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Excerpt From "The Miracle Workers Handbook: 7 Levels of Power and Manifestation of the Virgin Mary"

by Sherrie Dillard

You may be wondering why someone who has had a long career as an intuitive counselor and medium is writing a book about Mary, mother of Jesus. Well, this surprises me too. Perhaps it would add to my credibility to tell you that I have a degree in theology, my mother was a United Methodist Minister, as is one of my brothers and my other brother is a Catholic theologian and the chair of the religion department at a prominent Catholic University.

However, while all of this has certainly influenced me, the Mary that I hope to introduce you to has little to do with theology and organized religion. Mary is not the property of the church, nor is her scope of influence only for those who are religiously oriented. This is a very different Mary. She is intimate, personal, loving, a bit of a rebel and has a message for you that will empower and transform your life.

It does not matter if you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, spiritual or pagan, her presence transcends the parameters of any particular spiritual belief or theological teaching. You may not have previously considered Mary your ally, but she is your devoted partner in creating miracles. Her life on earth established the pattern for working in unison with the divine creative forces. As the steward of miracles she will support and empower you to go beyond what you may think is possible and experience a life without limits.

The spiritual story of Mary is more than that of a simple girl who stumbled into an extraordinary happening. Underlying the biblical events which took place so long ago is a deeper story that transcends time and circumstance. Mary was a rebel whose purpose defied the norms and restrictions of a time when women were considered inferior and second class citizens. Not recognized by the powers that be, Mary was given no special privileges. Not only was she young Jewish and unmarried when she became pregnant, she had the courage and boldness to claim that her child was miraculously conceived.
It was not only during Mary’s pregnancy and Jesus’ early life that she was ignored and her role diminished. Even when Jesus was acknowledged as the Messiah, Mary’s significance and her ability to divinely co-create beyond the laws of cause and effect was devalued. Her participation in the miraculous conception was dismissed by the religious and political hierarchy as a divine fluke and a one-time only event. It had to be. If not, then the power of miraculous manifestation belongs to everyone.

Mary took God out of the temple and synagogues and placed the divine within the individual. This knowledge and awareness was a threat to the religious and political institutions. Had it been known that the power of the divine resides within self, then the power of the church as the intermediary between heaven and earth would have been diminished. If an individual is not bound to the repetitive cycle of cause and effect and has the inherent ability to create from pure source then temples and churches have no authority and no claim to divine power. Mary’s story was hidden and has remained this way in large part for centuries.

But, Mary is still here. Her energy endures, the path she walked, you can walk. The divine energy she received, you too can receive. Mary’s ability to create from divine source makes it possible for you too to divinely co-create. The miracle that she lived opens the door for the miraculous to come into your life

Within the events of Mary’s life there is a secret and powerful code that you can tap into. When Mary received the power of the heavens, directly, boldly, without fanfare and the need for outside structure and support, she set in motion a universal evolutionary pattern. Her path is a cyclical spiral that you can use to generate miracles in every condition, concern and challenging situation that you confront. The seven phases of her life, her virginity, the encounter with Archangel Gabriel, the miraculous conception, her pregnancy, the journey to Bethlehem, the birth of Jesus and her assumption, are levels of development which will lead you to co-create the life that you desire. Along the way you will learn how to connect with Mary and her angels, tune into your divine intuition, receive her grace, discern divine signs and synchronicities and generate miracles.

Mary’s path is as timely now as it was thousands of years ago. The world is going through profound change and transformation. The tried and true way of doing things, the foundations and outer structures that seemed so unshakable and resolute, are breaking down. The balance of power is shifting from external sources like the government, financial, medical, religious and corporate institutions to the power of the individual.

The power that is emerging is the power that Mary brought into this world so long ago.

As you become familiar with Mary’s path, you will recognize that her silent presence has been calling you, as she has me and many others, to harness your inherent power and activate the miracle worker within. Mary, the unassuming gentle girl who brought forth the Messiah, so many years ago, again leads the way to the birth of a new you and a new world.

Professional Intuitive, medium and bestselling author of Discover Your Psychic Type and Love and Intuition Sherrie Dillard’s latest book is The Miracle Workers Handbook: Seven Levels of Power and Manifestation of the Virgin Mary

www.sherriedillard.com, www.virginmarymiracles.com, sgd7777@yahoo.com 919 286 4016

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