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Psychic Insights and Spiritual Guidance for Summer 2016

by Elissa Heyman

Brexit began Summer with a bang, and the fireworks don’t let up. If you don’t have to look at all that’s going wrong or just going on in the world, it’s a very, very good summer to turn to one’s own neighborhood and personal life, and correct many circumstances that need upgrading and fixing. This is best done in the beginning and middle of the season. 

Summer Rules:

The spirits say:
“We're now in a play...
'Tis a story of old.
It belongs to the brave and belongs to the bold.
...All is well, 
the end is near,
and you'll soon know
what you truly hold dear.”

Explication: This could be about Brexit and revolutionary movements actually happening. There have always been large-scale disruptions in nature like volcanoes and ravaging fires, and large scale disruptions in civilizations and social systems like revolutions. Revolution and the rise of anti-establishment figures is an old story. It can feel, in our personal lives or out in the world, in some ways like the end of the known world this Summer. Whatever happens makes people realize what they lost, what they value, and what's important to them.

Summer Solstice Messages from the Stars. June 20th: The season begins with a full moon in Sagittarius: bold, risk-taking actions are what come more naturally now. There’s willingness to go in completely new directions. The moon is full the very last degree of Sagittarius, then goes void of course and quickly enters the next sign, business-like Capricorn. That can mean people more easily adopt a brand new structure, and create new patterns and new emotional foundations. One of June's psychic pictographs was titled "You See How Far You Can Go in the Wrong Direction", and a lot of people have seen how bad they can be, or how bad things can get, and start on a corrective course.

Spiritual Guidance for Summer 2016: There is so much change - endless, over and over... all the time now. Change is also refreshing! It is too much to take in at first, so people have to keep in mind that wise AA advice:"One Day At A Time." Do not consider too much. 

Travel Light: Belongings and agreements and conditions can feel very burdensome. People will feel better travelling lighter, and less committed. 

Summer Success: The secret of success is to be high-minded. Success in business: Pierce through to new efficiencies with your succinct and pointed communication!

On U.S. soil and out in the world: The summer feels heavy and dangerous. Countries like Britain are going through identity changes, and perhaps by Britain leaving the European Union, they leave a model of power they are freeing themselves from and that they’re done with…and the United States might be going towards a dark place. August is somehow a chance to turn things around, but there's a lot of heavy-feeling news . You have to have a strong stomach for this summer!

Place: It's important to be in the right place, and the right place might suddenly change, but make a decision based on where you want to be. Also, be on the lookout for unexplored routes and locations that can bring you in contact with what you want...new routes to happiness are showing up!

For the Fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius:  This is a summer where you get things much more in order for your next move, and it’s a combination of relief in that you feel like you’ve matured and grown up, and excitement in that you’re looking forward to what’s new, and you’re willing to take risks; partly because you’re more organized and have created a better position for yourself. 

For the Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces: You have never been bolder. There’s a tremendous surge of personal courage, fearlessness to change everything; move, change your name, change your country…you have more fire than usual, and this fire you’ll use to transform your life. 

For the Air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius:  Recent developments make you much less worried about the future and much more living in the present. You could feel exhilarated by this freedom from worry, and feeling like you’re in the right place. This is a special summer, you feel like you are being true to yourself, and the whole world might be in disarray, but not you!

For the Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn: You have to work hard, but you’re used to working hard. One reason you’re working hard is there may be more partnerships in your life, more people to coordinate with, and the reward of partnership is way greater than it has been before…you can feel divinely inspired because of new arrangements in your life.  It’s all predicated on you being able to keep up what you’re doing, but you’re motivated so you will. 

Elissa Heyman has a private psychic counseling and healing practice in Santa Fe, NM, and by telephone internationally. Elissa's website  offers published educational articles, a weekly psychic horoscope podcast,  free guided meditations recommended by Spirituality/Health magazine, and an award-winning newsletter. Contact Elissa for a telephone appointment at 505-982-3294 in Santa Fe or elissa@elissaheyman.com  
    .  New: A tarot workshop and healing circle weekend in Santa Fe,  July 16-17 and August 13-14th.
Elissa Heyman

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