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Doorway To Dimensions

by Meg Benedicte

There seems to be a strong movement in popular culture on how to "tap" into Universal Abundance. Books, videos and lectures abound on the subject. Yet, it doesn't appear that most folks are achieving success in mastering the Law of Attraction. In many cases, it appears that our economy is actually degrading and more and more Americans are feeling the pinch!

In some ways, it looks like those seeking a higher calling in life are suffering the most. Why do we see so many spiritual people are struggling to earn a living? Why are they not able to translate soul purpose into money in the bank? How many stories have you heard of talented, insightful and gifted beings losing their homes, jobs, friends, loved ones and financial stability?

We cannot ignore the fact that this appears to be a symptom of the spiritual quest. Not only do we journey through the "dark night of the soul" as we gradually overcome the controlling ego, but we experience the collapse of life as we knew it. Our "old" life comes crashing down. Step-by-step, we relinquish the "human life program" that no longer serves us, so we can bridge into a new life reality that supports our soul truth and purpose. We must shed the false ego-identity dominating our free will and align with the divine will of our higher truth. Not only do we lose the comfort of familiarity and material trappings of success, but we land in some strange holding pattern called the “Void” while we are transitioning to our higher calling.

The time spent in the “Void” is perhaps even more unsettling than the collapse. We struggle to connect to anything...floating in the ethers, living in isolation, feeling quite alone and abandoned, not seeing any change in the outer earthly reality. We have entered the gestation period of birthing our true self that can last from a few months to several years. In the quiet stillness, our inner portal begins to open to higher connection. We start to feel an inner knowing that we are loved and supported by the Universe, no matter how desolate it appears in the earthly life.

As we gradually pull ourselves into the newly expanded realm of our universe, we begin to awaken and recognize our inherent sovereign rights as divine beings. We accept the responsibility of living consciously and begin to reconnect with the Unified Field of Abundance. We choose connection instead of isolation, an open loving heart instead of distrust, compassion instead of control, and empowerment instead of fear. We step into collaboration with Source as co-creator of our multi-dimensional existence.

And, we can no longer function in the 3D world of Duality. We can no longer plug into a money system that is so out of balance and corrupt to earn our living. The key to our future success is to continue to evolve into unity consciousness.

We are designed as multi-dimensional beings to draw our sustenance and resources from the Unified Field of all potential and slide it down through the inner "doorway" to our human lives. By tapping into the natural upward spiral of our Galactic Core, we can expand to the heavens for all that we need. By utilizing the Vortex Meditation, we activate the standing wave Pulse of Singularity that occurs in a zero point field to draw inside us the abundance of our benevolent Universe.

Based on the tenets of the Law of Attraction, we live in an electromagnetic force field, and we magnetize to us what we hold within our being. If we feel empty inside, we draw in more emptiness. If we feel inner rage, we magnetize more angry people and frustrating circumstances. It's a clear and simple Universal Law.

In keeping with this logic, we need to fill inside with the energy of what we desire to meet our daily needs. Remember, the potential exists outside of time, in the Unified Field, so connect into the flow of the Universe during meditation and breathe the energy of money, love, companionship, health, etc., down from the higher dimensions into your inner core. Hold that energy deep inside your being, like a container, and fill up. Nurture yourself with the Universal abundance to provide for all your needs.

This manifesting process applies the principles of attraction to the mundane task of generating income. The key to its success is being able to "slide" the abundant Universal energy down from the higher frequency bands, or dimensions, into the lower dimension of material form. It requires us to open the "inter-dimensional doorway" in the inner mind and heart to slide it through.

Let me share with you an analogy: I was visiting in New York City during the holidays and I took an overnight trip up north on the train. As I was returning to the city, in my haste I jumped on the slower moving local train that stopped at every town. As we're trudging along, the express train zips by in the same direction. I was struck by the phenomenon of how the faster train (a higher frequency band) was humming next to the slower train (a lower frequency band), creating a temporary corridor between the two trains, like an inter-dimensional doorway. It brings to mind the movie "Sliding Doors" with Gwyneth Paltrow, depicting the un-manifested potential of parallel lives - like jumping through the door of moving trains.

Our future relies on our ability to slide Universal support through the doorway of time, from our higher dimensional presence down into our earthly presence. We do this by reaching a meditative state in the timeless mind, and opening our inter-dimensional doorway to receive the universal support. As we fill the mirror neurons with holographic visions and our inner core with the powerful potent energy, our magnetic field actively materializes in form. We become a magnetic force field of mind over matter, sourcing our earthly lives with abundance and fulfillment.

A pioneer in Bio-energetic Healing, Meg Benedicte discovered early that she had a unique gift for understanding subtle energies and later for discerning the vigorous traumatic patterns that relate to dysfunction and ill health. She discovered the magnitude of change possible when tapping into the Zero Point Field of a spinning Vortex. Unified Field Therapy®, (her proprietary process) and Vortex Meditation CDs, helps clients change lives by altering out-of-date systems. Contact: meg@soulfulservices.com or (424) 274-1402.

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