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Your Horoscope for March & April 2015

by Elizabeth Joyce

Aries (3/21-4/20)
March will fly by like a fast pace, exciting carnival ride. You love excitement, so you’ll love every minute of it, and will probably want to “go again.” You won’t have to lift a pinky to attract many new admirers. You’ll have champagne tastes and will settle for nothing but the best. The Equinox Eclipse reminds you to be a bit cautions and think things through before you act. April brings chatty conversations and communication. You are devilishly impulsive and unstoppable! Business or personal, no one can stop you now.

Taurus (4/21-5/21)
If you need some energy to put finishing touches on a current project, you’ll have it now, Taurus. You can put the charm on anyone who tries to stall you. If you cross paths with someone who’s well dressed and confident, don’t allow them to leave without giving or getting their phone number. April brings a time to be prepared for what might come. A love relationship could become public. Be careful if married to someone else. Why risk what you already have? Also, be on the lookout with partnering as there could be some strings attached.

Gemini (5/21-6/20) 
Get ready for some serious fun. You could be performing, no matter where you are. If you’ve wanted acting as a career, investigate an improv troupe. Although you need to put a lot of time in at work, the home fires need stroking as well. Dining out and a romantic gesture should do the trick. April brings time for playmates, creativity and your kids. You’ve earned this! Make every moment fun and enjoy yourself.

Cancer (6/21-7/22) 
Making points at work won’t be hard now, Cancer. Your mission is to be firm but polite. Be sure you have all your facts in order before you open your mouth. If you need to find a way out of a no-win relationship, now is the time. You will have to act fast, but don’t look back. April brings some family matters to a jolt. Changes happen quickly, so be sure your partner is on board with what must be done. It’s possible to make a little cash on the side at month’s end.

Leo (7/23-8/22)
March brings the time for you to break free of anything that’s been holding you back, Leo. If travel and education are on the list, as they will be during most of 2015, then pay attention. Give your mind and your body an entirely new challenge. If you leave a relationship now, there is no turning back. Eclipses play for keeps, so think matters through first. April plays the “get out of town” card, for a brief escape from routine and responsibilities. A far-off loved one may contact you for help in an urgent situation. Getting involved in a group project could be quite profitable at month’s end.

Virgo (8/23-9/22)
You may have been working on your health habits for months, and perhaps seen some results last month. That’s nothing to what you are seeing now. If in a relationship, you could be quite wrapped up in each other. If friends call to lure you away, don’t budge! This one’s a keeper, and understands you for who you are. April brings a time of insisting, along with tax season, that you take a look at your finances. Although usually quite detail oriented, romance may have you distracted, so this review is a good idea. Time to introduce your sweetheart to the gang at month’s end.

Libra (9/23-10/22)
The March eclipse uncovers some of your deep, dark secrets, Libra. The truth comes out into the open. You are more focused on money than love now, and your lover may become upset at the time you’re spending at the office. Time to give your lover a thrilling, fun-filled evening, and you be sure to pick up that tab, Libra. Believe me, you’ll be so glad you did. April brings a necessary time for physical fitness. Either a health scare or people ignoring you, prompts you to begin a health and fitness regime. Don’t pierce or dye anything until you’re sure you not just reacting. You could receive an unexpected windfall at month’s end.

Scorpio (10/ 23-11/22)
If you’ve just met someone and haven’t yet made a date, do it soon, or they’ll beat you to it. Either way, March is a very romantic time for you. If you’re single, get ready. The Universe is setting the table for a gourmet buffet, ready to bring you several “accidental” meetings to choose from. Be careful driving, of social arguments, and direct your energy into positive areas at month’s end. April brings a focus on making necessary health changes. Decide, then take it easy at first. Don’t push yourself any further than you can. Easy does it works throughout June!

Sagittarius (11/23-12/21)
March brings a time for you to “get out there” and make a name for yourself. If you’re thinking of starting out on your own, this is a terrific time to do it. These are fiery times, Sag. If you’re already seeing someone, expect to turn up the thermostat; it’s time for passion. You could decide to change professions now. April brings in partnerships, both professional as well as personal. If you’ve been known to pick up the tab in the past, this month you hesitate. You don’t have to treat every time, and a big dose of reality kicks in around tax day. Watch your funds carefully!

Capricorn (12/22-1/19) 
The higher ups and colleagues are pleased with a project you’ve just completed, practically on your own. Finally, those rewards you desired will arrive, complete with a pat on the back from your crew. Prepare to see your partner’s eyebrows raise when you suddenly make a startling suggestion. Nothing but the best for you! April brings changes, but you’re the one who will put them in motion. Time to care about what makes you happy, and not just about the bills.

Aquarius (1/20-2/18)
Luck is with you as March opens Aquarius. From travel to finding a new peer group, you feel happy and successful.  You may feel a bit overwhelmed with financial matters and want to take cover. Ask a trusted friend for some help and guidance. You have energy, ambition and drive to start you on a new path. Prepare for verbal fireworks between you and a close family member at month’s end. April brings excitement, more energy, and more unexpected news. Prepare to be intellectually impressed with your lover. Time to snuggle close and make summer travel plans. 

Pisces (2/19-3/20)
If you’ve been trying to restore a relationship and haven’t been successful, give it another shot, Pisces. Remember, it’s not always about what you say, it could be about what you don’t say. Learn from the past, and if there’s a strong connection, focus on the future. April brings a focus on home, family, and loving to be loved. The Lunar eclipse asks you to either commit or walk away. Follow your heart. You feel a splurging urge mid-month. Be careful and don’t overspend. Taxes are due, and there’s always that unexpected expense you weren’t planning on.

One of the very few psychics worldwide that picked up on the Haitian Earthquake, the Philippines earthquake, tornado, and the Twin Towers tragedy in NYC. Thousands of people have witnessed Elizabeth Joyce’s incredible psychic powers on TV shows such as Unsolved Mysteries, Beyond Chance and The Psychic Detectives, as well as CNN News; She is a frequent guest on radio shows across the country, and she has been profiled in Women’s Day Magazine, Wall Street Magazine, The National Examiner, The New York Times and other national media. Elizabeth is the author of numerous articles and guided meditation audio cassettes. Her seven books, Psychic Attack-Are You A Victim, Ascension - Accessing The Fifth Dimension, the Ascension Workbook, the Opening to Your Intuition and Psychic Sensitivity Trilogy (Book I, II, and III) and Seeding and Nurturing the Garden of Your Soul, are available at Amazon.com and her website as well. Please check her website, www.new-visions.com, for rates and services before calling. For an appointment call 215-996-0646. 

Elizabeth Joyce

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