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Excerpt From "Develop Your Medical Intuition"

Heal Your Relationship to Food

by Sherrie Dillard

Good physical, mental and emotional health begins with a strong energetic core self. Even if you do not consider yourself a proficient intuitive, you are absorbing the energy of your friends, family and co-workers on a daily basis. Not only do you absorb the energy of those in your immediate environment, you are also likely absorbing the energy of distant events and the thoughts and feelings of those miles away. In this age of the internet and social media, we are more exposed than ever to events that take place across the globe. We have a more intimate window into what others are feeling, their beliefs and their struggles. This increases our intuitive vulnerability to sympathetically absorb the energy of that which touches our hearts or causes us distress and concern. Energy is not restricted to time and place. It knows no physical boundaries and it is always present. As you develop your intuitive ability to better communicate and work with energy, your sensitivity to it increases.

Many of the people that I work with as a medical intuitive have poor energy health. They may be overburdened with toxins and negativity or energetically out of balance due to absorbed environmental and harmful energy. Disturbances and toxins in the energy body are at the root of many illnesses, chronic physical pain, emotional imbalances and mental disorders. Once the energy body comes into balance and positivity replaces toxic and stagnant energy, the body responds and heals. A healthy energy body also reduces stress, anxiety, insomnia, exhaustion and restores endocrine system health, balances our hormones and allows us to lose weight.

 Energetic Balance
Energy health begins with awareness. As you refine and improve your intuitive skills and abilities you develop more sensitivity to energy vibration and essence. It becomes vitally important for you to be alert and mindful of your daily interaction with energy. We do not absorb negative, fear based and toxic energy because we want to. Most people unknowingly and without conscious intent absorb the pain, stress, negative thoughts, fear and anger of others and the world. Just as unknowingly eating food or drinking water that is unclean or contaminated still causes illness and infection, absorbing low vibration energy affects you even when you are unaware of it. 

The first step to establishing energetic balance and attracting positive energy is to use the power of your spirit to take charge of your life. You can regulate and control what you absorb and interact with. Your spirit is the eternal part of you that is connected to the highest vibrations of love and wisdom. As your conscious personality self comes into alignment with your spirit, you act as one force of unified power. You attract and absorb the positive. The dark, negative and dysfunctional is repelled.

Your spirit speaks to you through your intuition. On a daily basis your intuition can guide you toward those situations, activities, thoughts, emotions and environments that uplift and increase your positive energy quota and those that drag you down into negativity. Every day you knowingly and unknowingly make choices that either promote good energy health or add an energetic burden to your body, mind and emotions. Your intuition can steer you away from people who have ill intent and those who drain you energy or try to energetically unload their negativity or stress on you. It can help you to avoid dangerous situations and instead point you in the direction of those circumstances that fill you with love and strengthen you. Your intuition can help you to better understand the source of what is exhausting and depleting your energy reserves and help you to heal what is yours and let go of the thoughts and emotions that you have absorbed from an outer source. You can use your intuition to listen to what your body needs to heal or stay healthy.  It will guide your toward the best foods to eat and those to avoid and also inform you of the underlying issues that are motivating you to over eat and make poor dietary choices.

The Energy of Food
Like your body, food is energy. It is common knowledge that food is an essential part of good health. Most of us from a young age have been taught to eat healthy foods, like vegetables, fruit, whole grains and fish. Yet, our collective diet is full of foods that are overly processed and contain unhealthy fats, too much sugar, and salt. Not only does a poor diet affect your physical body in detrimental ways, it affects your energy health as well. The physical body absorbs necessary vital life force energy from the energy body. If your energy body is weak, the physical body will eventually become weak and out of balance. An unhealthy diet creates a vicious cycle as it weakens both the physical self and the energy body.  

Live food has an energy body. Fruit, vegetables and herbs have an aura. They are energetically comprised of natural elements. They absorb the vibration of the sun, the soil, the rain and whatever other plant or live being they are close to. Foods like these contribute to our energy health. Not only do they have a high nutritional value, we also strengthen our energy reserves by absorbing their life force energy. Meat, fish, chicken and dairy products also are live energy foods. They contain animal, fish or bird vibration and the vibrations that they have been exposed to. Meat that comes from animals, birds and fish that have been raised in constrictive and oppressive environments will to some extent carry this vibration. For this reason it is best to eat meat, fish and birds that lived as naturally as possible. Like plants they carry the vibration of the soil, the sun, atmosphere and the live energy that they have consumed. 

Overly processed foods are for the most part energetically inert. There may contain the vibration of the people who work in the plants where they are processed and packaged. To a limited extent they will also carry the positive vibrations of any live food source that they may contain. However they seldom contain any significant vibrant life force energy. They cannot energetically support you and can detract from your energy health. 
Transform Food’s Vibration

For many reasons it is always best to eat whole and live foods. However if this is not possible you can transform the vibration of the food that you eat. Begin by honoring your body and having a conversation with it. Tune into your physical vibration and lovingly communicate that you are willing to listen to what you need and provide your physical system with high vibration energy. Everything responds to love. Your body will soak in and positively respond to your loving and high vibration intent. 

If you do choose to eat processed food, hold it in your hand before you consume it and send it positive energy. Say a prayer and ask for divine presence to be within and surrounding what you are about to eat.

When you eat meat pause before you consume it and honor the animal, fish or bird that is providing it to you. Ask the divine presence to be within and surrounding the food that you are about to consume. Send the spirit of the animal gratitude and blessings. 

As your intuition increases you will become more sensitive to the energy of food. You will be able to feel vibrational increase or decrease in your energy field with the different foods that you consume.  It is likely that you will also become more physically sensitive to what you are eating. Certain foods may begin to disagree with you and you may develop allergies to others. Although this may seem to be detrimental and a sign of poor health, your body may instead be detoxing and better digesting and assimilating what you are eating. Listen to your body and allow it to guide you to what it needs. It often communicates to you through the physical reactions that you experience with certain foods. 

Are you Hungry or is Your Body Trying to tell you something?
Your body communicates to you through your intuition. Unfortunately we do not always listen and understand its wisdom. Your physical body, your emotions, your thoughts and your spirit are in constant communication. They are so close and intimate that they essentially operate as one. Western medicine isolates your physical body from your emotions, thoughts and from your spirit. If you are in pain or ill, only the physical body is considered and focused on. Unfortunately many people have adopted this same belief and practice. We seldom perceive the many factors and influences that affect our physical health.

One of the most common ways that our bodies try to get your attention and communicate with us is through our weight. Many people have an ongoing struggle with gaining unwanted pounds and develop a contentious attitude with food. For some, it seems that no matter how many diets they try and despite their earnest desire to eat less and lose weight the scale tips in the opposite direction of this desire. Although we would like to believe that issues with weight are purely diet and exercise related, your thoughts, emotions and energy field also contribute to weight gain. It is not until we begin to pay attention to these nonphysical causes that we will be able to influence and effectively manage our weight. 

Exercise for Emotional Eating
Difficult and confusing emotions and feelings are some of the most common reasons that people over eat. Food changes brain chemistry and triggers feel good emotional psychological responses. Emotions such as stress, loneliness, anxiousness, sadness, happiness, exhaustion and anger, can be uncomfortable. We reach for the food in an attempt to regulate our moods and suppress our feelings.

Emotions and our desire to eat are powerfully linked. Your intuition can be a valuable tool in helping you to tune into and heal the underlying emotional energy that leads to weight gain. 

Before you head for the kitchen to satisfy a hunger craving, sit quietly and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and slowly exhale. Continue to breathe deeply and release any stress and tension in your body as you exhale.

Focus your intuitive awareness within and ask yourself either aloud or silently what you are feeling. Gently repeat this question a few times. Allow any emotions to surface. Put a name to them and continue to breathe and allow as much feeling and emotional energy to surface as possible. 

Listen to the feeling or emotion and dialogue with it. What is it saying to you? Listen and ask what you can do to heal and calm these emotions and come into a state of inner peace and calm. Ask for the presence of love and allow it to transform these feelings. 

Continue to breathe long deep breaths. Take a few moments to feel and ask for inner peace.

Commit to taking care of yourself in a way that will truly satisfy your emotional self. Love yourself, be kind and compassionate. Let your body know that you are listening and acting in positive ways to take care of yourself.

Exercise:  Know the Energy of Food
Another useful exercise to do after you have intuitively communicated with your emotions and feelings is to tune into the energy of the food you are eating. We project a lot of our desires, satisfaction, security and stress onto food. When you tune into the energy of what you desire to eat, you discharge food of its projected allure and appeal. You know it for what it is. 

Try this:
Next time you have a craving or desire to eat sit quietly and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and slowly exhale. Continue to breathe deeply and release any stress and tension in your body as you exhale.

Hold some of the food that you desire to eat in your hand. Intuitively tune into the energy that you associate with this food. Allow all of the thoughts, feelings and desires that you have projected onto the food to surface.

 One by one listen to them and realize that this energy has nothing to do with the food that you are holding in your hand. When you feel that all of your thoughts and feelings have surfaced continue to breathe and relax.

Now intuitively tune into the energy of the food you are holding. What is its vibration? Does it have an energy field? Is it vibrant and life giving or inert? If this food had an energy color what would it be? If it could speak what would it be saying? Will it strengthen or weaken your body and your energy field?  

Know that you have a choice.  This food’s energy if probably not able to transform difficult and uncomfortable emotions or negative thoughts.  If there is a positive feeling that you get from the food you are holding, imagine that you can absorb the good energy of it without eating it. Ask yourself how to take care of yourself without eating the food you are holding. 

Energy as Weight
We collect and absorb energy all day. From the friend who is having a difficult time to the co-worker who sits close by and has a headache, we unconsciously absorb the emotional, mental and physical issues and problems of those we care about and even those who we barely know. We are energy and we are always connecting, merging and reaching out to the energy world that surrounds us.

Have you ever talked to someone and become exhausted as they shared their account of recent problems and issues? After listening to their issues, he or she may walk away feeling lighter while you heavily shuffle out the door. Some seek out others who they know they can give their worries and burdens to. Likewise many loving positive people take on the stress and pain of others not realizing the negative impact that this will have on their emotional, mental and physical health. 

There is a very real connection between the energetic stress and burdens that you absorb from others and your physical weight. Have you have ever had difficulty losing weight? No matter what you eat and how much you exercise you are not able to lose those pounds and might even continue to gain? Do you suddenly seem to gain weight even when you eat the same amount of food day after day? If this sounds like you, the energy that you are absorbing from others may be to blame. 

Your unconscious mind may be converting the access energy that you have absorbed into physical pounds. The unconscious mind does not evaluate and reason. It simply responds to the information and data at hand. If you are overburdened and heavy with energy, the body will simply manifest more physical weight. 

By strengthening and clearing your energy field of the pain, problems, stress and aches and pains you have absorbed from others you can protect yourself from accumulating unnecessary energetic weight. 

Energetic Oneness 
Now is the time to become more aware of your energy health. As Albert Einstein taught us, energy is indestructible. At physical death your energy self-lives on. Energy exists beyond the confines of time and space and is more powerful than the physical body. When you activate and harness your energetic vibrational power you can heal, restore and sustain your physical body, your emotions and your mental health.

As we collectively become more aware of the power of intuition and energy dynamics, the reality of our oneness with all others becomes more apparent. This awareness helps us to understand the influences that our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and spiritual consciousness have on our health and wellbeing and the health of others near and far. Just as we absorb the energy of others, they absorb our energy. We are either positively or negatively contributing to the collective whole. 

Psychic, Medium, Medical Intuitive and Best-Selling Author, Sherrie Dillard is the author of five books including Discover Your Psychic Type and her latest book, Develop Your Medical Intuition: Activate Your Natural Wisdom For Optimum Health and Well-Being. Her books have been translated into eight languages. www.sherriedillard.com  grace.sherrie@gmail.com

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