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Maitreya - The World Teacher & An Awakening Humanity: An Interview with Benjamin Creme

by Zita Ost

British artist, author and lecturer Benjamin Creme has been speaking for over 30 years about the return of the One expected by the world’s great religions as the Christ, Imam Mahdi, Maitreya Buddha, Krishna, or the Messiah. According to Mr. Creme, the One awaited is Maitreya, the World Teacher and head of our Spiritual Hierarchy, also known as the Masters of Wisdom.

In December 2008, Mr. Creme announced that in the very near future a large, bright ‘star’ would appear in the sky visible throughout the world, night and day. This ‘star’ would herald Maitreya’s imminent appearance in his first interview on a major US television network. Within weeks, reports from all over the world of an unusually bright star, often moving and changing color, began to appear in the media.

On January 14, 2010, Mr. Creme announced that Maitreya had given his first interview, on US television, and that millions had heard him speak.

Following are excerpts from a radio interview with hosts Zita Ost and Belle Salisbury on June 15, 2013.

Zita Ost: You have been working with the Masters for many years. How did you get involved with this?

Benjamin Creme: A man came to me and said, "The Masters are trying to connect with you." I said, "Oh, no. They are not." And he said, "Oh yes they are, and I have been sent to tell you they are." I said, "Well, I don’t hear anything." It is always a telepathic rapport that they establish, at least in the beginning. I didn’t have that; I wasn’t aware of it. He said, "The messages come to you, but they just bounce off." I asked why, and he said, "You are not open." I said I wasn’t expecting any kind of contact with the Masters, whom I have read about for years; who were for me figures of amazing wisdom, knowledge, and gifts of love. I felt they were so high there was no way they could be trying to contact me, but he assured me they were. He said: "You have to relax. That’s all you need to do, and when the call comes through, receive it. Don’t let it bounce off."

Well, I didn’t know exactly what to do, but I must have done the right thing because five or six weeks later the voice came to me clear as your voice and said, "Go to the south end of Blackfriar’s Bridge." They gave me a time, which was three weeks ahead. When I went there at the time, 9:30pm, nobody was around, but at the end of the bridge was a car. I sidled up to the car and looked in. There were some people in the car that I did not recognize, but one was the man who had come and told me the Masters were trying to contact me. It started from there.

Since 1959 I have been working closely with one of the Masters—closer and closer until his mind and my mind, as it were, locked together.

He introduced me to a new meditation called Transmission Meditation. The Masters step down the [spiritual] energies which come from solar, planetary and extra-planetary sources. They are very high in vibration. Then [the energy] comes to us in the transmission groups and we step it down further.

There are hundreds of groups all over the world. [Transmission] will become more and more used during the next cycle of Aquarius. We are now at the very beginning of the Age of Aquarius – no longer in the Age of Pisces, where we have been for the last 2,150 years.

Zita Ost: So everything is starting to come together where we will come out of the self-serving era, so to speak?

Benjamin Creme: Yes, it’s a switch from the Piscean Age of an exaggerated personal potency and into an age in which the group becomes paramount, where the potency of your individuality is developed in Pisces but subjected to the enhancement of the group in Aquarius. The gifts of Aquarius will direct humanity more and more to the group and further from the potent individual with his individuality as the primary factor in his life. Today, that is true for the individual on the whole and the nations as a reflection of that individual.

So the nations are highly individualistic, and hence the potency for going to war. They are only beginning slowly to turn away from that and into the influence of the Aquarian energies through Maitreya and his group of Masters, which is turning the tides in the affairs of men.

Maitreya’s Television Interviews

Zita Ost: You have said Maitreya first appeared back in 1977, but he continues to make public appearances…

Benjamin Creme: Yes, he has made something like 94 television appearances [as of June 2013] – 29 in America to begin with, then 14 in Mexico, 41 in Brazil, and now 11 so far in Russia.

It is important that people do not know who this man is at the present time. He must know that if you want for the world what he is advocating, that you do it from your own heart, and not because you are following a man called Maitreya or the World Teacher. He works unknown, but is becoming more and more open and broad about what he is saying. The people, for instance, in Russia today are hearing a stronger message than people who heard him for weeks on end in Brazil.

He is putting forward ideas of the oneness and essential goodness of humanity – what he calls the fact that all of us are gods. He sees humanity as divine. We have to be divine, because there is nothing else in life. Everything in the world is divine in one way or the other.

Maitreya says one thing can answer the needs of humanity. He says first we need peace. Without peace we will have war; and if we have small wars we will go into bigger wars; and if we have bigger wars, they will be nuclear wars; and if they are nuclear wars they will destroy all life on this planet. He says to rid the world of the nuclear threat and make peace. Unless we do that there is no future for humanity.

And there is only one way to create peace: you have to make justice in the world. There are countries where millions of poverty-stricken live out miserable, painful lives. India, which is becoming one of the richer countries in the world, still has millions of people starving to death, living in the streets. There is no justice. There is no justice in America; there is no justice in Europe; there is no justice in China, India or most of the world.

Maitreya says only one thing will bring justice: the principle of sharing. When you share, you recognize the god in your brother. When you share, he says, you take the first step into your divinity. When you share, you open the door to the ability of all men to work together in peace for the good of all.

He says: "The crime of separation must be driven from this Earth. I affirm that as my purpose…Let me take you by the hand and take you to a land where no man lacks, where no two days are alike, where the joy of brotherhood manifests through all men." This is the nature of the Christ, one who is among us now, the Master of all the Masters, the one who comes as a simple man. You have no idea how simple, how modest he is.

The End Is Known From The Beginning

Zita Ost: They say that in order to bring about change you have to hit rock bottom. Do you think we as a society have hit rock bottom?

Benjamin Creme: Yes I do. This is what the Masters call the "wilderness experience." Humanity is going through it now, but it is also forming what the Masters call the Sword of Cleavage. The Christ, through Jesus, said, "When I come, I come not to bring peace, but a sword to set father against son and brother against brother." That is what is happening today, but it is not meant to be taken literally, meaning he brings war. On the contrary, the Sword of Cleavage is essentially the Christ energy of love. It is impersonal. It stimulates everything, the good and the bad. It takes the skill of the World Teacher, Maitreya, to enable the action of this Law to work in such a way that the evil is not over-activated and the good is strongly activated.

We have free will, but at the same time the end is known from the beginning. In a curious way, Maitreya knows he will not fail and that humanity will not fail. Humanity will not be destroyed in a catastrophic final war through nuclear devastation.

The people are beginning to respond to Maitreya. They are beginning to set to rights the world. They are demanding their rights and suffering for it. Many are dying for it. They are doing it for their children and their children’s children. We have a new person today, an enlightened group of people throughout the world who will demand justice and sharing for the whole of humanity.

Zita Ost: As individuals, what do we need to focus on to help Maitreya and the Masters?

Benjamin Creme: The fact that we are one—brothers and sisters of one humanity—is the important thing. As we say in Scotland, "We’re all Jock Tamson’s Bairns" [meaning "we’re all the same under the skin"]. And so we are. Every man, woman and child has crisscrossed this world over and over again in the long history of humanity. We call ourselves Russian, American, Greek, Swazi or whatever, but these are only temporary terms. Essentially, we are gods, according to Maitreya, on a path to perfection.

The Simplest Way

Zita Ost: It seems that we as human beings have to learn to become our own masters of faith.

Benjamin Creme: Maitreya puts it very simply. He says, "My way is the simplest way." He says to practice three things. First, honesty of mind. He says most people think one thing, say another and then do something else again. There is no direct line from what they think to what they do. So practice honesty of mind.

Two, sincerity of spirit. Sincerity of spirit is like when you talk to a dear old friend to whom you feel you can say anything, from whom you hold nothing back.

The third thing is detachment. Become detached. Mankind is threefold – physical, emotional and mental, but we attach our sense of ourselves to the physical plane. We look in the mirror and say, "That’s me. That’s Mr. Creme." There is no Mr. Creme in the mirror. There is just a vision you see that reflects back what you look like, but what you look like is not you. We look in the mirror and say: "Oh, I am getting old. How awful!" People think it’s the end. It’s not the end until it’s the end. You don’t die until you die.

If you believe you are going to die at forty and you are coming up to thirty-nine, you begin to wonder if that’s true. And then you get afraid. You have to live unafraid—unafraid to live and unafraid to die. Life is to be lived boldly and happily. We are here to be happy! How many people let happiness into their lives?

Zita Ost: Very few, because we are so busy seeking happiness.

Benjamin Creme: You cannot seek happiness. It doesn’t come from anywhere but inside.

Zita Ost: We are at the cusp of an awakening. We are seeing the potential of what our world can be and we are starting to grasp onto that.

Benjamin Creme: Absolutely right – and long may it continue.

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