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Tarotscopes for December 2014

by Jenna Matlin

By and large it is a very positive forecast for most people and in most areas for December, I wonder if it is because we are headed into the holiday season and all the good will that brings because for most of you it will be a very pleasant month. Enjoy the boost of positivity among family and friends.


Sagittarius--2 ofPentacles

You have been holding down the fort, yes indeed, and December is still going to have plenty mini upheavals and ups and downs for you. Is there a way for you to find some control in the midst of all the gentle chaos? If you have been contemplating a move, now is the time to give it great thought for next year, but no major action yet. This month is like hitting the gas but your car tires only keep rolling on the ice. Lots of potential energy but nothing moves...yet.


Capricorn--4 ofCups

There is some heavy old energy that for some reason keeps coming up to get in your way, you might question your judgment on recent events and feel at a loss as to what to do to move forward. The message of this card is that when we turn inward too much, for too long, we are not pesent for the messages that Spirit sends our way. During this month, try to get out of your own head a bit and ask your Higher Self, what do I need to be seeing right now? Just asking the question and being open to the answer will help you find new perspective.



Oh, my lovely, brilliant, complex, ever-shifting water bearer! The holidays can be particularly challenging for you because while you are mutable,you often need those around you who are fixed, home bases for you to touch upon before you are onto your next great breakthrough. This month it is all about the bass... wait, no, it’s all about the balance. Make it your priority to stay on the nexus line and allow others to be chaotic, hold space for others, Aquarius.


Pisces--Page ofWands

Are you thinking to make your Christmas gifts? December seems to be a nadir of creative energy for you, dig into this Pisces, let it flow through you and use it to strengthen relationships around you. Pisces have a tendency to feel very solitary at their depths, feeling like others do not intrinsically get their complexity. You are right, few do, but it helps when you use creative pathways to help others understand you. Express yourself in new and profound ways.


Aries--8 of Wands

Thought you'd take a wee break for the holidays? LOL, Nope! 8 of Wands signifies a time of high energy and rapid movement. Seeing many friends and family and helping others out, too is what you have going on but the good news is that you do have the energy for it and will most likely enjoy all the good stuff the heavens are going to throw your way. It could also be a time of great creativity and of learning new things. Have fun and play a lot this month, Aries.


Taurus--7 ofPentacles

Now is not the time to add any more to your personal plate, if you can help it. In fact, a few things you were hoping to hand off or finish seem to be taking their sweet time to complete so this month is all about holding the fort down rather than adding more things, even things that you have been wanting to begin for a while. December is also a hibernating time for you to plant seeds for 2015. Make your plan, and implement it in '15.


Gemini--2 of Swords

You've been on the go-go-go lately but December is the time to standstill. As a Gemini, it can be hard to make a decision (I should know, as I am one!) and it can be frustrating when we are weighing options. December is a month where such weighing of options is going to happen for you with decisions made at the end of the month, or even in January. Do not try to rush to a decision at this point for it will be short sited. Take your time, you know, be Zen about this things right now... seek balance and impartiality.


Cancer--Wheel ofFortune

Last month was a lot about holding steady but you are beginning to hear the creaking wheel of fortune begin to start moving again. There are a lot of new things you are beginning to sense on the wind. Some of these things are going to be fantastic, other things, well, not so great. Basically what hasn’t been working out will begin to turn in your favor and vice versa. So my advice is to make sure that what has been going good stays as good as possible (new battery for your phone, oil changed in car, that sort of thing). And enjoy what has been a struggle to ease up soon.


Leo--9 of Pentacles

Last month we saw that there were possible upheavals in work or avocation. Whatever you did, you must have done it with grace and skill because this month you are doing pretty well on the whole with work and enjoying a month of having enough for the holidays. You will need to take some leadership up in your personal life so go ahead and jump in if you have been waiting for others to do so first (they won’t). 9 of Pentacles also suggests taking a break after a really intense autumn. Do you have any use it or lose it days coming your way? This month is really all about you enjoying the fruit of your labors.


Virgo--King of Cups

How interesting! You got King of Cups last month so this card is still very much in play for you and it deepens in December. You may feel it is a month of heightened intuition, creativity—especially creative planning, O, Virgo for you for the upcoming year. If you feel this is absolutely, positively not you in any sense of the word, it can also mean that someone who is creative, sensitive, and influential is playing a large role in your life. Are you the King? Or could is be someone else who has become the focus of your attention?


Libra--The Devil

I feel that the Devil in this sense for you this month is to watch on the indulgences. Don’t spend over budget making things merry and certainly watch moderation of all types this month. Usually you are quite balanced and low key but for some reason this month you will be called to go a little wild. Do it as long as it feels right, but keep checking your inner compass all the while. The Devil could also indicate someone who has nefarious intentions entering your life. Love those in your circle, but have clear boundaries for the rest—especially silver tongue, charming ones!


Scorpio--Ace ofCups

What a happy, loving month is in store for you! Ace of Cups denotes loving relationships and happy compassionate company of all types. If you have been needing to reconcile with any relationships in your life, this month definitely heightens bonds to make it happen more easily. This card often denotes charity and the doing of good works so volunteering, helping fellow man and bird out will make you feel good, too! If you are single this could mean a new match might happen for you!


Wisdom’s monthlyTarotscope is brought to you by JennaMatlin of Queen of Wands Tarot. Each month, Jenna pulls cards for every Astrological sign to zero in on the main focus or theme of that month. If you would like a more detailed reading by Jenna, you can check her out a twww.queenofwandstarot.net  Jenna has been reading Tarot for over 20 years, has various articles published with Tarot trade magazines, runs the Not Your Mother’s Tarot Meetup Group in Narberth, Pa as well as teaches workshops on reading Tarot and using Tarot as a tool for self-discovery.

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