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A World At Peace: An Interview With Jim Weaver of Share International

by Edie Weinstein

Imagine a world at peace. No more warfare and instead, reconciliation. No more disrespect for Mother Earth and instead, honoring the planet that sustains us. No more domination of one over another and instead, cooperation and compassion. Sound too good to be true or too much like a 1960’s commercial with strains of I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing, playing in the background while handholding hippies skip through a field? 

Enter the mind of Jim Weaver of Share International who has a firm belief that not only is such a paradigm possible, it’s imminent and that it takes a global village to see it come to fruition. He and his group are committed to being part of the solution that can ultimately make a difference between destruction and sustainability. It really is that important. It truly is that serious as we are at a critical decision-making point. They invite you take a stand.

Wisdom: The readers of Wisdom Magazine are what I would call ‘cultural creatives,’ people who are focused on world peace. Do you feel that the messages you would like to share are addressed primarily to that audience or to the population at large?

Jim: The information I wish to share is addressed to everyone in the world without exception. Our function as volunteers for Share International is to inform as many people as possible about what we believe is the root cause of our present crises, the actions we must take to avert disaster, and the extraordinary form of help available to us for the creation of a new and better civilization. People who are focused on world peace and sustainability are already looking in the right direction. Our message of hope is perhaps most important for the millions of people living in abject poverty who live desperate, devastated lives and have no hope.

Wisdom: Please tell us about your organization Share International and the purpose of its existence. 

Jim: Since 1974, British artist and esotericist Benjamin Creme has been the primary spokesman for the fact of the return to the everyday world of Maitreya, the World Teacher, and His group, the Masters of Wisdom. In 1982 Mr. Creme founded the non-profit group Share International to aid in the task of informing the public about this extraordinary happening. Today, there are nearly 4000 volunteers working in regional groups all over the world engaged in this endeavor. Share International magazine publishes 10 issues a year and continues to bring updates on the process of the emergence of Maitreya and the Masters. It also contains articles from many sources relating world events to Maitreya’s priorities, which cover the essential needs of every man, woman and child: an adequate supply of food; housing for all; access to health care and education as universal rights. Another top priority is the restoration of the environment.

Wisdom: Who is Maitreya and who are The Masters of Wisdom?

Jim: Maitreya and the Masters are great spiritual beings of profound wisdom, insight and benevolence.The Masters are people who have gone ahead of us in evolution, and finished the evolutionary journey on which we are still engaged. Having done so, by the same steps that we today take to evolve, They have perfected Themselves, and need no further incarnational experience on this planet. They have chosen to remain here to help the rest of us along the evolutionary path. For countless millennia, They have guided and inspired humanity from Their retreats in the remote mountain and desert areas of the world. The term ‘Master’ is used because They have become masters of Themselves and the forces of nature. At the beginning or end of each age, the Masters send One among Themselves into the world to act as a teacher for the coming time. We know some of these great teachers historically as Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed.  The usual method has been for the Master to work through a disciple using a voluntary, cooperative process known as overshadowing, wherein the consciousness of the Master temporarily enters the body of the disciple. In this way, Maitreya, as the Christ, taught through his disciple Jesus 2000 years ago in Palestine to inaugurate the Age of Pisces. Jesus has since become a Master Himself, and is among those Who are now emerging with Maitreya. All religions await the coming of a future teacher: Christians, the return of the Christ; Hindus, the return of Krishna; Jews, the Messiah; Muslims the Imam Mahdi or Messiah; and Buddhists, Maitreya Buddha. These are different names for the same individual, the Master of all the Masters, Maitreya, the World Teacher for all humanity. Now at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, Maitreya has decided that this time instead of teaching through a disciple, He would come Himself, in a physical body of His own creation. Maitreya comes not as a religious teacher, but as an educator in the broadest sense for people of all faiths and of none. He and the Masters are now returning to offer Their help to guide and inspire us to rebuild the world along more just and rational lines. We are now at a point of great crisis, in which the future of humanity hangs in the balance. Above all there must be peace, because without it, we would eventually destroy all life on this planet. Maitreya says the only way to have peace in the world is to establish justice and the only way to create justice is through sharing the resources of the world more equitably.

Wisdom: Have you met them?

Jim: Maybe. The Masters interact with people in various ways but rarely reveal Their true identity. They can take the form of a man, woman or child of any race or age. They do this for different reasons; to teach, to comfort, to encourage, etc.  Every issue of Share International magazine has ‘Letters to the Editor’ wherein people write about their experiences with someone ‘special’, and ask if the individual was, in fact, a Master. If it was so, Benjamin Creme’s Master, with whom he is in continuous telepathic rapport, confirms that it was indeed Maitreya, or the Master Jesus, for example.

Wisdom: What is their intention?

Jim: In the very near future, Maitreya will address the people of the world and offer us a choice. We can continue the competitive and separative ways which create social and economic inequity, sowing the seeds for war and terrorism, or follow a new path: Create a new world in which competition, division and fear are replaced with cooperation, unity and love. Maitreya’s extraordinary wisdom and insight, along with his ability to galvanize humanity, is what makes this incredible transformation a possibility. The choice will be ours alone. Maitreya and the Masters will not impose anything on us. Our free will is sacrosanct to Them.The immediate priority will be to feed the starving millions of the world. A crash program of aid will be implemented to end a situation where people get sick and die for lack of food, the most fundamental requirement for life. There is more than enough food in the world for everyone to be properly nourished. The problem is that it is not distributed equitably. After that, the environmental crisis will become the top priority. Once the principle of sharing is accepted and put into effect, we will see that all the other things suddenly become possible, and the reconstruction of the world can proceed.

Wisdom: Why has this teacher kept a low profile for so long?

Jim: Maitreya will come forward when we invite him, and so not infringe upon our free will. A climate of hope and expectancy will facilitate His complete emergence. He said that He would come when humanity had at least begun to put its house in order. He made the decision to return at the end of World War II and had hoped to come forward around 1950. But by the end of that war in which so many people suffered terribly, not all the countries suffered equally and some really not at all. So humanity had not learned its lesson and returned to the same corrupt practices that continue to create problems for us. Maitreya has been in the world physically since 1977 and has been working continuously ever since. Through His influence the Cold War ended, the reunification of Germany had occurred, Nelson Mandela was released from prison, and Apartheid ended in South Africa. These and other events were forecast by Maitreya, and the forecasts were printed in Share International Magazine before the events occurred. The news media have been invited several times to bring the story of His presence to the general population but for the most part have not responded. The news media represent humanity; they are the means by which humanity communicates to itself. But for the most part, the media do not see their critical role and responsibility. An additional factor for ‘keeping a low profile’ is this permits Maitreya, incognito, to present his ideas to the public, in hopes they will respond to the wisdom itself, not because he is reputed to be ‘someone special’- but because they are ideas whose time has come.  
Wisdom: Some may raise their eyebrows and question whether this is genuine. How would you answer them?

Jim: To this I would answer that we present this information for the consideration of the listener and ask only that they keep an open mind. We do not try to convince anybody. One of our main goals is to give people hope.  If we achieve this, we are perfectly satisfied.
Wisdom:  I am curious about those who are Christ-like figures. In fiction and factual accounts, they are perceived as a threat to the status quo and don’t always meet with a happy fate.  I’m thinking, of course, of Jesus and the characters of Valentine Michael Smith in Robert Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land and Donald Shimoda in Richard Bach’s classic Illusions. Is Maitreya concerned about that same outcome?

Jim: The body that Maitreya has created for himself is a vehicle up to His task and is virtually indestructible.
Wisdom: I watched the videos with Benjamin Creme who spoke about this man revealing himself as a voice for peace and that the message he wants to share will be heard in the language of the listener. Can you please speak about that concept?

Jim: I believe this is referring to the Day of Declaration, when Maitreya reveals His true identity during a globally linked telecast. He will not speak, but communicate telepathically, so that everyone in the world above the age of 14 years old will hear Him in their own language. The event is likened to the Pentecost.
Wisdom: He also mentioned that this man had already spoken on television, but did not identify himself as Maitreya. When he does reveal himself, do you think people will recall the event?

Jim: I think this is likely.
Wisdom: How can he unite people of all traditions and beliefs?

Jim: It becomes possible, I think, because of the growing influence of the energy of Aquarius upon humanity. The quality of this energy is synthesis. The energies of Pisces, which are now receding, have divided humanity. A growing sense of oneness with all creation will replace the present sense of separation. We will come to realize that humanity is One. In all that truly matters, we are all the same. There is one divinity and we all share it. Maitreya comes to teach the ‘art,’ as He calls it, of Self-realization. The Self is that divine spark which is what we really are. We are, each of us, souls in incarnation. The soul is the reflection of the divine spark, and the man or woman on the physical plane is the reflection of the soul. It should also be said that Maitreya does not come to form a new religion. He says that people can and should continue to progress within their own faith and traditions, if that is what they wish.

Wisdom: What is the cause of the deepening crisis that the world finds itself in?

Jim: The root cause is the illusion that we are all separate, which leads to complacency. The crisis we find ourselves in is essentially a spiritual crisis, but it is working itself out in the political and economic fields. The institutions we have created are based on the wrong principles of competition and inequality and do not reflect the inner reality, which is humanity’s Oneness, a shared divine nature which is potential in all of us, and needs the correct outer forms to be expressed. These forms have yet to be created.

Wisdom: What can we, as individuals do to be of support to the cause of world peace and reconciliation, since often, people feel hopeless to have a positive impact?

Jim: There are many ways to help the world, but for those who haven’t found a field of service for whatever reason, or don’t have the time or energy for more traditional ways to help, there is something called Transmission Meditation.

Wisdom: What is Transmission Meditation?  Is it something that can be learned?

Jim: Yes, Transmission Meditation is easy to learn and requires no special expertise.
Transmission Meditation is a specific form of meditation that is both a potent service to the world and a powerful method of personal growth and spiritual develop-ment. It’s an opportunity to work with the Masters to ‘step down’ powerful spiritual energies so that they can be better absorbed and of more use to the world. At the same time, these energies have a transformative effect on the individual.
Wisdom: Can you please talk about Maitreya’s star?

Jim: Maitreya’s ‘star’ or star-like luminary is a herald for His emergence. It differs visually from a regular star in that it moves and changes shape and color. There are four of these ‘stars’, each one actually a spacecraft from neighboring planets in our solar system, whose inhabitants wish to help us as well.
Wisdom: What is the Day of Declaration?

Jim: For the past five years, Maitreya has been interviewed on television in America, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, and most recently in China. Introduced not as Maitreya but as a seemingly ordinary man, he continues in these interviews to propose practical solutions to our pressing global problems. He will become known for his insightful analysis of the world’s needs and his call for justice and freedom for all. At the earliest possible moment, Maitreya will reveal his true identity. Through a growing public response to his presence and ideas, he will be invited to speak to the entire world. On this Day of Declaration, to be seen worldwide via linked television networks, Maitreya will mentally ‘overshadow’ all of humanity simultaneously, and each of us will hear his words telepathically in our own language. Even those who are not watching Maitreya on television will have this experience. His energy of love will enter the hearts of all, galvanizing humanity to save the world. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of spontaneous healings will take place throughout the world. In this way we will know that Maitreya is truly the World Teacher for all humanity.

Wisdom: What do you anticipate occurring as a result?

Jim: I believe people will react in different ways. Many will rejoice, and accept Him as the teacher they have been waiting for. Those for whom the old ways are profitable will resist His ideas. Many will be unsure and wary about His recommendations. But ultimately, humanity will make the right choice.
Wisdom: Is there anything else you want to share?

Jim: I would just ask anyone who is reading this, whether it has the ring of truth for them or not, to tell others about what you’ve read here. Spread the word and help create a climate of hope and expectancy for a bright future for all of us.

Our regional website is www.share-international.us/ne  

Edie Weinstein is a colorfully creative journalist, a dynamic trans-formational speaker, licensed social worker, interfaith minister, radio host-It’s All About Relationships on www. vividlife.me, PR Goddess, BLISS Coach and the author of The Bliss Mistress Guide To Transforming The Ordinary Into The Extraordinary. www.opti-mystical.com  

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