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Horoscopes for September 2007

by Elizabeth Joyce

On September 2, 2007 Saturn leaves the sign of Leo and moves into Virgo, which represents the 6 House; the House of work, responsibility, and health. It will stay in that sign until October 29, 2009, but return briefly (retrograde) from April 7 through July 21,2010. Saturn is known as the taskmaster, the father planet, so any life lessons you have failed to learn in the area in your life touched by this transit will be revisited again and again. If you can understand this (by knowing which House is affected in your birth chart) you can finally learn the lessons it brings and release them, before Saturn moves along. But if you fight and resist these energies, the lessons you haven’t learned or mastered may cause you continuing difficulties. Saturn’s energy will also give you the ability to make sound decisions and the inner resolve to stick with any changes you decide to make in the area of your life that is connected to Virgo energy.

Virgo is a Mutable sign ruled by Mercury, and Saturn’s transit through this sign enables you to see matters more realistically and boosts your analytical skills so that the solutions to difficult problems are recognized and worked through more quickly and easily. You become more detail oriented and are in the process of mastering new skills, which is likely to lead to inner satisfaction despite any frustration you might also feel. While your self-reliance increases, enabling you to feel more secure in the world, you also develop a more balanced sense of humility. The obstacles you encounter may make you feel a bit impatient and testy, and if you have trouble overcoming them, some self-doubt may creep in. However, any lack of accomplishment on your part is likely to lead to the recognition of some self-truths that you have failed to recognize in the past, which can inspire you to work harder than before to achieve your objectives.

During the time Saturn is traveling through Virgo, it will retrograde three times, the first one being the most difficult transit. It retrogrades from December 19, 2007 through May 2, 2008, again from
December 31, 2008 through May 16, 2009 and the last transit is as mentioned above, April 7, 2010 through May 30, 2010. When any planet is retrograde, you are able, and sometimes forced to backtrack over subjects and circumstances you have already dealt with. These times of looking toward the past allow you to reflect on decisions already made, to repair what is broken, to reconnect with your inner being and to reconsider and revise your goals and ambitions. You also get the time to work on any projects you have set aside. Saturn retrograde typically brings feelings of restlessness and frustration with the status quo, mild unhappiness and even lethargy. Feelings of loss or the thought that something important has been lost also exists. Serious self-evaluation occurs during the retrograde cycles, especially when it comes to your attitude towards power and authority. Be careful during this time frame, because Saturn retrograde reduces your parameters, internalizes energies, and limits your possibilities, you probably will feel resentful towards people whom you think are holding you back.

Spiritually speaking, throughout the retrograde period, inner mental processes are working on the issues that frustrate you, so that eventually you will be able to bring them under some kind of control. This is always the work of the Soul. After the retrograde period is over, a new status quo is reached, making it possible to work productively on the plans you have been going over and thinking about. It is a good time to rework and reestablish issues related to the House in your birth chart through which Saturn is transiting. For example, if Saturn is traveling through your 10th House (career, vocation, public image), as it is mine, you could make some new inquiries about a career opportunity you failed to gain during the retrograde time. Your chances of being hired for that position, or another one within the same company, are better than ever now.

Following is the monthly astrology for September 2007 along with the effects Saturn will have in your life. Locate your birth chart, or have someone draw it up for you, and find out what area of the chart Saturn is making it’s transit through, to know which area of life it is likely to affect you personally over the next two years or so. The New Moon in VIRGO on September 11th brings Solar eclipse at 18 degrees Virgo. There is also a mutable grand cross involving five planets, along with a tendency to become scattered with your thinking. Be careful if you drive and remember that others feelings can be hurt by thoughtless and harsh words.

The Full Moon in ARIES on September 26th brings the Fall Equinox and a change of seasons. Postpone decisions until mid-October and be careful of manipulation. One minute you are calmly making out your shopping list and the next you are losing your cool.

VIRGO: Polarity: Feminine Sign: Mutable Element: Earth Planetary Rule:
6th House/Mercury Body: Intestines/Nervous System FOCUS: I analyze.

The Personal Signs
Aries (3/21 – 4/20)

Saturn has moved into Virgo in your 6th House. This two-year influence will have a long-term effect; it can launch your rise to the top ten years from now. Keep that in mind because September promises to get off to a rocky start. Difficult and frustrating events may push you to your limit right up to the solar eclipse on the 11th. Strained relationships may cause conflicts and you could find yourself caught up in a power struggle. Time to take a close look at your lifestyle and health regime. If it is less then optimum take steps to correct the trend. Start with a check up at the Fall Equinox and be sure to modify your diet. Love and communication flow smoothly in the fall months.

Saturn’s two-year transit will focus on your day-to-day affairs, service, work and health issues. This energy can bring difficulties on the job, such as trouble with an employee, a co-worker or fewer employees to do the same amount of work. Shorter deadlines and additional projects at work are likely to cause you additional pressure. If your daily activities are not being performed efficiently, focus on how to streamline your routine, perhaps by adjusting your schedule or implementing some new procedures; then put the changes into effect immediately. Resolve to manage your time and your duties as systematically as possible to improve less than ideal conditions. If you take on more than you can handle, something could give way — perhaps even your health — so be sure not to over-extend yourself. Watch your stress levels and keep a close watch on your health. Avoid
fast foods and be sure to take a break every now and then., even if it’s just getting up from your desk and walking around the room. Relax and do something fun and entertaining after hours to ease your mind.

Taurus (4/21-5/21)
As September opens the emphasis shifts to children, love affairs and your creativity. Learning and travel will interest you and you might profit from a hobby or teaching a community class. Plans will come together for you in early October. If you haven’t scheduled your annual health check-up let the energies of the Aries Full Moon inspire you to do so. This lunar energy can also benefit you if you want to lose a few pounds by the holidays. Get going Taurus! Romance becomes serious and more stable over the next two years. Don’t allow yourself to fall into a rut, but move forward with joy and hope, while you enjoy building a relationship with your soul mate. Job recognition, financial gains and success some to you over the next year or so, beginning now!

Saturn’s two-year transit Saturn is traveling through your solar 5th House in the sector of creativity, love affairs, speculation and children. During his transit, you may at first feel hat you’ve lost a bit of your creative edge, particularly where it relates to personal problem solving. Your interaction with your children, grandchildren, or any child for that matter, also have the potential of being challenging because you find it hard to relate to youngsters or you may want to restrict their behavior to too great a degree. Resolve not to overreact to behavior that you find boisterous or unseemly, and strive to get in touch with your inner child. You can find much delight in focusing your attention on the joys of life, and there are many. You desire true love and thus are firmly resolved that a frivolous kind of affair is not a good choice, at least right now. You may opt to date, but only if you think the dating could eventually lead to mating. If you have a special creative interest, now is the time to develop the precise skills necessary to use your talent to its full advantage. Avoid any gambling, speculation or stock market tricks, as this kind of behavior is far more risky that usual during this transit. You could
lose the ranch and all of your security as well.

Gemini (5/21-6/20)
Your attention is focused on home and family matters as September opens, Gemini. You could purchase property, or completely relocate over the next two years. This month, however, is not best for either, or for any kind of household changes. If you can hold off, next year offers you better choices. The same holds true if you are beginning a home based business. Bone up on health issues and how you can modify your daily activities and diet for a better lifestyle. Social life gains momentum after the 8th and you’ll be motivated to get out and have contact with people. Month’s end is a terrific time for finding romance and love. Ask a friend to arrange a date for you. Money goes out for domestic expenses. If you make a major purchase, consider an extended warranty. Look forward for financial increases in October.

Saturn’s two-year transit moves through your solar 4th House, the sector of home, the mother and domestic affairs. During this transit you may be forced to deal with various household and security matters. For example, home repairs that you have been putting off may become unavoidable, or you might have to assume additional responsibility for a parent, or deal with feelings of insecurity related to your capacity to give and receive love. Painful or unresolved episodes from your childhood could creep into your mind, preoccupying you with thoughts from the past. Resolve to let go of long-term resentments and memories that are putting a damper on your spiritual growth and self-evolvement.  Try to come to terms with your deepest yearnings and to conquer your deepest fears. Something vital to you may come to an end now, and though this may cause you some anxiety, ultimately you will come to understand that it is more beneficial than detrimental. Look to family members and close friends for emotional support, even if that makes you a bit nervous. If you can open up to them, you may finally realize you do not have to earn their love, as they will give it freely and unconditionally.

Cancer (6/21-7/22)
Communication is your focus for the next two years, Cancer. You could come in contact with your soul mate who has important knowledge to share. You could do the same for someone else without realizing it. Take a class if you’re motivated to master a subject your career would benefit from. You really need to dice in to an exercise program to firm and tone muscles and improve your overall health. Join a gym, take a water aerobics class, or try tennis to get your blood moving. At the workplace communication promises to be challenging this month. Expect power struggles, and difficult people whose mission it is to block progress. Also, continue to drive with care. You snap out of this cycle at the Full Moon on the 23rd, and are ultra-motivated at month’s end.

Saturn’s two-year transit is traveling through your solar 3rd House, the sector linked with communication, short trips, and the conscious mind. Its transit here will enhance your organizational skills and mental abilities, allowing you to solve problems and to manage several projects at once more efficiently. However, you may also need to deal with additional paperwork, bungled communications, delays, and similar troubles. Creativity may seem elusive, so you’ll have to work hard to accomplish tasks related to writing, reading and communicating. You’ll spend more time dealing with difficulties related to your immediate environment — the world you travel through on a daily basis — due to changes in your surroundings or your circumstances. This could be anything from a broken-down vehicle to local roadwork to some accident or injury. This House also affects your relationship with your oldest son, or you may give birth to your first-born son. You also could have increased responsibilities related to neighbors, classmates, siblings or other relatives. Your resolution now should be to make positive experiences out of whatever life challenges you with. You do this by learning to look at the world around you more objectively and by thinking more rationally. Saturn’s energies are well equipped to help you with both of these modes of thought.

Leo (7/23-8/22)
Money and values are highlight for you over the next two years, Leo. Now is the time to identify the best use of your personal resources, including your skills and talents. If you feel you’re underpaid or
underemployed, set a goal to change the situation when your opportunities will multiply. Give yourself some time off at the Fall Equinox. Even better, head out of town with your family, partner or a close friend. Consider pampering yourself at a spa. Turn on the charm, because your love life comes alive after the 8th. Fill the month with outings, events, dates and more. If you are searching for that someone special, a pal could link you up with love, or you might fins some warm nights with someone you considered a friend. Plan ahead for some unexpected expenses this month, and curb the urge to splurge. Don’t take gambles or chances and don’t feel obligated to pick up the check. Be generous to your savings account.

Saturn’s two-year transit is traveling through your solar 2nd House of finances, money and values. Your financial situation could challenge you due to obstacles, setbacks and circumstances beyond your control, particularly if you are living beyond your means. You may have to adapt a no-nonsense approach in order to improve your finances, even if you feel that you have plenty of cash or credit on hand. Resolve to identify and modify your spending, lending and borrowing habits. Begin to reduce your expenditures. Any money you can save needs to be set aside for emergencies or put into low-risk to moderate-risk investments opportunities. Saturn endows you with the discipline to overcome poor spending and savings habits and bring you the patience to strive towards and achieve realistic financial objectives. Examine your attitude and values too, particularly to those relating to possessions. Items you have purchased recently may turn out to be no more than expensive luxuries, things you can sell or give away without suffering any psychological upset. You’ll end up feeling happier if you can learn how to use your talents and skills in ways that will support your material, emotional and spiritual needs.

Virgo (8/23-9/22)
Serious and disciplinary Saturn enters your sign on September 2nd, giving you the opportunity to begin a new chapter in your life. Saturn is noted to moving slowly and deliberately while clearing away anything holding you back or that you no longer need. You will need the next two years to define your goals, ambitions and life direction. The final outcome may be far different than what you imagine today. This energy requires some special handling. You may feel the need for some extra sleep, and should make that a priority when necessary so that you don’t get rundown. Also, give yourself the gift to relax, which is something you rarely do; consider this a new health tool to be acquired. People are testy and relationships are rocky during the lead up to the eclipse on the 11th. After that, business and personal contacts will bring you luck. Potential gains are linked to the Full Moon on the 23rd. Before then, however, you will have to jump a few hurdles that promise to test
your stamina and people skills.

Saturn’s two-year transit travels through your 1st House of self-identity. Concerns about your appearance or perhaps unresolved issues relating to childhood could challenge your self-esteem and even make you feel unloved if you give in to such feelings. You have a tendency to hide your feelings from others during this type of transit. It is also likely that you will be overly sensitive to criticism or to the possibility of rejection. You may put yourself into positions where you will have to overcome obstacles in order to prove your self worth, and you may seek to validate yourself and your talents by attempting to win approval from others. It is also possible that you will be overly critical of others because that makes you feel better about yourself. It is important to overcome such negative tendencies, so resolve to work on improving self-mastery and to be less fixed and negative in your attitude about yourself and others. Lighten up a little and learn to live in the moment and to act spontaneously. Change how you look if your physical appearance concerns you (hint: it’s a good time to begin an exercise program or begin a new diet). Saturn will give you the willpower to stick to any regimen you adopt. Do something new every now and then in order to keep up your vitality.

Libra (9/23-10/22)
You will enjoy more time to yourself over the next two years, Libra. This energy encourages you to look within. This is also the energy of caring for an elderly parent or family member. It is time for you to resolve some regrets so that you can get ready for a fresh start. You can expect some difficult dealings and tension with people who are stirring the pot at work. Remind yourself at the eclipse to schedule your health check-up if you haven’t already done so this year. Take precautions to help avoid a cold or the flu, both of which are easy to catch at the change of seasons. After the 8th you’ll get a jump-start on your social life and fell back in the swing. Plan a romantic holiday at home or far away with your mate on the Full Moon in your partnership sign. At month’s end you singles are looking for love, and those attached are taking it to a higher level. You enter a pressure packed energy time in the work place right through November.

Saturn’s two-year transit passes through your 12 House, Libra. This is the sector of dreams, private sorrows, illness (yours or someone else’s), and disappointments. You may have to cope with emotional burdens or difficult physical tasks, and may tend to obsess about fears, anxieties, or perceived inadequacies of one kind or another. Resolve to look within yourself to decipher your innermost feelings so that you can conquer those fears and develop the fortitude to deal with your problems. As you commune with yourself through meditation, take stock of your life, making sure to include both your accomplishments and failures; doing this will remind you that you have achieved a lot in your life. Even if a few things here and there have not exactly made you proud, overall the balance sheet is way on the positive side. Vow to think of your experiences as valuable lessons you’ve learned rather than sources of conflict. Working behind the scenes could give you the mental space you need to sort through whatever is causing you trouble and heartache. Set aside some private time to be alone with your thoughts. Drawing on your inner strength will enable you to face difficulties maturely and courageously. Pay attention to your nightly dreams now, as they may carry a practical message for you. The 12 House is also the House of hidden enemies as well as hospitals and prisons. You may have to deal with these issues as well during this transit.

Scorpio (10/ 23-11/22)
Don’t jump to conclusions with your friends as September opens, Scorpio. You will experience some difficulty early in the month, but this will pass. In fact, you’ll have many opportunities over the next two years to form lasting friendships and among them possibly find your soul mate. But now it’s time to put your interests first and let go of any that are not right for you. Health and wellness are emphasized this month, and you may want to lose a few pounds. Also be sure to schedule a routine health check-up and a dental one as well. Your social life expands and you begin to widen your circle of friends. Get involved with a club or organization, community group or volunteer your time and skills for a good cause. Romance blooms after the 8th. Be conservative with your cash and don’t loan money to friends or relatives. It will be a long time, if ever, before it’s returned.

Saturn’s two-year transit moves through your solar 11th House of friends, groups, hopes, wishes and love received. In your interactions with others you are likely to be more cautious and reserved that usual or perhaps willing to accept just any old person into your confidence. You will be thinking a ling, hard look at people with whom you associate, particularly friends and members of groups. You may discover that you’ve mentally and emotionally outgrown some of your friends and seek to form some new partnerships. If your group affiliates meets your needs, you may find yourself getting more involved in activities hosted by various associations. If you belong to a humanitarian organization, you could be asked to take on a leadership role within the group. Perhaps it will be a charity that sorely needs your excellent organizational and communication skills. Resolve to set new standards for what you want and expect from your friends and acquaintances. Let go of relationships that no longer serve your highest good. Begin to consider that it is the differences in people that make life
interesting. Even strangers may have something of value to bring into your life now.

Sagittarius (11/23-12/21)
A momentous event occurs for you on September 2nd, bringing your career success and status over the next two years. This event happens once every twenty-eight years and will deliver you some long awaited rewards. Take the challenge, which is a simple one. Live up o your job responsibilities and give them your all — even when you might be tempted to cut corners. Observation can teach you a lot about yourself and how you interact with others. Pause and ask yourself whether the contact was pleasant and easygoing, or one that you’d rather not repeat. Put this knowledge to work for you to create positive outcomes with conversations, which in turn reduces stress. September’s light and love focus on friendships, having fun, laughter filled evenings and days with pals and the potential to connect with new people. The heat is on Sag., as career demands rise, but amid the periodic challenges, you’ll find the opportunity to excel and catch the eye of important people. Communication and adaptability is key, as well as quick thinking.

Saturn’s two-year transit moves through your 10th House of fame and fortune. This sector affects career, honors, authority, the father and your reputation. Because Saturn rewards those who have paid their dues, if you’ve been working diligently, then recognition and honor, a position of more responsibility and power, or even a new career opportunity may come your way. However, If you haven’t committed yourself to your career, you may find yourself having to worry about job security, as well as your reputation. During this transit, you may have to take on extra work and career responsibilities in order to make ends meet, possibly without much compensation. It is likely that obstacles or delays could put a crimp in your effort to bring an important goal to fruition. When matters seem to advance too slowly, call upon the patience and endurance, which Saturn endows you. Resolve to involve yourself wholeheartedly and seriously in your career; this will create an aura of maturity and sensibility that just might bring you a promotion. However, if you’re not doing something that pleases your soul, look inward and discover what you could and should be doing: Now — take our first step in that direction and watch the universe support you.

Capricorn (12/22-1/19)
A major change occurs this month, which is very important to you, Cap. Saturn begins its two-year sojourn through your 9th House of travel and higher learning. This is a very positive influence if you want to return to school to complete a degree, earn another, or study for advanced certification. Consider it. Expand your knowledge through others by taking a trip. September isn’t the time to do this however, schedule it for early October. Do yourself a favor in what promises to be a pressure-packed month. Take a kittle time each day for yourself, even if it’s a quick lunchtime walk. This will give you time for your own thoughts, reduce stress levels, which in turn will boost productivity. September brings a picture perfect month for success on the job, and even that long-desired promotion or new job offer. The money flow begins after the 8th, but avoid any financial moves until early October.

Saturn’s two-year transit moves through your 9th House, the house of long journeys, philosophy, the higher mind and religion. Your social awareness is likely to broaden now, and you may find yourself struggling with issues relating to altering or establishing your personal truth. Religious beliefs as well as the dictates of society, the government, the courts, humanity, and even the universe are matters you’re going to be scrutinizing carefully now. You’ll probably be keen to examine your attitudes and opinions, and, if you do this, you could find that you’ve been adapting to the views of others more than you should. If that’s the case, you may need to learn to start expressing your own viewpoints, and then begin to follow hem and live by them. Higher education and travel are practical avenues through which to broaden your horizons because each can open new doors that lead to a better future. Resolve to readjust your thinking so that you can bring your beliefs more in line with what you’ve experienced rather than simply going along with what you’ve been taught or what you think others expect of you. Try to live life reasonably and try to make solid choices that make sense. Avoid anything that smacks of a wild goose chase or foolishness.

Aquarius (1/20-2/18)
With Saturn in your 2nd House, you may need to tighten your budget during the next two years, but not necessarily. If you do, it can be a positive move if your goal is to increase savings and eliminate debt. A reduced family income is also possible, so you should adopt a more financially conservative mindset to cover any extra expenses. Fresh scenery is a great stress reliever and one that can also change your perspective. A vacation or weekend trip can provide both for you. If travel is impossible for you this month, find an alternative to take you away from the daily pressure. Your social life is energized after the 8th, and relationships will generally settle down. However, events around the 21st can cause you to question a friendship or another kind of relationship. What you discover may disappoint and disillusion you but you will also learn something. Financial issues require your attention to the days leading up to the eclipse. Protect your resources and financial data, check your credit report, and do what’s right for you even though it affects a friendship or close relationship.

Saturn’s two-year transit passes through your 8th House of sex, death, shared resources, insurance, taxes and regeneration as well as karma. During this transit you are liable to become more aware of your physical and emotional intimacy needs and ponder whether or not these are being met. An intimate relationship could really be tested if the other person suffers a loss of income and you have to pick up the financial slack. (Money problems are the leading cause of relationship breakups.) You could find yourself in trouble if you or a mate/partner have been spending all of your funds without setting any money aside for emergencies. You also might have to deal with issues related to life-and-death crises or how you handle major power struggles that come up. Think about the level of prosperity you want to achieve — resolve to create it, and stick to it! Be sure to create a budget that leaves you some leftover cash. Enter your mind’s interior to discover hidden strengths that can help you master whatever difficulties may come your way. Realize that it may not always be possible to achieve all of your desires in this lifetime, but keep focused.

Pisces (2/19-3/20)

The major event on September 2nd affects your 7th House of partnerships and close relationships. This two-year influence can be wither positive or negative depending on your approach, and will more then likely be a bit of both. You’ll draw closer to friends while you find yourself pulling away from others. Essentially, you’ll strengthen ties with those who enrich your life and at least partially let go of those whose interests now differ from yours. If you decide to cement a close relationship and make a commitment, Saturn will stick like crazy glue and create an unbreakable and close bond. Take time to think about all you have learned from people since July/ New thoughts will begin to emerge after the 8th. Take the time to clear up any misunderstandings, if only for your own piece of mind. Resolution brings you closure and inner peace. Finances improve by month’s end. Your, your partner, or both could experience a small windfall. Stash it rather than spend it.

Saturn’s two-year transit passes through your solar 7th House, the sector that focuses on marriage and partnerships. During this transit you may feel the need to redefine your partnership needs and trim your expectations to some degree, as you examine your sense of emotional security. If you’re unattached romantically you’ll probably be looking for the long-term rather than a short-term relationship. If you’re involved in a relationship that’s difficult, you may either come up with new strategies for making it better or decide to get out of it completely. A tendency towards repressing your emotional responses could keep you from keeping the lines of communication open. This can male you feel stifled in your dealings with others, whether it be a mate, a spouse, a partnership, or a best friend. Resolve to be more honest with yourself and others about what you want, expect and need from your relationships, especially with those that are important to you. Do not give up on someone who has played a significant role in your life just because he or she is currently not living up to your expectations. Instead, explore possibilities for revitalizing the relationship. If you are thinking about taking on a business partner, look for someone who has the strengths you might lack.


Born as one of two sets of identical twins, Elizabeth Joyce has been psychic since birth. Named One Of The World’s Greatest Psychics, (Citadel Press 2004), she is a spiritual healer and gives personal
readings worldwide. Her new book Psychic Attack, Are You A Victim, has just been released and is available to order at Amazon.com. Her TV Appearances include Unsolved Mysteries, Beyond Chance and The Psychic Detectives. Elizabeth’s website www.new-visions.com is one of the top-rated in her field. She facilitates a women’s group while teaching her Intuitive Awareness classes and Spiritual Intensive workshops in Doyelstown. PA. To contact Elizabeth call: 215-996-0646

Elizabeth Joyce

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