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February 2015 Psychic Messages & 2015 Horoscopes

by Elissa Heyman

Psychic messages from last week’s January new moon in Aquarius are included because they’re still relevant in February, followed by a few more horoscope insights for February, and then individual horoscopes for all of 2015.

The question these element horoscope messages answer is, “Given Mercury is retrograde which slows things down, what do the Speaking Stones have to say about making things happen and moving forward over the next couple of weeks?”

Generally, be wary of big financial commitments that come into the picture now. Traditionally,  Mercury retrograde is a dicey time to sign a contract, rent a place, and expect to know everything you need to know about making a big decision.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Firesigns: Things can’t quite get established or completed…or there could be another route taken than whatyour first are looking at. Expect it to take two or three months to have all the pieces incorporated into any big project.  Tarot message: You tend to make better decisions now; your intuition is on and your energy is up. Your expectation is that a new project brings happiness and success. But Mercury retrograde suggests things take longer than expected. FEBRUARY: Something that could bring you happiness and is pretty much a new chapter in your life comes into the picture, but it can’t happen now, comes into fruition later, or has to be delayed.

Taurus, Virgo,Capricorn, Earth signs: Your job in this new moon cycle is to get a lot of things done and secured that are foundational for your stability and well-being.  The details get refined later, but now make moves to establish a beneficial environment for yourself. Deal with basics first and the rest will fill in. Keep busy with the plenty there is to do.FEBRUARY: Things rev up and start and then stop…don’t get too heavily invested in something with too many moving parts.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs: (answered by tarot cards, not stones):  You can be excited and happy yet running into obstacles, more towards the end of the two week new moon cycle.  You have to wait for February…February answers questions that get brought up, so there’s a pretty quick breakthrough with any obstacles you do encounter. February is probably going to be one of your best months ever. You have a stellar chance – actually, it looks like you’ve already succeeded in getting it – to receive a wonderful reward that is financially, emotionally, and creatively fulfilling.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs: You have to hunker down and not listen to anybody but your own inner guidance. It can be different than what other people think is right, but you need to trust yourself now. It looks like you are creating a deeper connection with your own light and stability.Water signs get a lot of insight and corroboration in the next couple of weeks.FEBRUARY: You can look forward to enjoying friends and making new ones, finding new places to go or strengthening partnerships, and feeling happier about your interactions – as it turns out, the world is pretty fun in February!

Psychic Horoscopes for 2015 - Read your Sun, Moon, and RisingSigns

Aries: It's not advisable to try to expand this year, something might be "less-than" or produce adiminished return; in some way you have to heed limits. What you want to have,own, or do takes a while, or is delayed. Nevertheless, you find yourself in new spaces, being more on a cutting edge, showing the world what you can do.

Taurus wants a healing in their heart. There can be a lot of excitement and a lot of uncertainty about what you're planning, so you just gotta trust and wait it out if it goes slow. Ultimately, this year's goals are to end you up settled, serene, and soothed.

Gemini: You have big ideas and your heart is in the right place, but watch the tendency to take on more than is physically and emotionally comfortable. Make it a point to listen to your body this year! You might be working through some illusions and getting to what is truly comfortable for you.

Cancer: Cancer could be in very unfamiliar territory but it stills feels right to enter into it, and the best way is whole-heartedly. There's something exciting and a little dangerous about your direction this year!

Leo: You're feeling better, more self-aware, and more content with your life and its direction. You know more what you're going for,what you're doing...your ideas are better for yourself and there are better opportunities. It's a year of moving in a more known and desired direction.

Virgo: Your emotional well-being increases although it does look like there are changes in your emotional life. Success flows more easily to you and you're able to set up things much better, after a change more in the beginning of the year. You can make successful business changes and location changes this year.

Libra: Are you more alone than usual? Make good use of alone time, don't wonder about it. Signs suggests that it's a hands-on year of making things happen, but there are delays or periods in which you're not able to forward something or work on your idea or it takes awhile to get approval...you could be slowed down, in which case, make good use of your time!

Scorpio: Specific life directions are kind of murky but clearly changing. You are more sure of something being true, love being there... and you being able to do what you want to do. Something significant works out for you this year.

Sagittarius: You are loving life more. willing to learn and willing to dance. Recent times have made you stronger and streetwise. Travel solves some issues for you too, as well as marking the end of one chapter and beginning a new. The year is about expanding in some new direction, and the fun of learning, and reconnecting with a healthier lifestyle.

Capricorn: Work is particularly enjoyable and takes you to great places. You are happy with other people and have closer emotional encounters.You are also looking for new ways to present yourself, and will find new angles to your career. Most important is that you take care of yourself-your health and well-being. In relationships, be willing to compromise.

Aquarius: With more self-confidence now, you can come into your own, and the fulfillment is very gratifying. Watch your temper, though...you get angry sometimes! You could be getting ready for a new role and judging everything from a new reality that's not quite here yet, but is on its way. Alot of questions get answered after February. Also, you could hit the jackpot financially.

Pisces: This year has a "before" and "after" and "after" you will feel much better! You continue further deeper, and more truly in the direction you've been going creatively. It's pioneering and very fun because you're in learning phases, and you don't really have to make big decisions, yet. It's a good year for partnering creatively with people and finding new outlets, new connections, and new ways to further your creative goals. Go to an island if you can.

Elissa Heyman is a professional psychic counselor and healer with a practice based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Her website's free offerings include essays, guided meditations, and a monthly newsletter with predictions and horoscopes. Elissa also offers workshops and circles. Appointment information at www.elissaheyman.com,where you can also read the extended prediction and horoscope article for 2015 on the Newsletters page. Call 505-982-3294 for in person and telephone private sessions.

Elissa Heyman

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