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The Feng Shui of Sleep

by Raphael

In Feng Shui the two most important things to consider are the doorway of your home and the placement of your bed. There are many guidelines for the proper placement and compass orientation of your bed based on your Chinese astrological chart, the map and compass alignments of your home, and the physical limitations of the room in which you sleep. These guidelines may also include the colors you use. There is also the fact that what you have above your head, whether it be a photo, a painting, or other decorative object, influences you subconsciously in your sleep. This can work for or against you.

If you choose to have something above the head of your bed you need to consider several things. Colors, for instance, have different meanings to different people. The use of colors in Feng Shui should be determined by your Chinese astrological chart. Colors correspond to elements. If, for example, you were born on a day of Wood element reds for you would stimulate your business interests, yellows would stimulate your financial interests, white or grey your interest in fame or authority, and deep blues or black your interest in succeeding with your studies. In adddition, depending on the unique balance of elements in your Chinese astrological chart, there is one called your vital element. It is always good to have the color of your vital element over your head where you sleep, as your vital element is what your body needs to restore its health. The only way to find out your vital element is through a detailed analysis of your Chinese astrological chart.

Aside from colors, pictures represent ideas, and these ideas impressed on your subconscious can act to influence your life and fortunes. It is always good to know what you want in your life, and why you are hanging particular pictures where you sleep. Sometimes special Chinese astrological pictures are used to mitigate problematic conditions that develop in life from time to time as shown by conflicting astrological signs. For example, if you were born in the year of Fire Dragon you would be able to avoid trouble in the year of Water Dragon by having an image or amulet of a green jade colored rooster.

Some traditional Chinese symbols you may wish to consider using to improve your luck are as follows.

Bear - strength and courage
Two birds - romantic love
Butterflies - love and joy
Bouquet of flowers - prosperity
Cranes - longevity
Deer - wealth and longevity
Dog - prosperity and protection
Dragon - creativity
Duck - happiness
Elephant - wisdom and strength
Eagle - farsightedness and daring
Goldfish - success and abundance
Wild goose - conjugal fidelity
Swallows - prosperity and success
Unicorn - longevity and fecundity.

There are many flowers and trees with symbolic meanings as well. Some of these are as follows.

Apple - peace and prosperity
Chrysanthemum - joy and long life
Lotus - fruitfulness
Orange - happiness and prosperity
Orchid - love and strength
Peach - friendship, marriage, and immortality
Pine - long life
Plum blossom - long life, youth, beauty, and unconquerable spirit
Rose - beauty and love
Willow - gentleness and feminine grace.

Originally having studied Chinese astrology and Feng Shui with Taiwanese Feng Shui expert, Terry Lee, T. Raphael Simons has been practicing, teaching, and writing on Feng Shui since 1988. Raphael’s books on Feng Shui, Feng Shui Step by Step, Feng Shui Strategies for Business Success, and The Feng Shui of Love were originally published in the US by Crown and Random House and, translated into over ten languages are published world-wide. Feng Shui Step by Step, having sold over 700,000, copies was reprinted, and is available at Amazon, and at www.createspace.com/3472024.

To find out more about Raphael’s work in Chinese astrology and Feng Shui visit www.trs-fengshui.com.

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