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Psychic Insights for November 2013

by Elissa Heyman

For everyone: People go through much needed change in November, there’s a strong routing out of what’s dead. It’s not an easy time for many. The good thing about change now is that it’s “transformational”: upheaval for the best in the long run—a deconstructing of one’s life where necessary, to make way for a higher vision. People are trying hard now to deal with life’s changes, resilience is called for.

The new moon solar eclipse November 3rd in deeply internal Scorpio kicks off another cycle of self- understanding and profound insights. Out in the world, expect tricky times until Mercury goes direct on the 10th: technical, communication, and transportation glitches crop up. However, a lot gets cleaned out this Mercury retrograde—people can’t wait to get at certain messes—there’s energy to do Herculean tasks.

Wait to sign contracts if possible. On more subtle planes, November can bring mythic life experiences as we move through it, towards the light.

Individual Messages: Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Fire signs: Overall, you learn to make better use of your energy. View past mistakes as the catalyst for positive change. November is quite a different story than the last few weeks; there’s a new creativity to say “yes” to. Actualize your most creative dreams with your most practical, follow-through self.

Aries: Accept being in a slight holding pattern, and use it to pay attention to yourself, make personal discoveries, and better understand any blocks—then forward.

Leo: You gain self-awareness and learn to focus on your strengths. November’s inner victories are hard won and important – celebrate them at the very end of the month.

Sagittarius: You strike out on your own and it feels great!

Water signs: This month is all about new beginnings; you can also feel as if you’ve been delivered from something. You’re very eager to start your new life. You have to start it from authority, and all you’ve learned from experience. Mid-month you take calculated steps towards a desired outcome and higher ground. Not only is the second half of the month more in your control, wherever you’re going, you are more in control of your environment.

Cancer: A lot is new and good; you’re happy about recent news and developments.

Scorpio: “Starting over” is this month’s writ-large theme. This important change-time leads to more solid ground.

Pisces: New dreams! You realize you have a number of completions in your life, as well.

Air signs: It’s a happy month for air signs…they have access to what inspires them, and life seems to be giving them the green light.

Gemini: You’re going new places and happy about it!

Libra: There are new opportunities and success in your life; you can be happy in new roles.

Aquarius: Love, money, health…November brings deep happiness and fulfillment in one if not more of these basic categories.

Earth signs: Strong identity changes are likely now. Back off from taking action if anything makes you apprehensive-- wait until after Mercury goes direct on November 10th to make binding commitments. Their might be some ideas of yours that bite the dust in November. It’s not a good month to push yourself—you’re already teetering on the edge of re-directions and changes…take it easy and take your time.

Taurus: Organize what you have already got going, and fill in the blanks rather than taking on anything new.

Virgo: You are pushed to break through self-imposed barriers; from within, you establish new strength and give yourself more freedom.

Capricorn: Recent challenges and life experiences make you much more confident about taking the next steps professionally.

Elissa Heyman is a professional psychic counselor and healer with a practice based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Appointments with Elissa are in person or by phone, www.elissaheyman.com, 505-982-3294.

Elissa Heyman

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