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Changing our Educational DNA: Universities of Tomorrow

the Pythagoras Conference Global in October 2012

by Heather Caton, MSW

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

Breakthroughs in Science and consciousness also require breakthroughs in education for our youth. We cannot guarantee we can build the future for our youth, but it is the responsibility of everyone to build our youth for the future. Our youth are the living messages we send into the future that will shape our world, our society and each other.

21st century learners or “Digital Learners” are living in an increasingly diverse, globalized, and complex, media-saturated society. In 1967, McLuhan’s, wrote these words. “Today’s child is bewildered?when he/she enters?the 19th century environment?that still characterizes?the educational establishment?where information is scarce?but ordered and structured?by fragmented, classified patterns?subjects and schedules.” How these words still ring true today.

Were do we begin? It begins with the understanding that we need to change our educational DNA, youth have a new way of viewing and experiencing the world with a totality of their environment, and this means there is a fundamental mis-match when it comes to education for our youth today. We are so used to a curriculum construct focused on controlled information and the distribution of that information and we have been doing it for so long, it has become ingrained, it has become part of our education DNA. Raising the consciousness of present conditions and insight into the needed and desired changes is the beginning of refining our education DNA asking questions like, what is the purpose of education? What is the definition of knowledge? I believe we are on the edge of this transition today. There is a growing understanding that we are all co-constructors and co-creators, we are all connected to all things. There is an awakening of consciousness with humanity and it is the beginning of refining our educational DNA.

With all that being said, how should education be structured or not structured to meet the needs of our youth in this 21st century world? More importantly, what are those needs? We are trying to educate our youth for a world that we literally cannot imagine, I don't mean figuratively that we cannot imagine it but literally, we cannot imagine it. What will the workplace look like 30 years from now? The technology we have today like, iPads, cell phones, computers, will seem, to our youth, like some older technology seems to us today. What skills are important for an upcoming world that we cannot even imagine?

Maybe we should start with focusing on the things we can imagine. Technology and society is and will continue to change rapidly. Youth today are living in an increasingly diverse, globalized, and complex, media-saturated society. What are the 21st century skills? Critical thinking, creative problem solving, teams building, leadership, adaptability, communication, accessing and analyzing information, curiosity, wonder and imagination. These will be the crucial assets for tomorrow's youth. Breaking down barriers between disciplines, in order to bring more multi- dimensional approaches, is important to co-constructing and co-creating.

It has been said that we need to tear down old walls, not just the walls of classrooms, but also the metaphorical walls that have been constructed around subjects, disciplines, courses and even the ones reflected in our language. It’s not just about tearing the walls down; it is about remembering that the walls do not separate us from the world. Imagine the universities of tomorrow, with inter-disciplinary, trans- disciplinary efforts coming together, connecting minds, and exploring essential questions. Imagine education that encompasses the totality of the environment as our youth experience it, creating opportunity to think, analyze, create, evaluate and apply. When you have this type of educational setting and you have one person that has a breakthrough it usually means everyone has a breakthrough, the possibilities become infinite.

There are organizations, universities, individuals, doing this today, creating opportunities, and bringing hope to youth. World Genesis Foundation whose mission is to “Leave no child without hope for the future” is one example. Atlantykron: Summer Academy of Learning, held in Capidava Romania, brings hundreds of youth, professors and experts from around the world, together in a natural environment to immerse in learning, raising consciousness, and refining educational DNA. It starts now, with each one of us. Take a look at the big picture. Lets listen to the faces of our youth; they are messages we send into the future. What will those messages be? Lets change our education DNA beginning with our words, thoughts, and intensions. Let us work together as one world to ensure we "Leave no child without hope for the future," to ensure every child's light shines at its highest potential in the education of tomorrow, today.

Please join us at the Pythagoras Conference Global in October 2012: a global think tank, presenting over twenty of the world’s top speakers and experts in New Physics, Renewable Energy, New Science, Archeology, Social Science, Consciousness, New Education and more. Order your tickets with code WGF2012 and a donation will be made to World Genesis Foundation in support of new educational programs around the world.

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