the 12 zodiac signs as follows.

Rat and Rabbit clash. Be careful of people who unnecessarily take up your time and energy; you can become intolerant. On the other hand you are attracting a lot of admiration, and are in a strong position to win the affection of whomever you care to charm. You are in a leading position this month. Take advantage of your opportunities.

Ox will do well to keep their own counsel while bearing up politely with whatever burdens are being put upon them. Patiently bide your time. You are strong enough to carry your load. Exercise your abilities to be trustworthy and responsible.

Tiger is in an active month. Take advantage of all opportunities to make effective changes at work. This is a good time to travel, to move house, or to rearrange your home and/or office. If you are thinking of looking for a new professional opportunity this is a good time to do it. You are now able to improve your situation, and turn adverse conditions to your advantage.

Rabbit in Rabbit month increases friends. Through socializing you will meet people willing to assist you; you may get a promotion. If you have recently been in a predicament it may resolve.

Dragon clashes with Rabbit. You may find yourself becoming annoyed by distractions. The month favors making money and concentrating on creative work. People demanding too much of your attention will try your patience.

Snake is nourished by the Rabbit. This is a good time to socialize, especially in connection with work. Take advantage of an opportunity that may lead to a promotion; friendly people are there to assist you especially if you are sharp and smart. On the other hand, beware of being robbed, not necessarily literally, but robbed of an opportunity.

Horse is nourished by Rabbit. This is an important month for you to assert yourself, turn the tide, and take the lead. If you don’t you may find yourself having to deal either with an enemy or with adverse conditions that sap your energy.

Sheep has a friendly relation with Rabbit. This is a fairly even, productive month that favors making money, preparing for the future, and cultivating friendly relationships.

Monkey is now in a period that favors being productive at work and making money. It is to your advantage to cultivate kind-heartedness, practicality and stability to avoid unnecessary obstacles. If you are in a relationship this is a very good time to deal with practicalities.

Rooster is now in a period that strongly favors love and pleasure. If you are in a relationship, give it your best. If you aren’t in a relationship, this is a good month to meet someone new.

Dog has a very good relation with Rabbit. This is a good month for creative work, making, and saving money, improving your home, studying, and enjoying your relationships.

Pig is in a friendly, supportive relation with Rabbit. This month favors cultivating friendships while acting independently. The possibilities of making money are very strong especially if you are an entrepreneur.

Raphael is available for personal consultations in Chinese astrology and fengshui. To find out more about Raphael’s services visit www.raphaelsimons.com.

Raphael’s world-renowned book on fengshui, Feng Shui Step by Step, was recently reprinted and is available on Amazon.com and www.createspace.com/3472024.

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