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Q&A with Margaret Ann Lembo, Creator of "Crystal Intentions Oracle: Guidance & Affirmations"

What inspired you to create this deck and how is your deck different from other decks of a similar nature?

I was inspired to create this deck because I know that we create our reality with our thoughts, beliefs and feelings. The only way to change reality is to realign our thoughtforms and then take the matching action necessary to create the desired reality.

I created this deck to draw attention to how crystals can be used as a form of guidance and as an oracle. As a form of guidance it provides a focus for contemplative practice and mindfulness. It is also a perfect addition to any type of spiritual counseling or card reading. Add it to a tarot card reading or an angel reading to add more meaning, confirmation, and symbols to deepen the experience. 

This deck is different than most card decks in that it is two-sided and color-coded to provide amplified attention to the positive thought forms that will help to create the intended reality. Many people are working with the Law of Attraction and vibrational matching. Use this deck to increase the vibrational match with the corresponding attracting thoughtforms and live the life of your dreams. Establishing a clear intention along with visualization is a key to creating reality.

What is an intention? 

An intention is simply a plan, a goal, or a focus. It is the starting point to anything and everything. Everything we do, from the simple or mundane to the extraordinary, starts with an intention. Here is a simple example: If I want to get myself a glass of water, first I must realize that I am thirsty or that I have the desire to drink water. Next, I must make the intention to take the action to get the water. Then, I visualize getting up, walking to where the water is, imagine which glass I will use, and then I actually stand up and get the water. Now, I know I do this series of intending and visualizing quite quickly but it happens nonetheless. Therefore, applying this similar example with all that we do, especially with the more complex tasks or goals, makes the end result more easily attainable.

What is the difference between a gemstone, a crystal, a mineral, a rock and a stone?

I use these terms interchangeably as synonyms though there is a difference.

Here is a short geology lesson which is an excerpt from The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones:
Rocks are mineral aggregates containing one or more minerals. 

Minerals are naturally occurring inorganic materials with generally consistent chemical, physical, and optical compositions. 

Crystals refer to the smooth, angular forms assumed by minerals when they solidify.

Gemstone is a broad term that encompasses both organic materials and synthetically created inorganic gemlike materials cut or polished by man.

Fossils are the preserved remains of animals, animal parts, plants, and other living organisms from the past. Generally, fossils are composed of rocks that contain limestone. 

Quartz is silicon dioxide that crystallizes and is also found in masses.

You mentioned that your deck has Card Categories and Color Codes. Tell our readers a little bit about these codes and categories.

The color codes and categories in the Crystal Intentions Oracle are as follows:

The color pink for the category of Love, Friendship and Romance.

The color code blue for the category of Health and Well-Being.

The color code green for the category of Money, Creativity and Motivation.

The color code red for the category of Focus, Safety and Protection.

The color code yellow for Happiness and Self-Confidence.

The color code turquoise for Intuition and Communication.

The color codes come in handy, once the card reader gets to know the deck, to point out patterns and the main focus in a reading for the purposes of understanding and counseling. For example, if the card reader notices that the majority of the cards have the color code of green and red, it will be easy to notice that the client is possibly worried about money and personal security. Likewise, if the color codes of pink and yellow are predominant it might indicate the client is seeking more attention and may need to improve self-esteem in regard to relationships. There are many interpretations and the colors aid in seeing these patterns.

How do you use this deck?
There are a number of ways to use this deck. Here are just a few.

Simple method

Pick a card, any card. Look at and read both sides of the card. Every time you look at the card or read the card you will find that your thoughts will return to your intention or why you pulled the card. This establishes focus. The more we focus on the intention or goal, the easier it is to create and manifest it. This is my personal favorite way to use the cards.

As an oracle, one card at a time 

These cards can be used as a stand-alone tool for positive thought or as an oracle for divination when you ask a specific question about a life situation. It’s great to add it to a tarot session to add another level to the reading or to use when you want further clarity on something. The card can offer guidance on what action is necessary or beneficial as the next step.

This deck also works wonderfully with my first two decks, Angels and Gemstone Guardians Cards and the Archangels and Gemstone Guardians Cards. Add this deck to the mix to see the patterns and symbolism more clearly in the oracle session. Using these three decks together for readings provides profound insights and understanding.

Three Card Spread
There is also the Three Card Spread for past, present, and the potential for the future. The future depends on your thoughts, words, actions and beliefs. Use the future card to help manifest the reality you desire.
Six-Card Spread

In this spread, separate your cards into categories by color. Shuffle each category or pile. Pull a card from each category and interpret how the given card applies to that area of life. 

You can also shuffle the deck, without looking at the colors, then observe and interpret which areas of life are presenting themselves for attention and use it as a tool for self-awareness.

This deck can also be used for massage therapy, meditation, chakra balancing and crystal alignment, crystal grids and altars. I go into detail on the various uses in the companion book that is part of this kit.

I have observed that most people want help with health, love, and money. How would you recommend this deck be used to manifest these three things?

This deck is a perfect one for those working with the principles of the Law of Attraction. Working with the color codes and awakening one’s awareness regarding the belief systems within one’s heart and mind help you have the realizations needed to transform your life. 

For purpose of improving in the specific categories of health, love, and money, you can start by pulling one card from the each of the categories - blue, pink, and green - every day. Then use these three cards for the day for maintain a clear intention.

Another way to pull three cards, pausing before each one to ask the question, “How can I improve my health?” for the health category, “What can I do to attract my soul mate?” for love category, “Where should I maintain my focus to make more money and have financial success?” for the money category. Then interpret each card as it applies to your life and use the positive thoughts on the affirmation side of the cards to integrate the information.

What information do you cover in the companion book that is part of this kit?

The companion book goes into depth regarding the categories and introduces the color codes so the user can familiarize themselves with integrating these cards into their life and as a spiritual practice for self-realization. 
I also provide overview of the meanings of each gemstone on the Crystal Intention Cards for all 42 cards found within this deck in each category: Love, Friendship, and Romance; Health and Well-Being; Money, Creativity, and Motivation; Focus, Safety and Protection; Happiness and Self-Confidence; Intuition and Spirit Communication.

As the author of the best-selling books on chakras, crystals, and aromatherapy, how can this deck be used as a companion to the material in your books?

It is so much fun to use this deck as a flashcard set to help really integrate the teachings and concepts shared in all three books; Chakra Awakening, The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones, The Essential Guide to Aromatherapy and Vibrational Healing.

While reading Chakra Awakening, choose a card each time you read a chapter about a chakra and contemplate how you might use the chosen card to restore balance using the guidance and affirmations while gazing at the gemstone. Chakra Awakening was written with the intention of transforming reality into a life that is better and better every day. Balancing consciousness is a daily practice. These cards help to integrate maintaining a daily practice.

For rock-lovers, use this deck to help with stone identification as a flashcard deck to be used as a companion to The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones. On one side of the flashcard there is the intention, the photo of the crystals, and the name of the stone. The other side of the card has the color category and the affirmation to say repetitively throughout the day, week, month, or as the need arises. Using it this way will integrate the one of the meanings and uses of the gemstone.

On a vibrational level, those who work with the teachings within The Essential Guide to Aromatherapy and Vibrational Healing, learning the crystal vibrational match offers another level of understanding for using the associated essential oil on all levels – spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Margaret Ann Lembo (Palm Beach County, FL) is the owner of The Crystal Garden, a spiritual center. For close to thirty years, she has led workshops and classes around the country. Margaret Ann is highly renowned for her dedication to helping people focus on mindfulness and positive thought.  Her audio CDs (guided meditations and more) are distributed nationally, and she has written several books. Visit her online at www.MargaretAnnLembo.com

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