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A Conversation with Author Penney Peirce

Frequency - Moving from the Information Age to the Intuition Age

by Alexis Brooks

We are on the threshold of an epoch of change. Shifts are happening at all levels on this planet. A grand tipping point will invariably usher in a new blueprint for which author Penney Peirce calls The Intuition Age. Out with the old information based criteria and linear thinking that has governed our lives for so long. In with a new frequency – a more vibrant, fluid and abundant energy that can help us shape ourselves into the infinite, creative and brilliant beings we are truly meant to be.

I recently spoke with Penney, a pioneer in the area of intuition development and author of the book Frequency – The Power of Personal Vibration to get her insight on how we can best navigate this shift of the ages to truly transform ourselves.

Alexis Brooks - Before we get into the theme of your extraordinary book, Frequency, I wanted to ask you how you got into this work. Was there a particular inspiration or life experience that catapulted you in this direction?

Penney Peirce – Mine was a very gradual process over a long period of one thing leading to another. Even as a kid, I was really interested in mysteries. When I was in high school I read a lot about psychic discoveries behind the iron curtain…but didn’t have any ability myself, that I knew of. And you know sometimes I think about how the soul maybe times some of these things and they open you up to whatever it is you’re going to do. It was gradual for me. When I moved to California there were some people here that did “life readings” rather than “psychic readings” where they were looking at character and causative forces like past lives. That really caught my attention and I had a number of those, then realized that one of those people was teaching clairvoyance classes and that sounded great to me. I took those because I was a graphic designer and art director. I was pretty visual so I thought “oh clairvoyance – that might be good.” And then I ended becoming really good at it. I got fascinated and then just kept on going and I knew that was what I wanted to keep looking at. Then a sort of synchronous thing happened. The company that I was working for laid off their marketing department. So I was on unemployment and had a freelance graphics business going and plenty of time to start developing this other thing. It was all synchromesh. I met people to study with. I connected with this group in San Francisco called the Center for Applied Intuition that was working with Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and then I connected with Kevin Ryerson who’s a trans-medium, who worked with Shirley MacLaine and he and I worked together for about four years. So it just built. All sorts of things just started layering in. And it hasn’t really stopped. It’s just this ongoing process. And I’ve learned that if you let your life unfold, it just brings you what you need.

AB – It seems that from this journey you’ve taken, you have found what you refer to in your book as your “home frequency.” I know you wrote the book a couple of years ago and so much has changed, even since then. Have you found more people are finding and living in their home frequency?

PP – Well, what I’m seeing is that people are understanding that energy and vibration are sort of the main thing. They’re getting excited about the idea that things are energetic and that you can make changes quickly by working with energy rather than having to take this long slogging path in the physical world to get something to happen. That’s exciting. People are feeling the effects of energy on their bodies and on their lives. They understand this process that I outline in the book - the transformation process. So then I think that leads them in to an understanding that they do have a home frequency – that they have this soul in the body state where it’s stable and so some people say “ok, how do I get there? How do I get into it?” But I think the concept is something that everybody’s getting.

AB - You speak about empathy as an important function of living in the Intuition Age. You make a very compelling case as to why this is so. There are others who guard against being too empathetic, saying it can be detrimental to those who can become swallowed up in other’s emotions and weaknesses. How do you draw a distinction between healthy empathy and unhealthy?

PP – I think again, it’s about home frequency. There are a lot of vibrations out there in the world and some of them are higher and some of them are lower than yours. In the book I called it “ultra-sensitivity.” As the body is vibrating faster, you start picking up energy-information, right straight through the body. You pick up data through the body and through vibration. If you’re around somebody that’s a victim, you’re going to pick up that vibration. You need to be conscious about it. It’s a skill. You can feel out through your field - your aura and feel other vibrations in the field and notice it, read it and decode it. Then you come back to your own and you say “what do I think about this?” You come back to your own vibration to make sense of things, so that it’s an oscillation. You go out and you could feel all sorts of things; you could feel awful things. And then you come back and you say “is this of any use to me?” or “is there something I should do about this?” And then you release it – you let it be in the field. You don’t try to get rid of negative things, because there’s nowhere to put them. They’re in the field. But you can adjust your own vibration so that you feel the way you want to feel. And then out of that field you can get clear information. So it’s about constantly re-centering, after you pick up information. And not living in other people’s vibrations – that’s co-dependence.

AB – So you’re saying that people need to make a distinction of what is their frequency vs. a frequency that doesn’t belong to them?

PP – Well they’re letting the world be bigger than they are. They’re not holding their own. The world looks big and it looks separate and it looks “out there.” It’s not – it’s your field. You’re the center of your world and you can make it the vibration that you choose. Then you can process everything well.

AB - Do you think that the shift of frequency is making it easier for one to manifest on the physical plane, either consciously or unconsciously?

PP – That’s going to be the norm, yes. I think it’s absolutely happening and I think in order to really get it to happen, we have to let go of thinking that things occur through cause and effect. We have this old idea that things take time, and time used to be linear and it’s not anymore. Now it’s spherical; it’s all in the ball of the present moment and if you get an idea, it’s in there with you and all you have to do is put attention on it and keep attention on it. You don’t even have to use intention because that’s willpower and willpower doesn’t work. Soft attention is what brings things in – love brings things in, not force. When you think of imagination like a little movie that you want to picture yourself in and you get in it and you feel it and you imagine it and you make it real for your body. Then just stay in it and play, enjoy and ask for it – it comes.

AB - You say that your sense is that the information age has almost reached its end and that we are about to shift into the “Intuition Age.” Do you sense that there will be a sort of “light switch moment” or even a series of moments that will help usher in this age?

PP – I think it will be complicated in a way where it’s not like an overnight thing. Each person will have their light switch moments on one level, and maybe a series of them. They may not be even noticeable. It might be a vague thing that happens in your dreams and then you wake up after a week of these kind of weird dreams and somehow you’re different. Or it could be a big life event or something. Then I think there are going to be societal events like the nuclear reactor in Japan was one. Things that affect the world, whether they actually physically affect the world or not, they affect the world’s emotional body. The oil spill was one. 9/11 was one. It has to do with humanism and values and the old values that are hurting people. So there will be things like that. Then there may be something really big but it’s under the surface like in the etheric realm that affects everybody. But I don’t know when that is. I don’t think that’s happening this year or any time really soon.

AB – You talk about the power of speech and how thought patterns are very powerful in creating our daily reality. Certainly negative words said repeatedly must have an effect on how we live our lives.

PP – People tend to toss (words) off and fling them. I think sometimes there is a passive-aggressiveness involved in things. You can be sarcastic and pretend like you’re complimenting someone but you’re really insulting them. Some of the negative speech may come from a bad habit we all have about a commiseration; being in misery together, as a way to find connection over what’s bad. Try to lighten it up or make it better. But it really is a validation of that reality, instead of actually getting rid of it. There’s a correspondence between inner self talk and outer speech. They feed off of each other, they validate each other, they create each other. You can have a lot of internal complaining and that’s just as powerful as saying things out loud. I do think that when you say it out loud you really cement it – it locks in something.

AB – Well there’s a vibration associated with that, isn’t there? Even our vocal chords are part of a sound spectrum that somehow interacts with the environment.

PP – Yes, that’s a good point. I think that’s true. The negative declarative statements: “Oh I’m afraid of public speaking…oh, I don’t do that…no I can’t dance, no I don’t do that…my family didn’t do that,” etc. These things are declarations about reality and it leaves no room – every time you say something like that, it cuts off half the world. If you have a lot of them you’ve narrowed yourself down to a very small reality. I really advocate having people find those statements they tend to unconsciously make and then turn it around slightly so that it allows energy to flow again. So you say, “Well, I’m afraid of public speaking…” could be, “Well it might be interesting to see what happens to my energy when I do public speaking…” Making it playful or make it like learning, “This could be something interesting for me; maybe I’ll like it.”

AB – I love your explanation about relating one’s home frequency with that of a baby. When a baby is born they are naturally born into this state. It seems there are a group of children being born right now who are naturally attuned to their home frequency. They’re known as indigo and crystal children.

PP – I think there are some soul groups incarnating that are used to being incarnated but focused in the mental plane. They’re not very experienced in the emotional and physical planes. But they’re coming in now bringing that higher consciousness in with them. The challenges are hard for them to understand. They are used to instantaneous stuff; within the mental plane there’s no separation. It’s telepathic, it’s group-mind. So that’s why they’re all in groups. I think that ADHD, the hyper-functioning they tend to have is because they’re already running at a very high frequency and they’re trying to jump it into the physical plane. They don’t know how to step it down gradually. So they’re overloading themselves and often they have a lot of rage. I think that many need intuition training (humorously); they need a different kind of school. They need a lot of right-brain work and they need to work together in groups to, maybe invent things and work on problem solving. I think that’s why a lot of kids are coming in autistic. They are these souls and to be autistic allows them to stay in touch with what they know and not have to adapt. This is really huge right now. And there’s not really a physical cause for it.

AB – Wouldn’t you say that our current systems – educational systems especially, which are still so rooted in left brain thinking are trying to retrofit these highly evolved souls into a system that just doesn’t work for them?

PP – I agree. It’s like dinosaurs trying to understand a new life-force or something. But I think a certain frequency will be reached and they will sort of just come online together and be able to work as a unit.

AB – Do you think they (the new children) will be able to help those of us that are already here?

PP – Oh yes. I think it’s going to be a lot of innovation coming through them. Things like curing of cancer, solving of the energy problems. Really what we would call futuristic inventions. They will bring it in, but it’s almost like the frequency has to get a little bit more together, and they have to find each other.

AB - What has changed in your life in the last couple of years since writing this book? Have you had any additional “ah ha” moments or epiphanies?

PP – I wouldn’t say “epiphanies,” I would say a deepening. I think layers of old residues have been peeled away and dissolved. I’ve done a lot of clearing work and the result of that is I feel more deeply enmeshed in the physical plane. But it also feels less dense to me – more magical. Like everything’s more one thing. Like there’s light inside of things; the beings are close and everything is right here. The veil is not gone, but it’s really, really thin. I think of it more as a feminine enlightenment – you’re just merging into and loving the world, and yet it does mean that you can’t keep things out. The negativity’s there and those are the challenges you have to deal with. Everybody gets something like that – their test.

AB – You’re such a beautiful person. I know that the right people will be led to you because you’re so necessary right now. Thank you Penney for your time, your wisdom and for sharing your wonderful Frequency with all of us!

Penney Peirce is a respected and gifted intuitive empath with deep psychological understanding, visionary ability, and business sense. She is one of the early pioneers in the intuition development movement, having worked since 1977 with organizations like the San Francisco-based Center for Applied Intuition, The Institute for the Study of Conscious Evolution, and The Intuition Network.

Penney is the author of:
FREQUENCY: THE POWER OF YOUR PERSONAL VIBRATION (Beyond Words/Atria/Simon & Schuster 2009)
TUITIVE WAY: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO INCREASING YOUR AWARENESS (Beyond Words 1997; second edition Council Oak Books 2005; 3rd edition Beyond Words 2009)

For more information on Penney Peirce, visit: www.penneypeirce.com

Alexis Brooks is a freelance writer and researcher covering metaphysics, spirituality and new consciousness. A former broadcast marketing executive and commercial copywriter for major market radio and television, Alexis has parlayed her journalistic skills into working and interfacing with some of the most renowned writers, researchers and experts in the field of consciousness and related studies. She has interviewed best-selling author and paranormal researcher Rosemary Ellen Guiley, near-death researcher PMH Atwater and psychic medium John Edward and her articles have appeared both in print and online for over a decade. She lives with her husband, Derek in Lexington, Massachusetts. Visit Alexis’ blog at www.higherjourneys.blogspot.com

© Alexis Brooks, 2012. All rights reserved.

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