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by Skye Stephenson, PhD


Carnelian works to forward your life thrust

And help you on your way

Whenever you’ve slowed down a bit

Whenever you may have strayed

Cause carnelian he’ll teach you

If you are willing to do your part

Just where to go and what to do

To accomplish what’s there in your heart.

Carnelian he’s a master builder

Who likes to help you make concrete

All that you were born to be.

With him by your side, you can accomplish great feats

Cause carnelian he is wise

But not of a spiritual kind;

In fact he can be a tough task master

Who may keep you marching until you find…

Your power and focus

Your reason and rhyme

To ascertain what you want to manifest

All with due measure and in good time

So go out and make your mark

Be emphatic and be true

Go boldly, when none has tread before,

For there is truly no one else quite like you.


If Carnelian has come into your life, it may be an indication that you are feeling “burned out”, disillusioned and/or unengaged with life. Perhaps your energy level is low right now. Maybe you have a goal that you would like to reach and you are not sure how to get there. Or you could be reeling from a challenging life experience that has temporarily knocked you down and you are feeling sorry for yourself.

Whatever your particular situation may be, Carnelian brings to you a strong and empowering energy that can help you gather yourself together and move along your life path. Carnelian’s energy is direct, fast, and efficient, and its effects can be felt rapidly. It has a very clear and decisive thrust. Carnelian tells you, in no uncertain terms, to get on with the tasks at hand. It promotes focus and direction, and provides guidance about how to make manifest what you want in a concrete and applied manner. Carnelian is Energy+Focus+Power

Carnelian is a translucent, non crystallized type of quartz. It is distinguished by its orange tones, although it can range in color from yellow to a deep red. Its color comes from the inclusion of hematite, which is iron oxide. Iron is important for strengthening the physical body and providing energy. This can be noted in the fact that a lack of iron causes anemia – a condition where one feels weakened and low in energy. Carnelian has a cubic structure. Rocks with cubic structures are good for bringing things to the physical level and making them concrete. They provide structure and are the master builders of the Stone family.

LECORA Applications

Carnelian is one of the most useful Grounders in LECORA work and it can be very effective in helping promote a clear and decisive forward in life. It can help one to “get over it and move on”, whatever “it” may be. Carnelian is not “deep working”; it is direct, fast, effective and efficient. Its action can be quite rapid, and sometimes the results can be felt even a few minutes.

Carnelian resonates strongly with fresh air and sunlight, and it is a good idea to periodically leave your carnelian specimen outside in the sunshine to reenergize. Carnelian can be initially welcomed by burning an orange candle down to the wick. Carnelian likes honey and plum wine, the essential oil hyssop, tobacco smoke, sesame seeds, chocolate and rose petals. Carnelian is associated with the stallion. Astrologically speaking, it is closely affiliated with Aries. It has a strong cardinal type of energy that is masculine in thrust.

Skye Stephenson, Ph.D., is an author and certified crystal healer who resides in southern New Hampshire. She offers several types of crystal healing sessions: “Grounding,” “Balancing,” and “Clearing.” Her latest book - The Spirits of Jade – incorporates an enigmatic black jade heart as a main character. The novel is available for purchase along with authentic Guatemalan black jade hearts carved by Ea Orgo, at the door of Quetzalcoatl in Mexico. See www.skyestephenson.com and/or contact Skye at skye@jadejourneys.org for more information.

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