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Excerpt from "Dreams of Dying"

by Shaman Elizabeth Herrera

Sometimes our greatest tragedies offer our greatest lessons. After losing her family in a tragic car accident, Lisa Watson vacillates between two lives...before and after the car accident. As she struggles between realities, Jesus Christ suddenly appears and offers her unorthodox guidance. He accompanies her to the grocery store and for walks on the beach, while answering some of life’s toughest questions. His answers challenge her traditional beliefs and repeatedly emphasize there is no death, only dreams of dying. “Dreams of Dying” takes you on a fantastical journey with Jesus, who leads the way through an alternate interpretation of his ancient teachings and applies them to one of our worst nightmares...losing the ones we love.

- - -

Excerpt from Chapter 10

Lisa wore jean shorts and a striped tank top with a straw hat fastened under her chin. Her beach house could be seen behind them with an unusual number of white doves circling overhead and perching on the roof and deck. The salty haze added a mystical element to the setting.

They walked past the sunbathers laying on towels, children running in and out of the waves, and a father and his children building a sand castle. A group of military boys with short crew cuts, tattoos and buffed bodies lay on beach towels, watching the girls strut by.

A little boy, who was scooping sand into his bucket, looked up as they came near. He smiled and said, “Hello!” waving his chubby hand.

Jesus leaned over and patted him on the head, before moving on. The boy watched him leave and then continued playing in the sand.

“Why did you decide to show yourself to me and my family?” Lisa asked.

“You have it backwards. You decided to see me,” he answered.

“This is where I get concerned again because you came at the same time the dream started. I am very worried that something bad is going to happen and that’s why you’re here.” Lisa took a deep breath and waited.

“People are often afraid when they ‘see’ God. What if I told you ‘I am here only because you were ready to see me. Nothing more or less.’”

He paused and prodded her, “Why don’t you ask me some of those questions you always wanted answers to?”

“Okay, why do bad things happen to good people?”

“First, I must clarify that people are neither good nor bad,” Jesus said.

“Now, you’re just trying to start an argument,” Lisa sputtered.

He laughed.

Lisa blushed and said, “Okay, I don’t really believe you’d start an argument. I just have a hard time believing that there are people who aren’t bad.”

“Okay, let’s go through this logically. First, do you think God is a spirit or body?”

“A spirit.”

“So, if God made you in his image, wouldn’t you also be a spirit?”

“I guess that makes sense, but where does the body come into this?”

“If you are a spirit, how can you be a body?

“Because I have a body!” Lisa said, lifting her arms as she spoke. She turned around in a circle. “You can’t deny I have a body.”

“The body is a manifestation of your thoughts. When you no longer see yourself as separate from God, you will see yourself as you truly are…a perfect spirit.”

“How do you see me, right now?” she inquired.

“‘See’ wouldn’t be the correct term. ‘Know’ would be more accurate. Although, with your current belief in time and space, it’s impossible for you to fully comprehend that you are a spirit in complete unison with God.”

They walked in the sand with the waves washing over their feet.

Jesus completed his answer, “I know you as love, communicating perfectly with all of God’s creation.”

A seagull shrieked overhead.

Lisa quietly asked, “Can you show me what the world looks like through your eyes?”

Suddenly, the ocean and sand became golden light. She looked at Jesus and saw rays of light bursting from him, extending to the heavens. She looked up at the seagulls and saw the same golden rays of light shining. She felt the all-encompassing love, pulsing in waves, ebbing and flowing with the entire universe.

Then, it abruptly stopped and the golden light was cloaked once again by the physical form. She looked at the ocean’s sandy water sluggishly lapping at the shore.

“Why did it stop?” Lisa asked.



“Dreams of Dying” is available on Amazon.com and fine bookstores worldwide.

· Paperback: 108 pages

· Publisher: Soul Rocks Books (January 7, 2014)

· Language: English

· ISBN-10: 178279428X

· ISBN-13: 978-1782794288

Shaman Elizabeth Herrera is a shamanic healer and student of “A Course In Miracles.” In 2010, she wrote a memoir, “Shaman Stone Soup,” which received glowing reviews. Prior to writing “Dreams of Dying,” Elizabeth had a vivid dream where she was shown four pivotal scenes. The remainder of the story was divinely inspired, unfolding as she listened closely to her heart. www.ShamanElizabeth.com

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