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Your Horoscope for January & February 2015

by Elizabeth Joyce

Aries (3/21-4/20)

Pleasant surprises are due to come your way just after the New Year opens, Aries. Your sweetheart takes a back seat because of a domestic situation. You may need to put romance on hold for a few weeks, but the effort will be much appreciated, as you tackle and settle matters on the home-front. February brings a new romance, if single. Lovers and playmates bring along someone who wants to get to know you better. Financial matters start turning your way at month’s end.

Taurus (4/21-5/21)

Expect all kinds of sudden events to come your way in 2015, from your nearest and dearest, Taurus; many which will be very uplifting. You will be comforting others the best way you know how, with your soothing voice, quieting their nerves, and assuring them all will work out well. Odd and unusual admirers will be around, instead of the usual dressed up kind. Money, career matters, and security flow with you all year. February opens you up to a“forbidden fruit” relationship that you need to keep secret. Don’t sign anything that’s legally or financially binding until mid-month or you could truly regret it.

Gemini (5/21-6/20)

Your already fidgety mind is focused on travel and education as 2015 opens, Gemini. You also may come in contact with past relationships in far away places. Traveling and learning always makes you feel brand new. You could begin a small, new, home-based business marking a good start for the NewYear. February opens up your talking, sharing, and communication skills. You are asked to take charge of a gathering where the previous leader has dropped the ball. As this is emotional, try not to ruffle any feathers.

Cancer (6/21-7/22)

2015 brings joint finances and intimate partners into focus, Cancer. This is probably exactly what needs to happen. If you are not happy with the way matters are, it may be necessary to get things back on track. Finances promise to be unstable all month, Cancer, so only spend that which is necessary. February makes you take a long look at domestic expenses. If you have been carrying most of the load, there is no harm in asking for some help. Just do it sweetly.

Leo (7/23-8/22)

Watch Out Leo! 2015 can set you on a rather rebellious path. Either your significant other or an old friend inspires you to make some changes. If you’re not happy about an injustice that has been done, you won’t stop until you set things right. You may need to put out some fires concerning relationships as well. February allows you to “have your way” when it comes to an executive decision. No matter what you’re trying to win, the answer is simple. Make it clear that you’re in charge and you won’t take no for an answer. Time to update your wardrobe and personal appearance.

Virgo (8/23-9/22)

2015 brings a willingness to entirely change your lifestyle. Time to drop those bad, addictive habits. As you dive into a more positive regime, you may want to quit your job. Be sure you have other options before you do. Perhaps the Universe will introduce you to someone who can help. February brings a chance to make amends with someone you have been at odds with. You’re much calmer and willing to listen to their side of the story. Both sides will be open to negotiation. Life turns passionate at months end, for love or for war. It’s up to you, Virgo.

Libra (9/23-10/22)

2015 brings attention from higher-ups, authority figures, and elders, who will be very much on your mind. If you’ve been missing someone, give them a call. Reach out, if you’ve lost track. Don’t forget to check them out on Facebook and other social media. If you’re feeling a bit unsettled financially, why not start a home based business? It’s perfect timing! February brings the desire to get up close and personal. This may be odd or unexpected, but enjoy the loving closeness. You are usually smiling, and easy, but mid-month may be a time to vent. Assert yourself and clear the air. You’ll be glad you did!

Scorpio (10/ 23-11/22)

2015 is an unusual time for you because, uncharacteristically, you just may throw caution to the wind. You are one to think out all the angles before making any moves, Scorpio. However if your antennae tells you that this new place is perfect for you, even if it’shundreds or thousands of miles away from home, make the move. Trust the Universe, and know that all will work out the best for you. Same with lovers; if you feel you’re with the right one, take a step toward commitment. Trial periods are unacceptable. February brings a feeling of “love at first sight.” Take it slow and get to know the person before tying the knot!

Sagittarius (11/23-12/21)

2015 brings change, with a capital C Sag, and you are open to the changes. The more the merrier. You usually speak your mind without any regrets, so prepare your friends for a month of bluntness. Your mission is to find your intellectual challenge and go for it. If that involves getting a new computer or taking a few technology classes, then fine. Although you may be considering a move, perhaps a long distance away, don’t make it without talking with everyone involved. February brings anxiety into relationships. Be sure you’re ready before you announce plans to commit. Seeking help with a certain financial dilemma is crucial, and you’ll find just the right person at month’s end.

Capricorn (12/22-1/19)

2015 brings you the opportunity to break your routine, delegate, and attend to the seriousness of enjoying yourself, Cap. Take some spontaneous trip and make plans for an exotic summer vacation. You could decide to settle down, and once you do, that’s it! If you’re on the prowl, it’s for job improvement or perhaps with the jeweler. February brings Valentines Day and you do love elegance. A candlelight dinner out might be just what the doctor ordered, to relax and forget about work for awhile.

Aquarius (1/20-2/18)

In 2015, one never knows what may come along, Aquarius, except many sudden, fast, changes. Whatever it is, you’ll make a decision and do it, and then make absolutely no apologies to anyone! You know you are entirely responsible for whatever your life brings. This year brings you major new beginnings in many ways. A new wardrobe could be in order, as well a clearing away and freshening up of the NEW inner you. February brings a time for sharing with siblings, neighbors, and friends. This is a time for throwing a get-together or block party. Also, be sure you have control of your hard earned money at month’s end.


2015 brings a time of sharing with friends, playmates, and children. If you’re not seeing anyone, it’s time to get out there and let people know who you are. You can be a romantic magnet. February brings success with a creative pursuit. Spend more time with allocating your finances and keep a careful watch. It’s not time for binges or overspending. Refuse to be an impulse shopper, although you may decide to bring home a furry pet. Although you will hold this dear, there maybe a bit of a struggle with housebreaking.


Born as one of two sets of identical twins, Elizabeth Joyce has been psychic since birth. Named one of the World’s Greatest Psychics, and one of The Top 100 American Psychics (2014), she is a spiritual healer and gives personal psychic readings worldwide. Ms. Joyceis a professional Astrologer, Spiritual Counselor, Energy Healer, Medium and Clairvoyant who interprets dreams and teaches the new energies of the Fifth Dimension. Ms. Joyce’s books are available at Amazon.com and new-visions.com. Elizabeth facilitates healing classes, using the Divine Seals and new Spiritual Chakras. Please check her website, www.new-visions.com , for rates and services before calling. For an appointment call 215-996-0646.


Elizabeth Joyce

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