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Excerpt from "The Book of Afformations"

What's Missing in Your Life?

by Noah St. John

The following is an excerpt from The Book of Afformations®: Discovering the Missing Piece to Abundant Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness by Noah St. John, published by Hay House (August, 2013), available at bookstores or online at www.HayHouse.com


“Every sentence I utter must be understood not as an affirmation, but as a question.”


Afformations have helped countless people around the world to make more money, boost self-confidence, improve personal relationships, be happier and healthier, quit bad habits like smoking and overeating, and enjoy a deeper connection with God. I named the process of creating and asking empowering questions The Afformations Method. But where did the word Afformations come from?

The word form comes from the Latin word formare, which means “to form or give shape to.” That’s when it hit me: What if you’re making something firm, but it’s in the wrong form? That would be called, “Forming a life you don’t want!”

Empowering vs. Disempowering Questions

Most people are going through life asking mostly disempowering questions without realizing it—then wonder why they’re not getting the results they dream of. What are disempowering questions? They’re questions that do precisely that: they disempower you and effectively take away your power to act, by focusing your mind on what you don’t have, what you can’t do, and who you are not.

Questions like, Why am I so broke? Why doesn’t anyone love me? How come I never have enough money? Why am I so fat? and Why can’t I lose weight? are examples of disempowering questions, because they cause you to believe you can’t do the things you want to do in life.

Empowering questions are those that have precisely the opposite effect of their negative counterparts. While disempowering questions focus your mind on what you don’t have, can’t do, and are not, empowering questions focus your mind what you have, what you can do, and who you are.

For example, let’s say a disempowering questions is: How come I never get the breaks other people get? Your empowering question might be: Why am I so lucky?

Or, another disempowering questions may be: Why am I so fat? Your empowering question could be: Why is it so easy for me to lose weight?

Got it? Are you ready to experience the Afformations difference? Congratulations! You’ve just begun an amazing journey to your new abundant lifestyle . . .

The Afformations Method

I’ve taught these four steps to countless groups around the world, and in thousands upon thousands of cases, these four simple steps have changed people’s lives for the better. That’s why I hope you will use these four simple steps of The Afformations Method to design and create a more abundant lifestyle for yourself and your family, and then take action to make it a reality.

Step One: Ask yourself what you really, really want, and capture your desires in writing. Be as specific as possible when capturing your desires. For example, here are some things you could list that you want to do, achieve, or experience:

I want to . . .

• Lose 20 pounds by (a specific date)

• Fit into my skinny jeans again

• Start eating healthier foods

• Get better, more restful sleep

• Feel more confident about my body

Make sure you write at least one goal or destination for each area. There’s no hard-and-fast rule for how many goals you can have; however, keep in mind that your brain can handle a lot more than you think.

Step Two: Form a New Question That Assumes That What You Want Is Already True.

The second step of The Afformations Method is to start creating empowering questions that assume that what you want is already so, has already happened, or is true! If you’ve been unconsciously asking, Why don’t I have enough money? the answers will show up as your lack of money, no matter how hard or how long you work. And if you’ve been unwittingly asking, Why can’t I lose weight? the answer will show up as your not being able to lose weight, no matter how many diet and exercise programs you try.

Let’s reverse the negative questions we’ve just looked at. They now would look something like this: Why do I have enough money? Why is it so easy for me to lose weight? These questions may seem unfamiliar (even downright bizarre!) to you right now. But what if, just for a moment, you let yourself accept those questions as being true for you? Wouldn’t you have a life that’s different from the average person’s—a life that’s different from the one you have now?

Why Ask Why?

One of the most common questions I’m asked about Afformations is, “Why do they all start with the word why?” Good question!

Afformations are a specific form of empowering question that start with the word why. When you ask questions that assume that what you want is already true, you will activate that part of your brain that will seek to make it so. And that is what will unleash your hidden power to take action and change your life.

Step Three: Accept the Truth of Your New Questions

When I tell my coaching clients and mastermind students to “accept the truth of your new questions,” they often ask me what that means. Here are four simple ways to give yourself to your new, empowering Afformations and accept them as true. You can:

• Read them

• Write them

• Say them

• Listen to them

Repeat this process for as many different Afformations as you want, in as many areas of your life as you wish. Repeat this process as often as necessary until you install your new, empowering beliefs.

Step Four: Take New Actions Based on Your New Assumptions about Life

Your actions are based on your belief. If you believe that you can’t be/do/have the thing you desire, you won’t take much action. However, if you believe that you can be/do/have the thing you desire, you’ll take action and keep taking action, for as long as it takes!

Remember that the point of The Afformations Method is not to find the answer to your questions. Since you are now going to be forming positive questions that assume that what you want is already true, your mind will work to find a way to make it so.

The point of Afformations is not to try to trick your mind, but to use it properly. You’re already using Afformations anyway, but most people are doing so unconsciously, in a negative, disempowering, self-defeating way. That’s why following the four steps of The Afformations Method will enable your mind’s automatic search function to produce remarkable results that are in your favor, rather than negative ones that don’t benefit you or the ones you love.

And now, please enjoy your new, incredibly simple yet astonishingly empowering Afformations. . . and start reaping amazing results in your life!

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