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Crystal Companion Cards: Agate

by Skye Stephenson, PhD

My name is Agate,

Or the variegated soul,

And I ask you what beauty

Can your life behold?

Are you brave enough to shine

Like the true star that you can be

When you radiantly manifest your light

For all the world to see?

Whatever it may be

That you elect to say and do,

However you may choose to live,

Whatever you are trying to prove,

Remember you are your own seed

And the master of your fate,

And there are so many unique things

That only you can create

When you follow the path of beauty

Wherever it may lead

Remembering that true beauty

Is one of the Earth’s deepest needs.


If you have chosen this card, you are being asked to give away your worldly cares and focus solely for a few minutes on the beauty that resides within and around you every moment of your existence. If you are concerned about something, anything, release these concerns to agate and let them melt away effortlessly. This does not mean you will not still have those issues you are trying to deal with; it just means simply and purely that you will deal with them differently. With less stress. With less sweat.

Do not let anything spin around in your head over and over again unless it meets the agate creed of right thoughts and correct response. This creed is very simple indeed. Agate suggest that you, “remember the beauty your life can be, if you let it blossom from the heart of thee.”

Like the multi-faceted, multi-variegated agate stone found in so many places around the world, your life can swirl and form into any picture you want it to take. Contemplate the colors that ripple through agate stones forming beautiful designs amazing to behold and think of how you would like to design your life. What colors would it contain? What swirls? What shapes?

So throw away your sighs, your worries, and your woes. Take out a paintbrush – literally and figuratively – and design with gay abandon the beauty we can all become. Remember that you can do this for yourself, for somebody or something else, or for the whole world. In fact, doesn’t our planet Earth look like a simple, humble agate stone when seen from afar? Re-joice with joy in the beauty of things just as they are.


Agate is a type of non-crystallized quartz used as GROUNDER and EXPELLER in LECORA work and is especially indicated for grounding and protection. Agate can also help facilitate deeper connection with the beauty of life in all its dimensions and possibilities. Each color of agate represents a different emanation of life’s energies and possibilities.

Agate appreciates both moonlight and sunlight, and you might also consider blowing some sacred dust on it for empowerment.

Skye Stephenson, PhD, enjoys sharing LECORA™ crystal healing, and offers various types of healing sessions and workshops from her home in southern New Hampshire. Her recently published “Crystal Companion Cards: Messages from the Stones and a Star,” is a 52-card deck and accompanying booklet from which she also draws card readings for life path direction and guidance for crystal connections. If you would like to receive a weekly crystal card message, please email her at crystalhealing.lecora@gmail.com. See www.jadejourneys.org and/or www.skyestephenson.com.

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