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by Skye Stephenson, Ph.D.

Aquamarine I am,

A gentle sort of gem;

I can help you to access

That feeling of compassion for them -

Who ever they are

And whatever they may have done

I can bring to you the serenity that comes

From finding true pardon.

As you hold in your mind’s heart

Challenging experiences (whatever they may be)

And find in them patterns

That will help you to perceive

That all that doth pass

Through your own life (and others)

Is just part of the cosmic design

Whose ultimate purpose resides beyond any of our answers

In my aqueous ways I whisper to you

Not to dissipate your energies and time

Trying to stop this flow of life

With all of its promise and rhyme

I remind you that you are like a river wide

And you must keep moving on;

So accept gracefully the changes that life brings to you

As you rejoice in your heart for each new song

And when this you accomplish

Then true serenity you will have achieved;

What a tremendous feat

So relax and believe

That no matter what you may do

And no matter what you may find

You can always have days

That are tranquil and kind

When with compassion wise

You can forgive and forget;

Knowing that true serenity

Does divine love beget


If aquamarine has entered your life, relax into the soft wisdom of this translucent gem. Like the gentle pastel tones of the aquamarine rainbow – in aqueous greens and blues – aquamarine (a type of beryl) can soothe your worried brow and calm your turbulent mind and heart. In her watery ways, she can help to refresh you – just as a cup of water refreshes us when we are thirsty.

Perhaps you are feeling in need of such refreshment these days.
Are the daily frustrations and petty details of everyday life getting the most of you? Despite your best efforts, are you feeling stressed out and/or anxious? Are you finding it hard to calm down and just enjoy every moment of your beautiful life?

If so, consider letting the energies of aquamarine steep through you. She is bringing to you the possibility of accessing that peaceful place that can be found in the stillness of your soul. It is a gentle sensation – yet as strong and firm as they come.

Like the gentle weeping willow tree that dips its boughs into the water at the river’s edge while its roots are grasping the mud and muck of the shoreline, so you too can feel serenity in your own life and realm, whatever your circumstances may be. Try envisioning that you are like this grace-ful and nimble weeping willow. Plant yourself firmly in the realities of your own life, whatever they may be, and then let your roots extend deeply into Mother Earth, drawing from it the deep soul energies of life itself. Don’t you feel safe and nurtured?

From this safe and tranquil place, let your branches extend and grow our from your heart’s center as they reach out and connect you with the many people and things that you love. Extend your branches as far and wide as you can…and then a little bit more. Let your beautiful verdant branches be caressed by the light of the sun and fed by the rays of moonbeams and star glimmers. How beautiful you are!

Look into the flowing river that runs by your side. Its waters are aqua blue, the same color as aquamarine. Its current is steady and calm, with a flow that is neither stagnant nor torrential. Take a peek into this divine liquid, the nurturer of all life on Earth. Water carries our emotions, and helps us connect with our own deep feelings. Release to the river any anxieties or problems you may be feeling…and let them float away. They no longer concern you.

Now let your branches dip down into this waterway, just as the weeping willow does. Feel your branches becoming part of the flow of this river of life as they sway in a graceful watery dance. Like the feeling of floating effortlessly in the water – whether it be river, ocean, or the amniotic fluids of your own pre-birth – find that perfect position of effortless balance, of soul balance. Relax into this serene place as you feel yourself becoming more serene. Whatever you may be worried about, aquamarine wants you to know that it will be all right.

Skye Stephenson, Ph.D., is an author and certified crystal healer who resides in southern New Hampshire. She offers several types of crystal healing sessions: “Grounding,” “Balancing,” and “Clearing.” Her latest book - The Spirits of Jade – incorporates an enigmatic black jade heart as a main character. The novel is available for purchase along with authentic Guatemalan black jade hearts carved by Ea Orgo, at the door of Quetzalcoatl in Mexico. See www.skyestephenson.com and/or contact Skye at skye@jadejourneys.org for more information.

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