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April 2015 Tarotscopes

by Jenna Matlin

April heralds spring so I decided to switch it up a bit and do Lenormand readings this month. April brings a lot of issues around work and personal projects over love and romance. April seems to be bringing everyone into focus as the weather improves and days continue to lengthen. Lenormand tend to be reveal more mundane subjects effecting our lives, foundational aspects that hold everything else.


This Lenormand spread suggests that this month you might patch things up with a good friend or a love interest. It seemed like things were over between you but the bonds you two have are drawing you back. Ultimately it looks promising, there is some karma that needs to resolve between you and the reunion looks sweet.


If you have been having money issues due to paying back a debt or waiting for money to come to you it looks like whatever has been binding up your finances begins to clear and you can breathe a little easier. Adding up the corresponding numbers we come to 11- the Whip, which indicates that this is an ongoing issue like child support, royalties or having to fight to get money from someone, this will be made easier in April.


Lately it might have felt like you were taking 3 steps forward, one step back. The whip presents various disagreements, hustle and effort. Lilies and Child suggests that either an old idea you have had laying up on the shelf should be dusted off and revisited, how can you make this old thing new again? How can you tweak it? Come on Gemini, your young at heart nature is capable, and successful, added up these 3 cards become 9, the Bouquet- a beautiful opportunity.


The Tower can often signify legal, or red-tape hoop-jumping issues, there is some kind of red tape issue that you will need to take a different tactic on to see success, perhaps which means hiring a lawyer or a better lawyer, or tapping someone who can create a work around at your job. There is a creative way to solve what feels like line item problem-not problems and so this month take care to try something new, perhaps even unorthodox, to be successful.


If you are job hunting, this month looks like there will be a positive job offer. This run also suggests that if there has been a project that you have been working on it looks like the tide will turn to a very positive outcome, blocks are removed, permissions are granted and you move ahead. These reduce to bouquet which further enhances a positive outcome. If you have been waiting on the decision of something this can indicate a positive result in your favor happens in April.


There is some agreement you have made with another to begin something new: a new project, a business, a love relationship- any new partnership or agreement. However, the snake at the end is a warning, this other person is not as up front as they make out about things. Exert diplomacy, discernment, and caution with this person. 


There’s that big mountain just sitting in the middle of your reading effecting the effects of Stork and Fish. This is about money, and the movement of money. April suggests you sit on your wealth, no big house purchases, no new car, no new accounts finagling, hang tight with what you have now because it is possible that something better will be made clear to you later.


This month you might get less than savory information about someone you love. This information can be about something they have done that minimizes your love for them. This could be gossip, indiscretion, or even a lack of thoughtfulness. Perhaps you have been giving more than your fair share into a relationship while the other is taking too much. The three cards resolve into Birds, possible gossip. You let that loved one know if they have anything to say about your relationship then you are the only one they should be talking to about it!


April’s run for you is based on health and perhaps a reaffirmed commitment to your own wellness. Joining a group, either group classes or even fun runs where you get to meet people is ideal. The emphasis to me here is that you are doing this with others so it becomes a social as well as health activity. There is a possibly to learning something new through this situation.


If you are looking for work you might get a job this month. If you are in any position where you are competing with others (work, buying a house, art projects, etc.) you will mostly likely succeed in beating others out for your goal. This card to me often represents your success in a competitive environment, you have an advantage.


April asks you to cut out of your life what is not working. It would appear that there is a choice that really boosts your reputation but at great personal cost in other areas in your life. Deeply think about what your priorities are and consider whether your decisions are taking you closer (or further) from them. This is a decision month for you. 


There might have been some drama going on around family, close friends, or a community you are engaged in. The advice is don’t get involved as it does look like it will blow over for the most part in April. The 3 cards add to 8, Coffin, indicating that whoever has been beating the water either gives up troublemaking or another person limits their influence on the group, your participation is not active so just hang tight.

Wisdom’s monthly Tarotscope is brought to you by Jenna Matlin of Queen of Wands Tarot. Each month, Jenna pulls cards for every Astrological sign to zero-in on the main focus or theme of that month. If you would like a more detailed reading by Jenna, you can check her out at www.queenofwandstarot.net Jenna has been reading Tarot for over 20 years, has various articles published with Tarot trade magazines, runs the Not Your Mother’s Tarot Meetup Group in Narberth, pa as well as teaches workshops on reading Tarot and using Tarot as a tool for self-discovery.

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