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Wounded Healer Chiron in Aquarius

Another Step on the Road to 2012!

by Mark Dodich

Are you ready for a personal revolution? A major planetary shift helps you to take a leap of consciousness. Between now and 2011, the planetoid Chiron, known as the “wounded healer,” helps you stretch your boundaries to blend the world as it currently exists with the coming new age of Aquarius. Chiron is laying the groundwork for necessary accomplishments to be completed before the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012.

Orbiting between Saturn and Neptune, this half-horse, half-human Centaur represents the part of you that must stretch your boundaries to live between worlds. Chiron advises that you can’t stay where you are, but you can’t fully cut the cords to the past either.

One of the many stories about this immortal being is that he was mortally wounded while saving a woman from being raped by a more powerful god. It doesn’t do much good to go to a traditional medical doctor if you are immortal and fatally wounded.

Chiron had to find an alternative solution to facilitate his healing. Perhaps this is how Chiron came to be associated with alternative healers. Chiron did a practice of surrender. He released his immortality, died immediately, and was placed in to the starry sky as his reward.

Chiron, caught between worlds, is a 50-year orbiting planetoid that was discovered in 1977. This is the first time that his innovative Aquarian energy is consciously available to humankind.

In this time of planetary transition, it certainly seems as though there is a gap between the world as we see it in the daily newspaper, and the coming age of Aquarius.

And here is the mythological being that is caught between worlds moving into the sign of Aquarius. Ruling revolutions, freedom, innovation, electricity, and holding a higher vision for humanity, Aquarius may “rattle your cage” this spring. The centaur is preparing you for a revolutionary new way to live your life.

If you know your natal astrology chart, look at the house containing the early degrees of Aquarius. The meaning of the house will tell you what area of your life is being set free. For example, a person with Aquarius in the 7th house of love & marriage will open to a paradigm shift in relationship beliefs and behavior.

Whether you know your natal chart or not, some aspect of you is crying out for a revolution, a higher way to express yourself in this life. If you pay attention between now and July, you will get a hint about your work that begins when Chiron fully enters Aquarius between Dec. 2005 and 2011.

Chiron helps you discover an alternative solution to set yourself free of what may seem to be a restrictive, even impossible, situation. There is a way through this proverbial rock and a hard place.

Mythological Chiron surrendered his immortality, resulting in physical death. Ancient Greeks then rewarded him by placing him in the stars. What, or who, do you need to release in your life so that you can take your rightful place in the stars?

Look at your Sun sign and rising sign below to get a hint about where you can best relieve your suffering:

Aries: Have courage to explore new friendships and organizations that take you to the cutting edge of revolutionary changes.

Taurus: The play-it-safe part of you must take risks in the public eye. Refocus your career or public image to demonstrate that you are not stodgy.

Gemini: Let go of the need to have people like you. You are probably going to lose a few friends this year, but you are going to a higher vibration.

Cancer: Although your ability to nurture others is unmatched, this is the time to cut away energetic vampires. It is your turn to be nurtured!

Leo: Let go of relationships and relationship behaviors that do not serve you. “My way or the highway” attitudes will lead to the highway, but maybe that is a good thing.

Virgo: Don’t work so hard. Release those things that you are doing that can be delegated to others, or simply no longer need to be done by you.

Libra: Playful romance is the key for you now. Be honest with your partners, but now is the time to take a risk and enjoy the game without future expectations. A wise man said, “Be here now!”

Scorpio: Emotional freedom is your goal in the months ahead. It may be time for a move, or just kick someone out of your emotional world.

Sagittarius: The teacher in you wants to go to a larger, more public level. Learn to talk to the masses at the level of understanding that they are capable of hearing. Just don’t talk down to them.

Capricorn: You get the bucks in this cycle if you are willing to adapt your approach to prosperity and the methods you use to manifest in the tangible world.

Aquarius: Express self-confidence. Get in shape, buy new clothes, and/or find new ways to project a heightened self-esteem.

Pisces: Set yourself free of situation that places you in a Joan-of-Arc martyr experience. Tell the world about your higher vision.

Mark Dodich has been an astrologer and intuitive consultant since 1980, specializing in relocation astrology and spiritual purpose. He publishes the newsletter ASTROMARK, and is a Certified Astrological Professional (C.A.P.). Call for his free newsletter: 503.252.1558 or visit his web site at www.astromark.us. If you would like Mark’s Spring 2005 Chiron article on this subject, email mark@astromark.us with Free Chiron Article in the subject line. A 2-page Word document will be attached to the reply.

Consultations by Mark Dodich: Initial Astrology Consultation with current cycles. Seven Ray Soul Purpose Esoteric Astrology. Relationship Compatibility Astrology. Astrology for your Business. Election Astrology for auspicious timing of important events. EARTHLINES™ Relocation Astrology (AstroCartoGraphy Maps®). Intuitive Consultations with tarot. Gift Certificates available worldwide. Call for a free ASTROMARK newsletter to be sent by postal mail, or check out the monthly astrology forecast and esoteric lesson/class schedule at: www.astromark.us

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