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Excerpt from "Middle Age Beauty"

Soulful Secrets from a Former Face Model Living Botox Free in her Forties

by Machel Shull

Find out how to look fabulous during middle age without plastic surgery by learning inside secrets from a former model.

MIDDLE AGE BEAUTY is wise and kind and deep, and invites the reader to see herself in the most loving and gentle of ways. Machel Shull writes from the heart, sharing her own journey with great generosity. Anyone seeking health and inner peace will love this book. Luanne Rice #1 New York Times bestselling author of Little Night

The Three Do’s

The number one ‘Do’ is to be honest about your age. If you are one of those women that conceal or lie about your age, stop and ask yourself why you are doing it? Isn’t it a rather terrible exception we allow as an okay thing to lie about? I know that you can’t blame women for maybe fibbing just a little now and then.

Society, friends and peer groups can be downright cruel. As I have learned from my own personal experience, I, too have been taught that I will expire with age. Why with that destructive thought in our heads, why would we not consider at least making allowances for this one little lie?

This is where we – I mean women as a collective whole – need to work together to change this thought. I say we stop this nonsense now. This is no way to train our children, our daughters and our sons or future generations because we have allowed ourselves to be bullied into feeling like our age might make us seem less attractive or subtract from our self-worth.

Do Say Yes To Your Natural Self. After All, There is Only ONE of You.

The bottom line is simply this: Your face is the only one you have. Don’t just buy into the peer pressure of trying to stay younger looking by following suit after famous folks that glamorize this on television. If you have had some Botox… don’t use it anymore!

Do your own research first. Sophia Loren had this to say about natural beauty: “Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.” So remember there is only one you in this world. Embrace your natural beauty. Find other ways to keep wrinkles away that don’t require injecting a needle into your face.

Do One Act a Day for Yourself that Brings You Inner Joy – After All, YOU are Important

The number three ‘Do’ is do one thing a day that brings you inner joy. So the question is, do you know what small things bring you a sense of peace? If you don’t, do take this time to think about that statement. Stop reading, and write out at least three things that make you happy.

Now I am not referring to something like winning the lottery. I’m not talking about spending money like some vacuous shopper or buying your favorite pair of Manolos. I am talking about a simple act that can fit into your daily schedule. Here is my list that I choose from throughout my busy week of work, writing deadlines, motherhood, marketing and helping my husband run his business. Life is busy for all of us! It is up to us to make time for an inner joy that will make this one day in our life just a little brighter because we happened to remember someone very special:


My List:

Drink coffee in the morning.

Feed the birds in my backyard.

Go for a fifteen-minute walk in the neighborhood.

Make time to read a book.

Go to a juice shop and buy a smoothie that tastes delicious.

Buy an Americana, which is an espresso with water at a coffee shop.

Call my mom.

Call my sister or girlfriends to chat.

Go for a run.

Visit my favorite bookstore and buy a new novel to read.

You see, these are all obtainable, specific tasks that don’t require much money. These are simple things that I know make me feel moments of bliss during my daily routine. The trick is to schedule them in so you don’t miss it!

Machel resides in Southern California with her family in the beach town of Cardiff-by-the-Sea. She has been a public relations writer for eight years in the San Diego area. Machel is a columnist and a magazine writer for various publications in California. Her background as a previous face model and actress in Hollywood has built the strong foundation for her first book that will be released in 2013, "Middle Age Beauty." This book will reveal the 'beauty trinity' that is key to feeling great, being healthy and taking care of your soul. She has interviewed top experts in the world of health, soul, beauty and holistic healing, while weaving in her own personal experiences that share how to find the right balance during your mid-life journey. Machel urges women to avoid the popular trends that promote face fillers as a glamorous option to combat wrinkles. She uncovers the hidden dangers and facts that you should know before ever injecting your face with a foreign substance. You will also uncover the 'Three Dos' that all women should follow in order to stay in sync with their health, beauty, and soul.

In a world that is encouraging women to feel insecure about their looks and age, "Middle Age Beauty" promotes and empowers women to embrace their natural self first by seeking a more soulful, meaningful experience.

Middle Age Beauty is published by Ayni Books, December 2013.

Paperback: 978-1-78099-574-8 | $16.95 | £9.99 | 8.5x5.5 inches | 216x140 mm | 221PP
eBook: 978-1-78099-575-5 | $4.95 | £2.99

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