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Excerpt from "Integrative Massage For the Inner Journey"

Once in the Flow, Gently Let It Row...

by Luis F. Nunez

A fisherman prepares to go out to sea. He makes sure he has everything he might need to make a successful catch (including the most essential—the inner smile that comes along with that good feeling in his heart about loving what he

does, which gives meaning to his life). He sets out in his pirogue and spends hours rowing until the shore is out of sight. The sun has come down on the horizon and the first stars begin to fill the night skies. Everything is reason for joy: the sight of nature that surrounds him, the sound of the waves breaking in soft chops against his wooden pirogue. The rhythmic pace of the oars gently rocking his boat transform it into a nice cradle for the night. Warm breeze fills his lungs with sweet and salty scents of both land and sea. Night falls, turning the dark sky full of guiding stars into a beautiful, comforting patchwork quilt.

The hours pass by smoothly. He spends the whole night out at sea, rejoicing in each moment of serene contemplation. He is still, motionless, except for his breath, which gradually synchronizes with the pendulum-like motion of the waves. Yet, he stays alert, aware of the nature of his environment. He knows well that he must always be respectful of the sea. After all, he is a fisherman and has learned his trade through a good deal of discipline and hard work.

Morning comes and he heads home without a catch. Even so, he feels good and

thankful for all that made it possible for him to be out on the sea. He is confident; on another day, his boat will be filled with fish. Intuitively, he is aware of a kind of inertia within both stillness and his motions as he fishes. What goes around comes around.

This fisherman knows that each actor on the wheel of life plays roles that are interchangeable. Out at sea, sometimes it is the fish that catches the fish catcher; even if only by glancing at him and knowing it’s not time to be in the fisherman’s net.

Sometimes our fisherman spends his night immersed in the cosmic ocean without a catch; he is caught by the idea of fish and fishing. Other times, as I have just mentioned, the fish that won’t get caught is observing him. Because of the fish that did not get in his net, he spends the night fishing stars in his mind’s eye. In stillness, the fisherman confronts the whole of his existence as both fisherman and fish. He observes nature, and his true nature smiles back at him.

So, another day once again, he steers his boat down the river and out to sea, for he has learned to row with the flow. He stays alert within his movements, his mood matching that old song, “Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.”

A boatman knows that each opportunity we have to move into action has the potential to be a grand occasion, no matter what trade we are in. It is the action itself that brings the potential. It is like attending a symphony, a symphony that involves all of our senses.

For a massage practitioner, the musical analogy is always useful, particularly because we are talking about developing the inner senses, which leads to some understanding of “universal synchronicity.” Have you ever experienced listening to a song or melody that matches the moment you are experiencing in real life as if it were the soundtrack of a film? Just a coincidence, some may argue, but I think it is important to differentiate synchronicity (which implies the involvement of a system or a program that includes quantum differential equations) from coincidence, which may merely imply a random occurrence. And yet, even this is debatable, since the equation of the larger picture also takes into consideration the role of random chaotic factors.

This is why it is so important to “log in,” to develop awareness of your inner rhythms and become familiar with them. Logging in to the rhythms of the heart and lungs and spinal cord is something we especially need. It is like synchronizing with the heartbeat of the sun.

When we “log in” to our true selves, (our inner conscience) we are establishing

passwords, which are required to gain access or permission to the desired content or program. For example, the password may open a pathway to reading the effects of emotions that have not been properly dealt with. Usually, these are responsible for blockages or “broken links” between the multiple systems that comprise our being.

This is a concept borrowed from BTS (Body Talk System). The difference here is the approach. BTS uses muscle testing, whereas in massage therapy, reading the effects of the emotions takes place within the flow and motion of the massage session, where the practitioner’s intuition is crucial. To be more specific, this is what could be referred to as the moment of synchronization between therapist and client. Moving and acting in harmony with the inner rhythms gives “permission,” or access, to that which allows the stream of healing to flow.

Such synchronization, cannot take place without a common universal language, a

language that is spoken by the inner voice. That voice referred to as the voice of the heart. Voice, which permeates the ocean within and outside of our individual shells.

This is a voice our conscience is prepared to understand, for its structure is based on simplicity. Its pattern is basic like the DNA structure, a simple yet variable rhythm that allows for real-time reception and transmission.

Remember the film The Horse Whisperer? Synchronization as I have been describing it could be called “soul whispering.” It has the potential to take place during an integrative massage session. It is an amazing exchange of information that takes place at a subconscious level. At this stage, the person being treated enters into a deep level of relaxation.

The massage therapist notices the level of relaxation when the client’s body gives

signals similar to those we have when falling into deep sleep. The body begins to let go of tensions, which is indicated by certain involuntary movements. Sometimes, these signals are noticeable in the spinal chord and sometimes in the limbs or fingers. In fact, the mind-body enters a sort of self-hypnotic state without hypnosis, allowing the consciousness to perform the adjustments necessary to restore our mind-body-spirit to its optimal state. When this occurs, it endows the term integrative massage with its full meaning.

Colombian-born American author Luis F. Nunez is an American -licensed massage therapist. A graduate from Florida College of Natural Health, his professional experience and background extend beyond continents and a particular discipline. In essence, he is a humanist at heart, which is what gives his work a universal appeal. After graduation from the school of business and fine arts at the University of Miami, he travelled extensively in Europe, seeking to expand his cultural horizons in search of his ancestral background. As an entrepreneur running his business, Massage Europe (massageurope.com), he skillfully incorporates his artistic sensitivity with his professional training and approach to life and well being. He lives in Belgium with his wife and children.

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ISBN-13: 978-0-615-56596-5

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